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  luthiers and guitar brands



info    updated 30/12/2015



Jose Yacopi   Jose Yacopi guitars from Buenos Aries, Argentina. Apparently one of the great luthiers.


Yairi Gakki, Made in Nagoya Japan.  This example found on ebay - apparently 1966. According to the ebay entry: "It has the brand Yairi Guitar, and was made by Yairi Gakki Ltd, at a time when the Yairi Family were making guitars together. Around 1970, Master Sadao, his son Hiroshi and his nephew Kazuo split and went their separate ways. Sadao and Kazuo went on to have long and successful careers with their own respective brands, S. Yairi and K. Yairi" See below for examples of the S and Y labeled varieties.

Yairi guitar

H Yairi   see Wilson

K Yairi

K Yairi guitar headstock

1935 to present

"K.Yairi" guitars are made in Kani, a small community in the beautiful mountainside area of Honshu, Japan under the strict supervision of Mr.Kazuo Yairi, owner of the "K.Yairi" guitar company.

When was your Yairi made



K Yairi acoustic catalogs




More K Yairi info.  The first two links are excellent resources

Alvarez and Alvarez Yairi - Info Place - Yahoo Group



K Yairi dealer France


forum http://www.delcamp.net/forum/en/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=20554

Images K Yairi guitar labels (1977) eBay & (1992) Spaghetti Aussie Guitar Gear Heads:

K Yairi guitar label 1977 Kani Gifu Japan K Yairi guitar label 1992

2010 K Yairi label eBay:

S Yairi

S Yairi guitar headstock


S. Yairi started  his own factory back in 1932 (? 1938), after leaving Suzuki Violin along with Kazuo Yairi's Father, Giichi.. who started the current K. Yairi business in 1935.  Kazuo took it over sometime in the mid 1960's (the most given year is 1965).  Sadao didn't see his first classical or "gut" guitar until 1940 and had only made steel string flat top models. It wasn't until the early 1960's that he finally began producing the "gut" guitars.

Guitars with the logo at the bottom est. 1938 are not original S. Yairi but some reissue models based on his old ones.. note Hiroshi name (Sadao's son).. however, there were some issues with those that were made in outside Japan, that they were cheaply made and inferior. Only the high end models were made in Japan. I'm currently trying to find out if Hiroshi has passed on, as I've heard rumors that he did and some "business" bought the rights to continue to make this with the S.Yairi brand. As to the dates 1932, vs 1938 as years for starting, Obviously if Hiroshi made these, the 1930's date is not really correct since he would have been 3 years old at that time. All of the real Sadao (or S.Yairi) models I've seen have 1932 as the date he began. Also, excerpts from an actual interview in the mid 1970's with Sadao he states he began in 1932 after leaving Suzuki. I'm thinking that maybe the 1938 date may be eitiher a typo, or it is possible that he mentioned that year because early on he had to move his factory and start over.

You can tell the original S. Yairi, from the reissues by the shape of the "S". Left is a photo's of what a 1980 S.Yairi logo (model 810) looks like along with it's label (below) [Source and photos: YL , email 4/8/2009]

Dating S Yairi guitars

Models that are around have the date of manufacture stamped on the sound hole label (see example below)

S Yairi resources



Alvarez and Alvarez Yairi - Info Place - Yahoo Group

S Yairi catalogs

various 1970 - 1982 http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1.htm

Imported to US by Philadelphia Music Co of Limmerick, Pennsylvania. Early sales literature called the brand Syairi. Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide]

Forum http://www.delcamp.net/forum/en/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=19419


1974 S Yairi label Sada Yairi Nagoya made in Japan guitar stamp

S Yairi handmade label image courtesy of Rod Allsopp, Melbourne Australia


This label below was sent to me by Devlin English who " owned this guitar as a boy and it was donated to Goodwill at the death of my father. It ended up on the west coast again in a Goodwill and was auctioned off again in September of 2015. It is a handmade example and the lable is done by hand and reads " Made by my hand for a guitar lover with great skill and care June 1967 Sadao Yairi". You see my father put the roof on his factory as the roof was manufactured by Goodyear.

I would love to have it back in my posession so please be on the look out.

The label transaltion is "For a guitar lover I elaborately made this June 1966 Sadao Yairi"" [Source: email 29/12/2015]

If anyone ever comes across this item I will be happy to connect you with Devlin.

Yajima Stringworks


Yakim guitars, Argentina


Yakima guitars made in Japan

Images eBay:





1966 to present

Yamaha reference books

History of Yamaha Guitars

Dating Yamaha guitars

TRY THIS FIRST http://www.guitardaterproject.org/Yamaha.aspx

Vintage Yamaha - text Japanese but dates readable. http://www.yamaha.co.jp/product/guitar/eg/database/index.html


Note serial numbers recycle every 10 years.


Yamaha model finder

Yamaha reference books

History Of Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha catalogs

1980, 1981, 1985 http://brochures.yokochou.com/index.html

Yamaha acoustic catalogs 70,72,78 and more http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1.htm

1960s Yamaha Acoustic Catalog http://members.aol.com/rogluthier/yambroch.html

1960s and 70s http://jvguitar.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=gallery

Yamaha Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar catalog 2006 | 2006 Yamaha Guitar and Bass

Yamaha electric guitars and basses catalog 2007

Yamaha FG Series guitar catalog ? 2009-10

Yamaha Classical Guitar catalog 200?

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar catalog 2009

Yamaha Electric guitars and basses catalog 200

Yamaha professional instruments catalog 2011-201

Yamaha guitar catalog 2012

Yamaha forum http://www.yamahatalk.com/message-board-forum/

Images from eBay:

Red label 1969-1971.


Black label 1974


Orange Label 1975-1978

 Yamaha red guitar label

Images Yamaha Image Custom and wiring diagram courtesy of Ben van Dyk Jan 2015.

Yamaha G-50A label - note no Nippon Gakki on the label - from 1970-1972. According to Yamaha Australia all G-50A were made in Japan. [Source: Nigel Barker, Sydney Feb 2015]


Yamaki deluxe guitar headstock

1967 to ?

In 1967 Kazuyuki Teradaira left Zenon to produce classical guitars under the name Yamaki. Yamaki now makes parts for other Japanese guitar companies. [Source: Acousticguitar.com ]  This seems to contradict, however, the Since 1954 date on the centre strip - see below.
Yamaki catalogs

1976 http://dreamworks.fc2web.com/yamaki_daion/catalog_Folder/catalog_76/getinfolk_76_05.html

1980 http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1-47.htm

see Daion

Images eBay:

Yamaki Veteran guitar labelYamaki brand


Yamaoka acoustic archtop guitars. Japan



Yamato guitar workshop p original hand made custom guitars.  Made in Japan since 1970s at least.  There is some discussion of origin at the Westone forum.


Yanuziello guitar headstock

1979 to present

Joseph Yanuziello, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Images Folkway Music:

Gil Yaron   Gil Yaron (b 1966)


Yasuma guitar headstock


K Yasum and Co guitar headstock logo

Yasuma guitars, Hand made by Yasuma Musical Instrument Co Nagoya Japan. Also seen a guitar branded on ebay as K Yasuma and Co - see above .

K Yasuma guitar fan site

Images Yahoo, eBay:

Yasuma Custom Yasuma Musical Instrument Co Yasuma Nagoya Japan

Peter Michael Yelda   San Luis Obispo, California
John Yenser  

John Yenser makes guitars in Anaheim, California USA

Yenser guitar

Yokoyama 2006 to present Tadashi Yokoyama - creator of countless renowned models, including the well-known Morris S Series. In July 2006, after 29 years hand making guitars at Morris, Yokoyama formed his own company, Yokoyama Guitars.
Jeffrey Yong

1985 to present

"I started making guitars in 1985 but not until 1993 where I make guitars full time. The name of my guitars started with GIM Guitars and I later change it to Jeffrey Yong Guitars in 1998.
I started at home but later at the Guitar Institute Malaysia ( founded by me ) in 1993. The institute speciallized in All Guitar Courses from building to playing. Later in 1998 I changed it to GIM Custom Guitars. I've built electric guitars and bass and until 2001 I focused on classical and acoustic steel strings.
I build about 5 guitars from 2001 and now up to 20 guitars per year.
There is no serial no but each guitar is dated month/year ( eg. Jan in year 2001 is written as 1/01 )" [Source: Jeff Yong, email 2/8/2008 ]

Image J Yong:

Jeffrey Yong guitar

Young   Young Guitars are built by Rosanna Young
George Youngblood   Article on George Youngblood guitar

Kertsopoulos Yorgos

Athens, Greece



Lawrence L Yosko, New York, USA [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]


2000 to present

YueSen Musical Instrument Factory China, is located near Qindao port Shangdong province. Our factory has been founded for 9 years. We mainly produce Electric Guitars, Electric Basses and medium and high grade Acoustic Guitars, with a annual production of 130,000 pieces. We have advanced equipments and superb technique, as well as a  accountable attitude towards every order. We have done OEM for many famous brands, such as WASBHURN, BC RICH, KAMAN and TOKAI. [Source: YueSen Musical Instrument Factory, email 17/7/2009]

Image 2008 photo of the YueSen Factory showroom.

Yesen guitars trade display

Yulong   Yulong Guo is China's number one classical guitar luthier. [Source: Jonathan Marshall ]
Yunzhi   In 2007, Beijing Yunzhi Hengwei Music Instruments Co., Ltd., was set up according to the demand of international markets. In our country, it is named Yunzhi Music Instruments Factory before 2007. It is focus on making folk music instruments and guitars in past years. Now it has 2factories, one is specialized in making folk music instruments, such as Erhu, Jinghu etc, the other is specialized in making guitar fully by hands.


Yuriy Shishkov, Russian luthier who has a fan club for making Fender guitars.

Unofficial Russian Fanclub

Yuriy guitars, Buffalo Grove USA

I was born in 1964 in St. Petersburg.

As with many other guitarmakers, I began my career from discovering a big personal attraction to music.

In 1986, after 10 years of playing guitars that were never of a satisfactory quality, I attempted to build an instrument that lived up to my own high standards. The results amazed everyone who played the instrument, including me. From this initial bit of success, I garnered a reputation as a luthier and several orders for guitars. This was the start of a new chapter of my life.

In 1990 I moved to Chicago, Illinois.

In 1991 I had landed a position at Washburn International., a major guitar company based in Chicago. My new job was beneficial to my development as a builder, and I soon found myself to be an invaluable member of the company.

To support and improve my knowledge as a luthier I became a member of ASIA (Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans) and GAL (Guild of American Luthiers). My personal guitarmaking experience made me responsible for difficult repairs, restorations, intricate inlay work, company prototypes and custom-built instruments for artist endorsees.

I hope I can help you now in custom design and construction of anything from solid body guitars to my current passion of arch top acoustics and hollow body electrics.

Every instrument that I produce is of the highest quality to satisfy the most discerning professional player or collector. Yuriy Shishkov.

General specification and price list 1998

All models are have a 3" body depth, 1-11/16" nut width and natural finish.

To build every guitar I use only the best, hand selected materials available on market. Air-dried Spruce is used for the soundboards. For the back and sides I use highly figured maple and Rock maple for the neck stock. All guitars have a tap tuned top to achieve a rich and balanced tone response.

For the finish, I prefer a traditional Nitrocellulose lacquer, chosen by many fine guitarmakers for its outstanding esthetic and sonic characteristics.

To insure quality control throughout the entire process of building guitars, I never use any subcontracted, co-partnerís, or "studentís" labor.

As a guitar player myself, I completely understand the need to be satisfied with an instrument in it's entirety. I stand behind my product quality and to insure your satisfaction, I offer my customers a truly hard to find "Option": If you buy a standard model guitar and are not satisfied with my work, give me a call within seven days of receiving the instrument. You will be given an option to return the guitar in its original intact condition for credit or a full refund.


MINUET $ 5700,  CONCERTO $ 6900, SOPRANO $ 5900,  IMPERIAL $ 6400, CAPITOL $ 6300,  TRIUMPH $ 7900 , SUNSET $ 6600

All guitars include a hard shell case.


[Source: Wayback machine]