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  luthiers and guitar brands

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info    updated 13/1/2016




Veelah logo

  Veelah gutiars Taiwan.


1903-1980s, 1989 to present

History of Vega guitars

Vega was originally a Boston based company. Vega guitars made in the USA by Harmony http://harmony.demont.net/brands.php and Egmond according to http://www.daisybelle.nl/nedgit.htm

1970 Vega was bought by CF Martin .

1980 bought by Korea's Galaxy Trading Company

1989 bought by The Deering Banjo Company, Spring Valley, California. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]

Vega company at wikiedia

Vega catalogs

1912 to 1970 Vega Banjo catalogs

Images eBay: Label says The Vega Co Musical Instruments. 150 Columbus Ave, Boston Mass.

Vega guitar logo Vega guitar serial number headstock

Charles Vega

1993 to present

Baltimore, Maryland, USA.



Veiden guitar headstock

  Image of Veiden guitar headstock from ebay July 2013. ? Oscar Schmidt brand


1995 to present

Veillette Guitars are built by Joe Veillette, Martin Keith, and Ande Chase in Woodstock, NY. 

Joe Veillette co-founded Veillette-Citron (Harvey Citron) in 1975.  In 1991 he founded Woodstock Music with Stuart Spector (of Basses fame) until 1995.


1975 to 1983

Veillette_Citron guitars was founded by Joe Veillette and Harvey Citron in 1975, Brooklyn, New York.


Veillette-Citron catalogs

see Veillette

Manuel Velazquez

1946 -present

Manuel Velazquez Constructor de Guitarras New York Tribute at Cumpiano

Another at UFC news room

Image Gbase (1955 model) and2000 model Guitar Salon International:

1955 Velazquez guitarManuel Velazquez guitar label


Veleno 1970s Catalog

Click to enlarge

1970 - present

"John Veleno and his son Chris Veleno were making and selling guitars from 1970 to present.  There were times that were difficult due to John experiencing two strokes in 1975 but he was back in his limited condition making guitars at various times through the years.  John directed in making three custom guitars for Todd Rundgren in late 1977 to 1978.  Chris Veleno was making and selling Veleno guitars in the early 1990s at a show in Nashville." [Source: John Veleno, email 21/5/2007]

Dating Veleno guitars

"Due to the extreme problem of counterfeited guitars using the Veleno name and stating that they were made by me we are not divulging any dates of manufacture.  Investigation is still under way.  It is very unfortunate that some folks will not openly take credit for their personal and own accomplishments as we do here, but rather imitate that they are other people in order to make themselves look great.  Under those circumstances we do not reveal manufacture dates, however, we do give them to people who send us a Veleno guitar for a verification inspection and receive a Certificate of Authenticity." [Source: John Veleno, email 23/1/2007]



see Jedistar Metal guitars for photo

Vendramini Guitars

Orleans, France

Vendramini Guitars at myspace

Vengeance Guitars and Graphix

2002 to present

Vengance guitars and graphix.  Guitars made in Fletcher, North Carolina, USA since 2002. .

Dating Vengeance guitars

Model and serial numbers are located at the lower strap button region on the body and clear coated over for protection. All serial/model numbers are hand written by me to prevent forgery. The serial number is also the Manufacturing date along with the customer's own numbers of choice[Source and image courtesy of Rick Stewart, Vengence Guitars , email 25/9/2010]

Vengeance guitar - Stigmata


Venlonia is a Netherlands guitar factory.

Daisybelle info

Venlonia at wikipedia

Brands included Famos, Unicon, Top Tuner, Magic,

Venlonia Magic guitar image from reverb.com


School of luthiery, Phoenix Arizona USA

Image Venn guitar from the 1970a ebay


1960s to 1980s


Ventura branded guitars that were imported to the United States from Japan by C. Bruno and Company during the period of late 1960's until early 1980's. The best resource for Ventura guitars is http://www.catoosatrading.com/ventura_guitar.html. There are some Ventura catalogs here also.

Images Ventura labels eBay. 2nd label from 1967/8, 3rd Bruno name does not appear on label:

Bruno Ventura guitar label Bruno Ventura guitar label

Bruni Ventura guitar label


Found on ebay March 2010

Venus brand guitar


2000 to present

Pepe Vergara, Southern California, USA

I started repairing and modifying guitars since I was a kid in the 1970's.  However,  I started making guitars and selling them professionally in 2000.  The date of manufacture is written on the label on each guitar. The seril number includes codified information on type of woods, finish and any other special detail particular to this guitar." [Source: Pepe Vergara, email, 10/10/2008  ]
Image courtesy of Pepe Vergara:

Pepe Vergara guitar label


Vermeer guitar logo


Luthier Markjan Vermeer builds, repairs and restores acoustic guitars with partner Dick Dijkman, in a workshop in Delden in the east part of The Netherlands. Markjan had luthery training in the Centre for Musical instrument Building in Puurs in Belguim. In September 2011 he went to California to join the Santa Cruz Guitar Company for a few years.
Vermeer guitar label

Walter Verreydt

1985 to present


1992 to present

Henry Verri, Little Falls, New York, USA

Versoul Guitars

1994 to present

"Versoul is a one man company and founded in autumn 1994 by me and the first guitars were made in December 1994.
So far less than 300 instruments have been made.
Nowadays Versoul models includes:
- Acoustic classic guitars, brand name Touco
- Acoustic steel 6 & 12 string guitars, brand names: Zoel, Buxom, Baby Buxom, Junior Buxom, Minor Buxom, Kenny Burrell Jazz Models 6 and
12 string models.
- Electric solid body 6 & 12 string guitars, brand names: Raya, Henry
- Electric acoustic guitars, brand name Swan
- Electric acoustic resonator 6 and 12 string and baritone 6 string guitars; brand name ResoSun
- Electric solid body baritone guitars, 6 and 12 string models, brand name Raya
- Acoustic steel string baritone guitars, 6 and 12 string models, brand name Buxom
- Acoustic classic baritone guitars, 6 string, brand name Buxom
- Electric solid body basses, brand name: Raya
- Electric acoustic basses, brand name; Swan

Each guitar has "a running" serial number, starting 001 and now closing 0300 ( = almost 300 instruments made)
Also each guitar is dated and signed by me with following methods:

A. Electric solid body guitars and basses have serial number, model and company name handwritten on backside of the headstock with black or gold pencil.  Also the same information is written on the inner side of the pot cavity plate (on aluminium tape).

B. Acoustics and electric acoustics have labels inside the guitar.
1. Gold Label ( real gold leaf label) :
- Model and company name silk screened with black colour + hand written: dated and signed with black pencil by me.
Gold Label Guitar's body East Indian rosewood or curly maple.
Note; A few real Silver Label instruments were made during the 1990's (guitar body mahogany or plain maple)
2. Palladium/Platinum Label (real precious leaf metal):
- Model and company name silk screened with black colour + hand written: dated and signed with black pencil by me.
Guitar's body Honduras or Brazilian rosewood or superb curly maple

C. Custom Versoul Models: (includes for example a few Strat and Tele style guitars)
Each guitar has normal hand written serial number and company name on back side of the headstock + my signature on the face side of the
headstock ( black or gold pencil)." [Source: Kari Nieminen, Versoul Ltd, email, 26/3/2008]

Versoul guitar


Vesper Guitars, based in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA

Vesta 1982-1987 According to effectsdatabase.com in 1982 the Shiino Musical Instrument Corporation changed its name to Shiino Vesta Fire Corporation (SVFC). There are Vesta Graham guitars and Vesta Fire effects available from this period on ebay. In 1987 the Vesta name changed to Vestax.


Vester guitar headstock

? mid 80s

The Samuel Music company of Effingham, Illinois (founded 1946) decided to launch its own brand of guitars, Vester in the late 1980s. Vester used imported instruments, which were made by Saehan Guitar Technology, a subdivision of Zaozhuang Saehan Music Co., Ltd in South Korea (now known as Sunghan Music). The guitars were imported into the United States by Midco Music (now Musicorp). [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vester_Guitars ]

Vester fan page

Image below courtesy of Ben van Dyk email 7/4/2013

Vester Strat


Visions In Guitar logo

VGS Guitars - Visions in Guitars - by Gewa

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