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info    updated 26/12/2015




TCM guitars are by Terry C McInturff

Dating TCM Guitars

TCM Website

At the Guitars Canada Forum there is mention of TCM branded instruments made in Japan for Ottawa's Continental Music in the 1980s.

T.D. Hibbs see H for Hibbs
TDL   TDL Guitars,  Tony De Lacugo, Arizona City, Arizona USA


Ross Teigen, Naples, Florida, USA


Teisco guitar


Teisco guitar headstock

Teisco was founded in 1946 by guitarist Atswo Kaneko, and electrical engineer Doryu Matsuda. The company was originally called 'Aoi Onpa Kenkyujo' (roughly: Hollyhock Soundwave or Electricity Laboratories). In 1956 the name was changed to 'Nippon Ompa Kogyo Co'. The company was acquired by Kawai in 1967, with the Teisco brand name for guitars ending in 1969.

Teisco guitars sold in the United States were badged "Teisco Del Rey" from 1964. other brand names were:

USA - Kent, Kingston, Kimberly, Tulio, Heit Deluxe and World Teisco.

UK - Arbiter, Audition, Kay and Top Twenty

After Kawai bought Teisco in 1967, they started to produce all the Teisco guitars, as well as their own brand, Apollo. [Source: Wikipedia]

The best resource for Teisco is Teisco Twangers  the original link may come back some time http://www.teiscotwangers.com/

see Teisco del Ray

Images Teisco acoustic (circa 1961) courtesy of Leanne, 2008:

Image of Teisco Spectrum 5 guitar courtesy of David Feb 2008.Teisco logo and ET220 label ebay

 Teisco guitar serial number

Teisco del Ray


Teisco guitars were imported to the United States since 1959 or early 1960, and then re-badged as "Teisco Del Rey" after 1964. [Source: Wikipedia]



Telesforo Julve


Note that Ton Bogaard from Holland has made contact via email 24/7/2012 to advise that Julve started producing under his name in 1918 with the brand made in Valencia until 1975. Ton has developed a web site resource on Telesforo Julve, Salvador Ibanez and Andreas Mari

Ton has also made available a comprehensive portfolio of labels for the Telesforo Julve series of guitars with explanatory notes and also a supplementary page on Armengol, Lloréns y Julve and Lloréns y Julve.

The photos below of a flamenco guitar made around 1931-1944 courtesy of Paul Stevens, email 1/6/2010. Thanks to Tom Bogaard for dating this item.

Telesforo Julve guitar label Telesforo Julve guitar


Tele-Star guitar headstock

Click these thumbs

Telestar Lisa guitar

Telestar Mona guitar and amp case

1965 – early 70s


Tele-Star Japanese-made guitars debuted in the U.S. in 1965. The Tele-Star Trading Corporation, (Broadway, New York) was begun by Maurice Laboz in around 1965 and concentrated on relatively humble low-end guitars (and drums), produced mainly by the Kawai company. In 1967 the Tele-Star company was probably purchased by the Music-Craft Electronic Corporation. In the early '70s, the New York warehouse had a fire and the company relocated to Secaucus, New Jersey. From that point on, Tele-Star abandoned guitars and switched its focus to musical accessories. Circa 1982, Maurice Laboz sold the business to Fred Gretsch, Jr., son of the founder of the more famous guitar company. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine ]

But wait there is more!

In 1998-1999 (or 1999-2000) two models under the Telestar brand, the Mona and Lisa were produced. There are suggestions that they were made by J.T. Riboloff- former head of Research and Development at GIBSON Guitars. There was a suggestion that only 100 Lisa examples were produced by the Australian seller of a guitar in 2011 but at the time of this report in Feb 2012 there were two different Lisa for sale at once on ebay- which seems extraordinary if the production run was only 100.The Mona was a strat style shape as pictured below and the Lisa was a Les Paul style single cutaway. According to a catalog shot from an ebay item Telestar name was owned by CrossRoads Musical Instruments Inc, Nashville Tennessee, USA. They were made in Korea. [Thanks to Ben van Dyk, Canada for passing on this info]

Images eBay:

Tele-Star acoustic guitar label Tele-Star guitar label made in japan

Telestar electric guitar 1965


Telleno brand. Examples found via google include the Telleno parlor guitar - Steel reinforced neck pictured below, an F Hole electric with Kingston pick up claimed to be made by Harmony,

Image below ebay, left Liveauctioneers

Telleno parlor guitar

Oscar Teller

1950s - 1990?

Examples on web range from 1957 - 1989.  Classical guitars made in West Germany. According to an interview with Mason Wiliams, the composer of Classical Gas" his recording guitar was branded "Cordova" and made by Oscar Teller.  Spanish names sold better.


Oscar's son was Horst Teller. Wolfgang Teller is another family member

Image 1968 Oscar Teller Guitar label eBay: ,"MEISTER WERKSTATTE IM GUITARRENBAN", made in W.Germany

Oscar Teller guitar label

FE Tellier
2005 - FE Tellier guitars by Fred Tellier, Canada.
"I started building guitars in 2005 when I retired, in Windsor Ontario Canada.
How can someone tell the date of manufacture for Tellier guitars?

The 1st 2 digits of the serial number is the year and the next 2 the guitar number from that year. Serial number stamped on back center brace, neck block and tail block inside the guitar. [Source and images: Fred Tellier, email 20/8/2013]
FE Tellier luthier


Tellson is for Oscar Teller and Son


see Oscar Teller above


Tempo guitar logo headstock

Tempo guitars were made in Japan 1960s/70s.

My first electric guitar was a used Tempo 335 copy in 1975 just like this one on ebay:

see Univox


Tenorio Werx

1999 to present

Mark Tenorio has been building and repairing musical instruments professionally since 1987. He trained at Roberto-Venn school of lutherie in 1989. Thereafter he repaired guitars for 5 local music stores before establishing Tenorio Werx in 1999. [Source: Roberto-Venn ]

Tenorio Werx is based in Denver, Colorado, USA




  Two Mando guitars.


1912 (toys) to today

 Terada was established in 1912 making violins for Toys. After World War II, around 1955, Terada started to make `Stringed Instruments' in earnest. In the 1970's they had three plants near the Nagoya area and produced more than 10,000 guitars per month for Domestic market and also for Overseas market. The Terada factory also built Orville, Epiphone, and Thumb brand guitars among others. Gretch also contracted out to Terada to make some of their higher end guitars when the company was resurrected in the mid 80's. Steinberger also used Terada to make the Japanese bodies for the USA graphites.”

Link at Wayback machine - Terada history

see H for T Hauro

Terada guitar label

Michael Terris

Handmade banjos, mandolins and resonator guitars. Califon, New Jersey USA.  Mike's band - Mountain Heritage.

Boguslaw Teryks

1982 to present

Mainz, Germany


1984 - present

In Ulrich Teuffel's own words:
"I've been building guitars since 1984, only electric guitars since 1988. During my studies of Product-Design from 1992 until 1997, I had the opportunity to get to know my work from a standpoint other than that of traditional craftsmanship. Alongside completely other projects, at this time, the first thoughts about instruments like the birdfish and the tesla emerged.

Every good luthier knows with which construction and material a certain sound is obtained. The artistry lies in giving the instrument a very distinct appearance or effect along with the sound. I see my instruments as absolute. This means that every instrument has a certain symbolic meaning and function in the Pop-complex. One can compare this to the clothing that we wear. We select clothing according to function, e.g. job, sport, winter clothing, etc., as well as according to an expression of fashion with which we then distinguish ourselves. So will one, as a musician, decide which statement he wants to achieve with his choice of instrument." [Source: Wayback Machine]

How to tell when Tueffel gutiars are made?

"I don't write the date on the guitar itself but all the birdfishs have got serial numbers. So I can track the date of manufacturing." [Source Ulrich Teuffel, email, 11 Mar 2008]

Image eBay:


Example of Texarkana acoustic steel string guitar from eBay:


Texas brand guitar headstock logo


Aluminum neck guitars by Jacobacci, France

Jacobacci Texas pages including catalogs

Example Guitar Collection

Texas Customs

Order your combination Telecaster - made in USA. Also made acoustic guitars.

Tex Morton

Tex Morton White Guitars

Tex Morton guitar

Tex Star


Gibson made Flat top distributed by San Antonio Music. [Source: Gruhn's Guide To Vintage Guitars ]


Teye Electric Gypsy Guitar head stock

Teye Electric Gypsy Guitar head stock

2005 to present

"Yeah I actually started in 2005.

I have two distinct lines of guitars: my A-Series which I make myself and which carry supermuch hand adornment (like the engraving and hand-applied mosaic), and the new S-Series which is made by three dedicated luthiers according to my specs and under my personal quality control, and which series is intended to bring the Tone, Feel, and Versatility of my design to people of smaller wallet size (the only criticism on my A-Series was the price, and many people inquired about a cheaper version, which there now is).

A's go for US$9,000 and up; S's start at $3,500.

There are several options to make your S-guitar more like an A: my hand-made bridge and tailpiece instead of the nomal TonePros; a hand-mosaic instead of an insert ring, and more. Both A and S are made in my back yard just outside of Austin Texas. Both series are completely hand-made.

Dating Teye guitars

The year of manufacture is engraved either in the tailpiece cover or on the body plate of the A-Series. The date of completion is on a letter of authenticity that accompanies every A and S guitar. I still must find a way to satisfactory mark the year on my S-Series: so far, it has been the least of my concerns as the first S rolled out in 2008; but indeed, with 3 slated for completion this week....
I do have a list of all guitars on the password-protected section of my site, only accessible to owners.

We briefly toyed with a serial number system that would include the year, but abandoned it in favor of simple sequential. The serial number goes in fairly early, and sometimes a guitar lingers in the shop for well over a month, or more (sometimes unpredictable).

On all A-guitars from 015 onward, the serial number has been stamped also in the side of the headstock, between the g and b-string tuners.

All S-guitars also have this same stamped serial number.

A's have a three-digit preceded by an A;

S have a four digit number preceded by an S. I also make special guitars that are considered "Fuera de Serie" which is Spanish for both "Outside of the series" as well as: "Extraordinary". They carry an FS and a two digit number.

Teye Electric Gypsy Guitar serial number Teye Electric Gypsy Guitar serial number

Teye Electric Gypsy Guitar date engraving Teye Electric Gypsy Guitar detail



M Tezanos Perez

M.Tezanos Perez actually stands for Miguel Angel, Mariano Tezanos, and Gregorio Perez. The former supplies the latter two luthiers with the finest wood available in the world. Both Tezanos and Perez worked more than 20 years for Jose Ramirez III and IV. Tezanos is well known for the work of his late father who made some of the finest guitars produced by the Ramirez workshop in the 60s, 70s and 80s. What is less well know is that Mariano Jr. also stamped his initials (M.T) in the foot of many Ramirez guitars from this period. Mariano grew up across the street from the great luthier Marcelo barbero who apparently taught his father (and later Arcanel Fernandez) guitar building. Gregorio Perez stands in his own right as one of the great Ramirez builders of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Today, they make up the greatest guitar-making duo in Spain since Aguado y Hernandez. [Source: Casa Bennelly ]

Image Trilogy Guitars:

M Tezanos Perez guitar label

Michael Thames

1972 to present

Michael Thames luthier, Custom classical guitars, Taos, / Santa Fe New Mexico, USA.

Dating Thames guitars

As can be seen below the year of manufacture is included on the label.

Image Thames:

Thanh Cam Musical Instrument Company


Guitarbench shoptour

THC   see H for Tom Holmes Custom

The Waverly

The Waverly guitar. Found on eBay.  RWB Trademark

Mandolin with RWB trademark

Thierry Andre Luthier

1997 to present

"I started to manufacture instruments (in Canada) under my name in 1997.

Besides making guitars, I also have been building smaller (gourd, hollow burl, coconut) middle east and Africa inspired instruments that I have come to call 'creations'. The gourd instruments are becoming more and more popular.

Identification for guitars:

- hand written inside body, china ink pen (acoustic and archtops), under neck pickup, china ink pen (electrics);;; labeled: Thierry André, no.1 to no. 25, Montreal, year.

Identification for creations:

-hand written on peghead (china ink pen under finish) and inside resonator with paper label.

Labeled: Thierry André, no. c-1 to no. c-59, Montreal, year.

I am still making instruments, and numbers should go up in the years to come." [Source: email Thierry Andre, 27/5/2008 ]



13 Guitars was established by Randy Weiner - Made in USA.

Thirteen Guitars Company



Thomas, a brand of Kiso Suzuki - Made in Japan

Images eBay:

Thomas 2007- Thomas handcrafted guitars since 2007. Gridley, Illinois, USA
Bill Thomas 2012- Bill Thomas guitars
David Thomas see D for DT

Thomas /

Harvey Thomas


Harvey V Thomas guitars - Built in Kent, WA USA in 1960s. [Source: Blue Book]



Thomas guitar catalog


ZS Thomas

Custom guitars

Carl Thompson Guitars

1974 to present

"Carl begin building instruments in 1974.

Determining date of manufacture for Carl Thompson Guitars / CT Basses

You can tell the year and date of manufacture by a serial number on the back of the headstock in MM DD YY format." [Source: -Aaron, CT Basses email 29/4/2008]

1979 Carl Thompson Bass from ebay:

1979 Carl Thompson bass

Serial number examples courtesy of Aaron, Carl Thompson Guitars:

Carl Thompson Guitars serial number Carl Thompson Guitars serial numberCarl Thompson Guitars serial number

Ted Thompson

1979 to present

Vernon, British Columbia

Ted has quite a fan club http://www.guitarscanada.com/Board/archive/index.php/t-6155.html

Thomsley Guitars

Thorell Fine Guitars

2003 to present

Ryan Thorell, Logan, Utah, USA

Thorn Custom Guitars

2000 to present

Ron Thorn, Glendale, California



Thorndal guitar logo

Thorndal headstock

1996 - Thorndal guitars, Made in Germany
"Thorndal was started up in Nether Bavaria/Germany in 1996 by Gregor Olbrich. Thorndal instruments are manufactured in Germany / D-95707 Thiersheim.
Dating Thorndal guitars
For all instruments built before 2009 we have to say sorry - there's no way to date a guitar (except Gregor, the luthier remembers when he's built it).Since April 2009 we fix the serial number/the owner/the type of guitar in our files; and a bit later (in the mid of 2009) we started to add papers to our guitars: a certificate that tells the type (+ color), the serial number and the date of production; also we add an instrument's passport showing details like body & neck wood; kind of pickups; kind of finish aso.Bolt on instruments have a serial number on the neck plate.Set neck guitars have no serial number, just papers. Our new cigarbox guitars have a written serial number inside.
Attached you find the Thorndal logo we used until September 2010 (top below) . Then we changed to a new logo and brand mark (after a legal notice from Fender) see right. " [Source and images: Dagmar Muehleisen, Thorndal Guitars, email 31/3/2013]

Thorndal pre 2010 logoThorndal brand Thorndal logo post 2010

Gregor Olbrich luthier Thorndal guitars Thorndal serial numberThorndal Serial number cigar box

C.P. Thornton

2004 to present

Chuck Thornton, Turner, Maine.

Built basses and guitars under CP Thornton Basses brand.

Images kijiji:

CP Thornton Fusion guitar



? made by Lyon and Healy / Washburn and sold by Montgomery Ward. [Source: Bills Banjos]

According to Mugwumps could be made by Harmony. Found one article which suggested Thornward guitars were made by Larson Bros also.

Images 1895 Thornward Guitar eBay:

Three S

By Suzuki Nagoya [Source: Suzuki Blog].

Three S catalogs


Images Yahoo:

Three S Guitar Nagoya Japan

Threet Guitars

1990 to present

Judy Threet, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Image Gryphon Stringed Instruments:


Daniel Thrum (b. 1972 Sydney Australia) . Grew up in the inner city of Balmain. Daniel's first job was cleaning up the workshop and doing minor repairs for Rock repairs a musical instrument repair shop in Glebe. It was here that the boss clyde helped Daniel make his first electric guitar - a tele copy.
Daniel completed a cabinetmaking trade, went on to work for Maton guitars. He returned to Sydney and gradually built all the necessary jigs , moulds , fixtures it takes to make an acoustic guitar.
Daniel builds at his home workshop in Marrickville Sydney , predominately by hand but some items are made on his cnc router . The workshop is humidity controlled .

Daniel Thrum luthier

Thumb (Big Thumb)


Thumb guitars were made in Japan by Terada Gakki, Nagoya in the 1970s and ? 80s?.

Terada Gakki also made Gretsch, Orville and Orville by Gibson and Morris high-end folk guitars.

Thumb catalog 1977 Wayback Machine

Images eBay:

see Terada


Thunder brand was distributed by Nihon Chikushin. The manufacturer is Kiso Suzuki Violin. [Source: Trade Me Japan]

Image Yahoo Japan:

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