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travel amplifiers a-m n-z updated 9/9/2013

Guitar stores to visit before you die


These amps are small, some are battery operated - ideal travel partners.

See also the page on headphone amps for guitars and travel guitars - some of which have a speaker or headphone amp on-board..Some Low watt valve amps | attenuators are also an option.  Pedal Power Supplies | Pedal Boards

Alesis Road Fire 15

Rechargeable Lead Acid battery

Portable but at 32 pounds probably not the best for a frequent flyer.


Power: 15W
Speaker: 8 in.
Channels: 1
EQ: digital modeling
Built in effects: 80 digital; user edited or presets
Momentary pedal inputs: yes
CD/MP3 input: yes
External speaker out: yes
Stereo link output: yes
Weight: 32 lbs

Think this model is discontinued.

Alesis RoadFire 15 battery powered portable guitar amplifier

Amdek TAK 100 Tuning Amp. Note similarity to Boss pedal amp below.

Image source

.Amdek TAK Tuning amp


The AMPUPLUGNPLAY actually becomes part of your guitar by plugging directly into the female jack on your guitar. Weighing about the same as a heavy-duty guitar cable the AMPUPLUGNPLAY is lightweight and is held securely in place by your guitar. The AMPUPLUGNPLAY keeps it simple and uses the volume and tone controls from your guitar.

Amp u plug n play

Artec Tino MA3T

Looks like Artec is the manufacturer of the Orange Micro Crush.

Artec RX5

Artec Tino Artec RX5 portable amplifier
AXL Thin Amp

Portable, Convenient Size (Only 2" Thick!)
16 DSP Multi-Effect Settings
Easy-to-Use Analog Controls
Lightweight ABS Shell
Built-In Tilt Back Leg System
Multi-Function Inputs & Outputs
Includes Padded Carrying Bag
Includes Power & Car Adapter
Rechargeable Battery Pack (Optional)


AXL Thin Amp


Power Output: 3W RMS @ 1.0% THD INTO 8 Ohm
- Input: 1 x Input Jack
- Speaker: 1 x 3" 8 Ohm
- Controls: Gain, Master Volume, Tone
- DC Input: DC 9V(Adapter: 500mA or more)
- Battery: 9V
- Dimension: W 130mm x H 145mm x D 32.8mm (5.1" x 5.7" x 1.3")
- Net Weight: 460g(Including Battery)

Belcat portable travel amplifier


Boss MA-1 Mascot amplifier.

Made around 1980. You can use them as a preamp or clip them on your belt for a tinny little sounding tranny amp.

BOSS MA-1 compact amp BOSS Ma1

Crate Taxi

Special design 8" Crate woofer
15 watts RMS
Channel One: Combo XLR/1/4" input jack and volume
Channel Two: 1/4" input jack and volume
4-band master EQ

Crate Profiler 5

2.5 watts per channel stereo output
2 x 4" speakers
USB output for easy recording
DSP effects
CD/MP3 player stereo input jack, Headphone jack
Mackie Tracktion 2 recording software included
Battery and/or AC power

Crate Taxi portable amp   Crate Profile 5 amp

Danelectro Honeytone

Louder than most mini amps. Real leather handle. Belt clip. Headphone jack for Walkman type headphones. Volume, tone and overdrive controls. Powered by 9 volt battery

Bacon and Eggs

Plug in just the guitar and you have a very cool mini amp with a powerful speaker built into the pedal!


Twin Speakers

Danelectro Honeytone portable guitar amplifier  Danelectro Bacon and Eggs pedal amplifier  Danelectro HoDad twin speaker battery guitar amp


Dean Markley GT1000

Dean Markley's 9V battery powered Micro Amp.


3 inch speaker and ported cabinet lets it breathe freely
Super tough composite construction
Belt clip
3 watts

Dean Markley GT1000 portable guitar amplifier


Diago Little Smasher

Pedal-sized guitar amplifier head
Single channel, all analogue signal path with 4 analogue modelled cascading gain stages and solid state Class A/B power amplifier



5 Watts RMS clean (before distortion)
4-16 Ohm output impedance - to drive any passive speaker cabinet


Electro Harmonix 22 Caliber

The 22 Caliber is a versatile 22-watt guitar head that fits in the palm of your hand. Just plug it into any 4-, 8- or 16-ohm speaker, and you'll get a big, sweet musical sound.
Crank the 22 Caliber's volume, and it'll go into overdrive -- like a vintage amp with a single volume control. Flip on the Bright switch to add some bite and definition.

It's not just a guitar head; it's a shrunken head, with all good voodoo.

Made in USA

Electro harmonix 22 Caliber



Micro amps

1 watt, two 2" Speakers, 9v, AC in, headphone out.

Fender Amp Can
Output 15 watts

Fender micro amp Fender travel amp Fender amp can

First Act Pocket Guitar Amplifier MA203 -071

Clean and distortion channels to create a variety of guitar sounds.
The amp features input jack activation, which turns amp on when a cable is inserted and off when
it's removed to conserve battery life.
Removable belt clip allows for hands-free operation

Green Toaster

This little amp runs on a DC Voltage Adapter [wall wart] and is a solid state combo.
Two by 4" CLIFF Speakers.  TONE and VOLUME function.

Only 24 made in the late 1990s.

Green Toaster amp



irock mini guitar amp


Kendrick half watt mini amp

Kendrick 1/2 watt mini

Lectrosonics Maxi Mouse

Owners manual


Leem Mini 9P

Beltworn guitar amp

Leem Mini 9P  beltworn guitar amplifier


Line6 Micro

Four Spider III amp models and one acoustic guitar model
Six Smart Control FX
Integrated chromatic tuner with note-name display
Powered by six C batteries or included AC adapter
Six watts of power with a 6.5-inch speaker
POD 2.0-style direct output
Technical Info
1/4-inch microphone input with dedicated mic trim knob
Mini stereo MP3/CD input
1/4-inch instrument input
1/4-inch headphone output
Dimensions (inches): 9.5 W x 10 H x 7 D
Weight: 7 lbs

Line 6 Micro

Lisheng LH-380 Portable Amplifier

inch input jack socket
3.5 mm stereo headphone jack socket
Power on/off/drive slider switch
Volume and tone controls
Belt Clip
Power on indicator
1.3 watt output
2 inch, 4 ohm speaker
Dimensions 81(w) x 139(h) x 42(d) mm
Weight 195g (with battery)
9V battery (included)

Lisheng LH-380 Portable Travel Amplifier


Portable guitar amplifiers by Marshall

Mighty Moe

2 1/2" Leather Strap adjusts from 38" to 54", 1w MightyTone Amp with three inch Speaker in a sleek contoured enclosure, Signal Cable fits any guitar, Headphone Jack cancels speaker, On/Off/Volume Dial, Overdrive Intensity Dial, LED "On" Indicator, Weighs 11oz (.33 kg), Tote Bag included

Mighty Moe guitar strap amplifier


Mountain amps, Vancouver Canada claimed to be the world's best 9V amp.

Mountain amps specification from the archive

Mountain 9V DC amplifier

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