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metal guitars A-L | M-Z updated 3/4/2015 

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This page is a collection of guitars made from metal such as aluminium and other alloys  (or predominantly so).  I have not included resonators.

Here are some resources on metal guitars Metal Necks | Metal Carver | Mugwumps aluminium instruments

and a scrap metal guitar

Abel Axe

Abel Axe guitar

Alden Aluminium top guitar
Ali Kat
Aluminium King - aluminium stratocaster collector  
Aluminati Aluminati guitar


Image Alumisonic

Alumisonic guitar


This Applause guitar was manufactured in Moosup, Connecticut at the Ovation plant before Applause was officially part of the Ovation family. Neck is made of cast aluminium with integrated aluminum frets giving it a very interesting sound. They were made 1975-82.

The top is laminate spruce and the neck is composite - same molds as Ovation.

Example at right shows fretboard wear which shows the aluminium underneath.

[Source: DeMont]

Applause guitar - aluminium necj

Applause made in USA

Aristides Aristides metal guitar
Bailey Custom


Baston metal guitar

Travis Bean Less than 4,000 Travis Bean metal neck guitars were produced in Sun Valley, California between 1974 and 1979

Travis Bean metal neck guitar



Bergeron metal neck guitar

Branch Guitars

Branch make guitars from tubes and aluminium frames.

Branch guitar
Charlie's Guitars

Curtheley France

Davoli (Wandre)

Aluminium neck guitar Italy.

Dowling Sound Labs

Dowling Sound Labs guitar


Image eBay:

Electrical metal alloy guitar



A range of aluminium body stratocasters were made by Fender in 1994.

Images ebay

Oldenburger Music

Pete's Rare Guitars

Fender aluminium body stratocaster

Fender aluminium stratocaster

Fouke Industrial Guitars Fouke Industrial gutar
Frojd Diablo

Aluminium guitar, eBay


Stainless steel

Image Frank Perrey

GlennAlum Guitars Glenn Alum Guitars
Goulding Goulding alloy guitar
Gus Guitars
Jackson Roswell Rhoads

limited edition of 50

Daniel Johns from Silverchair played one of these in the Freak video.

Jackson Roswell Rhoads guitar aluminium


Jorstad metal guitars

Kellett Guitars

Kellett guitar


Image eBay:

Kramer Duke - headless aluminium neck guitar from the 1980s

Kramer metal neck guitar

Liquid Metal guitars Liquid Metal guitars Liquid Metal guitar
Loic Le Pape Loic Le Pape guitar
Longfellow guitars Longfellow guitar
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