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  luthiers and guitar brands

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info    updated 7/11/2016




Vibra guitar logo


Vibra brand guitars. Not much information on this brand. Have seen 2 Les Paul copies with Vibra brand on Canadian websites.

"just a hunch about the Vibra brand: since the logo is so similar to Vantage's, I suspect it might have been a mid-1970's Canadian import by Jam Industries Ltd., in Quebec. Representing this company, one Marty Golden was later involved in spec'ing the original Matsumoku-built Vantage line. - As you note, Vibras surface most often on websites in Canada, which would seem to corroborate this idea." [Source: Matt, email, 10/4/2013]

Made in Korea [Source: Ben van Dyk, email 25/7/2013]

Vibra brand guitar


A Harmony Brand


VibraWood   Vibra Wood guitars appear to be made in store at Guitar Villa, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA.
Andy Viccars
  Andy Viccars Custom. Specializes in high quality custom made guitars, basses, lap-steels and mandolins. More than 25 years of luthier experience.Andy Viccars Custom is based in Milton Keynes, England.



Edward Victor Dick and Greg German, Denver, Colorado, USA

From the internet  archive:

About Victor guitars 2006

Victor guitars models 2006


Victoria guitar logo

1920s guitars made by Oscar Schmidt. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]

In 1969 RCA began using franchised music outlets to distribute their records and apparently import guitars were sold as well. According to Willie Moseley, RCA house brand labels included Baron, Royalist and Victoria. [Source: Vintaxe forum ]

Also have seen an electric guitar from the late 1960s? with Victoria written on the pick ups - the seller claimed it was made in Japan by Zen-On.  Found the steel string acoustic guitar on ebay 2011 and it showed an entry of the Victoria guitar distributed by Buegeleisen & Jacobson (B&J).

Images eBay

Victoria amp and guitar combo made in Japan Buegeleisen & Jacobson

Victoria guitar Guaranteed perfect scale Best American Make B & J


Vigier guitar headstock

1978 to present

Vigier logo

In 1978 Patrice Vigier sets up as an independent luthier.  In 1980: Exhibits at his first music show in Paris introducing the Arpege series. [Source: wikipeda]

Vigier catalogs


Dating Vigier Guitars

On the left hand menu bar go to Guitars/Basses tab. Click date your guitar. Wait a while for a pdf to load.  It is not quite as easy as stated on Ducks Deluxe you may have to remove the neck.


Vigier forum http://www.eguitaremag.com/forums/viewforum.php?id=15


1998 to present

Viking brand guitars - made by Ed Roman, Las Vegas, USA



Viktorian guitars, Denver Colorado USA

Robert L Vincent

Vincenzo Miroglio & Figli

Vincenzo Miroglio & Figli were making guitars from the 1920's until 1960's, Catania, Italy

Image eBay:

Vincenzo Miroglio & Figli guitar label

Tony Vines

1989 to present

Kingsport, TN, USA

Vinetto Guitars

Vinetto guitar logo

2003 to present

Luthier Vince Cunetto. Made is St Louis, USA

Vineyard   Vineyard guitars are an entry level line of guitars by Sadeal, guitar based in Jacksonville, Florida USA since 1986.

Buzz Vineyard
Buzz Vineyard headstock logo

Buzz Vineyard headstock


LM Buzz Vineyard guitars,

Made since, "1972, Spokane Washington, USA

How to tell when your L.M. Buzz Vineyard guitar was made

I use my business card as my label, signed,dated,w/ body woods listed in upper right corner. Logo and label have evolved thru 40 years." [Source and images: Buzz Vineyard, Facebook, 9/12/2013]

Buzz Vineyard headstock




Vintage brand guitars Asian origin. A John Hornby Skewes product.

Vintage guitar catalogs

2010 Vintage electric gutiars | 2010 Acoustic guitars

2013 Vintage electric guitar catalog | 2013 Acoustic guitar

2014 Vintage electric guitar catalog

Vintage brand guitar logo

Vintage Kitchen

  ? made by Bill Kitchen, Texas, USA

Vintige guitar logo

current at 2009 Produced by OEM Guitars, the Vintige label draws upon over 15 years experience in the guitar making industry. With skills that come from years of production and sales for Lowden Guitars, Avalaon Guitars and Breedlove guitars, OEM have taken their expertise in designing and building high end guitars and applied it to producing an affordable line of fine quality, versatile instruments that can be appreciated by students and guitar teachers alike. Through a joint venture with a specially selected factory in China, OEM have consulted with DealsDirect (an Australian on-line general store) for the creation of the Vintige line.


1990 to present

Jay Monterose. Custom Telecaster style guitars and parts. Bergenfield New Jersey, USA




This example of a Vision branded guitar was provided by Kenn Gordon by email 21 May 2015. Kenn believes it is most likely to be of Fujigen rather than Matsumoku origin.


Vita is a Harmony Brand



Vito guitar logo

Vito is a brand name of Leblanc which was started in 1951. The name is often seen on saxophones and the like. [Source: wikipedia]

Image Vito guitar eBay:

Vito guitar

Edward Franco Vivas

Vivian Guitars 1995- Vivian Custom Shop was founded in 1995 by the instrument designer and master luthier, Jan Vlasak, to create fine electric guitars and basses. Each instrument is handmade in the Czech Republic


Vivi Tone guitar headstock


Ten years after working for Gibson, Lloyd Loar, former Gibson associate Lewis Williams and Walter Moon launched the Vivi-tone company to market their electric guitar concepts. While Vivi-Tone was primarily concerned with the development of amplified instruments, they also built "Acousti-Guitar" models for more conservative players. Made in Kalamazoo, Michigan. [Source and image courtesy of Retrofret]

Vlau Music   Vincent Lau Music - guitar manufacturer (acoustic and electric) based in Qingdao, CHINA . Basic and custom ranges available.


V Line guitar logo

see Vincent Berton


Vogel guitar headstock

1995 to present

Bob Vogel, Ecuador

Dave Vogele

  Dave Vogele makes handmade custom gutiars .


Models included Voice Frontier Custom.  Made in Japan in 1960s [Source: Vintaxe ]

Voice instrument catalog


C Claus Voigt

C Claus Voigt - German luthier

Curt Claus Voigt was teaching luthiery in 2005 [Source: Rudolf Ladenstein]

Volante   Volante Guitars was founded by David Volante with the sole purpose of creating a guitar brand that allows people to have a balance between great custom quality and a reasonable price. Striving for excellence in its field, Volante Guitars is one of the only companies that will allow you to custom design your own guitar for, on average, only $50 extra.



Volcan appear to be a Chinese made guitars. I discovered the brand on eBay per the guitar in these pictures.  Unsure that they are the same brand.

Volcan 6 string bass guitar

Heidi von Ruden

Berlin, Gemany


Vorg by Pearl.

Instruments produced in Italy from late 1970s (then moved to Japan). Production ended early 1980s. Pearl trademark appeared on a number of instruments manufactured (at first) by the Gherson company of Italy. Production of Pearl guitars moved to Japan (circa 1978-1979) and continued on for another couple of years.  [Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day, Guru's Guitar Guide ].

Image Wutzdog Guitars:

Vorg guitar Telecaster copy


Made in China. Budget range.

Image eBay:

Otto Vowinkel

1984 to present

Otto Vowinkel, Amsterdam, Holland

Image Guitar Salon

Otto Vowinkel guitar label


Acoustic guitars made by collaboration of Otto Vowinkel of Amsterdam, Holland and Antonio Picado of Barcelona, Spain. The A2 student range was initially made by Otto Vowinkel in the Netherlands.  These models are now produced by Antonio Picado in Spain.

Vowinke-Picado guitar label

Reviews http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Acoustic+Guitar/brand/Vowinkel-Picado



Jennings Musical Instruments was incorporated in 1957. In 1958 the Vox AC15 was built. 1961 the first Vox guitar. [Source: Bill Hillman]



Vox guitar catalog http://www.fetishguitars.com/html/eko/catalogues/64vox/index.html

Vox guitar advertisements http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/advertisements/vox

Image Vox Student Prince guitar made in Italy 1960s eBay:

Vox Student Prince guitar

The guitar below is an Italian made Vox Challenger made circa 1964/5 courtesy of Kenn Gordon.

This one is a 1980 Vox, made in Japan by Matsumoku - again courtesy of Kenn Gordon.

Vox Humana

Vox Humana guitar headstock


In the 1940s Vox Humana was a guitar and lap steel brand. http://www.daisybelle.nl/nedgit.htm

Brand is currently being made eg:


Image Daisybelle:

Vox Humana guitar label




Voxton was a brand name used by Vox for guitars at least in 1969 (evidenced by a 1969 Vox guitar catalog whihc contained Vox Amps, Organs, effects pedals and Voxton guitars). Images reverb.com

See Vox, Thomas Organ


Harvey Leach has been making guitars since 1972.   The Voyage-Air guitar is a full size acoustic that folds at the neck for compact travel purposes.

See Harvey Leach

V & T

V & T guitar logo headstock

At least a Rickenbacker clone.

VST   VST guitar
VTT Relics   Fender style guitars from the UK. Not sure whether they make copies or they take originals and make them look very cool.
Ales Vychodi 1999- AV basses made by Ales Vychodilsince 1999 Czech Republic
VZ   VZ guitars, partscasters Lawrenceville, Georgia