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info    updated 5/10/2016



Andrea Tacchi

Andrea Tacchi (b. 1956) guitars are made in Florence, Italy He is a classical guitar specialist [Source: Wikipedia]

Dating Andrea Tacchi guitars

Sequence number and year of manufacture are written on the label visible in the sound hole.

Andrea Tacchi bio at Guitars International

Andrea Tacchi guitar label


1995 to present

Tacoma Guitars began as a division of Young Chang America that made piano soundboards for export to Korea. Production of USA made guitars commenced in 1997.  The company was purchased by Fender in October 2004.  [Source: Wikipedia ]

Dating Tacoma Guitars



Image eBay: B is the first year of the Tacoma dating system 1989, made on the 98 th day of the year (early April) and was the 60th produced that day.

Tacoma guitar PM120 label

Other info

Seattle Times bio

Tacoma pricelists and catalogs

2005 Tacoma catalog

2005 Winter Tacoma pricelist

2005 Summer Tacoma pricelist

2007 Winter Tacoma pricelist

Tacoma forum

Taconic   Taconic cigar box guitars - hand made one at a time in New York's Hudson Valley

Tactical Works



early 1980s to present

The first Tagima guitars were made in the early 80's by Mr. Seizi Tagima in Brazil.  Marutec Music acquired the rights to use the brand Tagima in 1996. Soon after Korean production began. The product line Memphis by Tagima was launched along with the line of bass guitars and new guitar models. The “Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnologia (IG&T)” of Sao Paulo closed a deal to use Tagima's instruments in its classes, increasing the brand recognition.  [Source: Guitar Global ]


In the early 1970s Tahara-san had a factory in Matsumoto Japan that was engaged primarily in the production of lower-mid range acoustic guitars… Mr Tahara's factory in Matsumoto went into bankruptcy in the mid to late 1970s after which he moved to Tateshina outside of Maruko-machi in Nagano Prefecture where he focused exclusively on Mandolin production. “
[Source: EZ Folk http://www.ezfolk.com/forums/forum16/762.html ]


Taiko guitars - Made in Japan

Nagoya guitar



Takamin - not Takamine. A brand out of India.
"Advertised before Acceptance under section 20(1) Proviso
1853532 24/08/2009
Used Since :01/09/2007
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT" [Source: Trade Mark Journal]



1962 to present

Takamine Co. Ltd. was founded in May 1962. It is based in Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan.

When was your Takamine guitar made?

Try this automated Takamine serial number decoder first

If you have a Japanese built Takamine, you can tell the year of manufacture by the first two digits of the serial number, i.e. s/n 9234075 = year of manufacture is 1992 from internet archive.

Takamine Natural series have been made since 1984 [Source: Takamine Forum]

From this photo - my Takamine EF441SC was made: Saturday, April 7th, 2001. It was the 48th guitar made that day.


Takamine EF441 SC guiar serial number label

Takamine also made some sold body electric guitars in the early 1980s. Here is a photo of Ben van Dyk from Canada purchased in 2013.

Takamine solid body electric guitar 1980s

Takamine reference book - The Art of Wood and Tone : Takamine Limited Edition Guitars 1987-2007

Takamine guitar catalogs and pricelists

2002 Takamine guitar catalog

2003 Takamine guitar catalog

2004 Takamine guitar catalog

2005 Takamine pricelist

2006 Takamine guitar brochure United Kingdom | 2006 Takamine pricelist

2007 Takamine guitar brochure United Kingdom | 2007 Takamine pricelist

2008 Takamine pricelist

Takamine catalog 2009 |2009 Takamine pricelist

2010 Takamine Guitar Catalog - Australia | 2010 Takamine pricelist

2010 Takamine G series catalog

2011 Takamine catalog | 2011 Takamine pricelist

2012 Takamine Pro Series catalog | Takamine pricelist 2012

2013 Takamine brochure | 2103 Takamine G Series brochure | 2013 Takamine pricelist

Takamine Forum


Takeharu guitar logo

1960s to 1980s

Kiso Suzuki Violin Company


Japanese Wikipedia

Johnny Cash Takeharu guitar

see Suzuki

Images courtesy Andrew Hunter May 2009:

Takeharu 1970 guitar label

Takeharu guitar 1976

Taku Sakashta

see S for Sakashta



Talbo guitar headstock

1982 to present

This brand was made by Tokai but is listed separately here because they look so cool.

The Talbo (Tokai Aluminium Body) began production 1982 and are still made today.  More ornate models produced in conjunction with Zemaitis and have the combo logo see left.   The range was first introduced as a cast aluminium body but is now available in a variety of body materials including wood (Talbo Woody) , an open aluminium structure within built in speaker (Talbo Junior) and an acrylic model (Talbo Crystal).  Bass guitars also produced.

Dating Talbo Guitars

1980s code =  Y0P####, with the first digit indicating the year followed by a zero, followed by where it fell in the production run (1 = early, 4 = late, etc. ). In '89, Tokai switched to indicating the year with two digits: 89#####. [Source: Michael Wright in Vintage Guitar]

Talbo catalogs


Japanese wikipedia - Woody

see Tokai

Blazing Fire image courtesy of stratmoto, Aussie Guitar Gear Heads forum 2008.

Talkovich   S Talkovich electric guitars made in the USA



Tama guitars were made from 1975 through 1979. They break down into two series:

First, a range of medium-quality Martin-dread inspired guitars including 12-strings, most with laminated spruce tops, some solid (unusual), most with lots of plastic pearl. Sold via the Ibanez catalog in Japan as a separate line. Most peghead logos were a vertical ‘TAMA’, in the old CF Martin style. Distributed in the US by Chesbro Music Company of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Second: a similar but higher-quality series made roughly 1977-79, all with solid mahogany or rosewood ('jacaranda' in catalog) backs/sides, solid spruce tops, ebony fingerboards/bridges, plus wider headstocks with a single abalone ‘T’ logo.

In 1980 the Tama guitars were absorbed into the Ibanez acoustic line and renamed the Artwood Series …[Source: Acoustic Guitar ]

Best Tama Guitar Resource


Tama guitar catalogs


Images eBay:

Tama guitar SE Sakusho Co Aichi Japan Tama serial number

Hiroshi Tamura


Hiroshi Tamura, maker of classical guitars Nago-Yama, Japan

Tamura brothers were Japanese luthiers living in Kochi-prefecture, Japan. They produced Classical and Flamenco guitars from 1950s to early 1980s. Both of them passed away so there are not many information now. Hiroshi Tamura is older brother [Source: Flickr]

Images eBay ? 1960s,  Guitar Salon Korea

iroshi Tamura guitar label 1981

Mitsura Tamura

Mitsuru Tamura guitars - 1970s Japan

Image Guitar Salon Korea


1980s? to recent

Tanara guitars japanes ? related to Ibanez?

Images eBay:

Tanara guitar

T And Joodee


Founder: Shiro Tsuji, born in 1945, a prominent arch-top guitar builder in Japan. Made in Kyoto. T and Joodee jazz guitars were highly acclaimed among the Japanese jazz players in 1970's. Bio and guitar gallery

Popular model: Stubborn R.H., Shimokura Custom New Yorker

Dating T and Joodee guitars
by logo 'T and Joodee'. Brand name changed to 'S. Tsuji' in 1994 [Source and logo image:Kevin Kim, Sharpened Flat , email 26/10/2012]

Jorg Tandler


Jörg Tandler · Masterluthier, Hübelstraße 25 · D-56283 Gondershausen · Germany

Jorg Tandler Psyco guitar



"Tanglewood Guitars was founded in London in 1988 and later moved to Biggin Hill, Kent and opened additional warehouse space Wetherby in Yorkshire. In 2005, the company began distributing their products in the USA.[2] Tanglewood Guitars received a sales award from MI Pro Trade magazine in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Tanglewood guitars are sold in more than 40 countries including the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia,France, Cyprus, Iceland, India,Holland, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine and Papua New Guinea." [Source: Kenn Gordonn, email 10/7/2014]
Dating Tanglewood guitars

"Unfortunately we don't have a full bar code system in place as of yet. We are currently beginning to use it on our products but nothing confirmed as of yet. I can tell you, on Tanglewood serial numbers the first to digits, i.e. 07 represent the year of manufacture, 2007." [Source Dan Reeks, IT Manager, Tanglewood, email 10 Mar 2008]

Tanglewood acoustic guitar catalog 1998 [Courtesy David Evans, email Sep 2016]
Tanglewood brochure North America 2011

Tanglewood brochure North America 2012

Tanglewood brochure North America 2013

Image Tanglewood Memphis guitar courtesy of Kenn Gordon 2014.

Tanner Creek

Handcrafted guitars made by Dann Ross in the foothills of Southeastern Indiana, near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Image from Wayback Machine

Tanner Creek gutiars from the internet archive

Taran guitars


Acoustic guitars made by Rory Dowling Edinburgh, Scotland



Taranaki guitars is a music store in Germany. They have Taranaki and Super Guitars as their own brand. Made in Korea.

Image Guitartest.de


Targa guitar headstock


Targa guitars were made in Japan and sold in Canada 1970s-1980s. [Source: Steve Tsotsos email, 2/3/2011]

Image right from Targa Les Paul courtesy Steve Tsotos, email, 11/1/2011

Targa guitar

Taro Guitars

Taro guitar headstock


Taro guitars were made in Japan and models included copies of Fender and Gibson guitars imported to Canada. [Source: Guitars Canada | Vintaxe ]

Also made classical guitars [Source: Axewar, Flickr]

Image courtesy of Dwoody01:



Tarrega guitars were made by Hagstrom/Bjarton and distributed by Fender in the 1960s.

Image eBay:

Tarrega guitar label



Vicente Tatay was a guitar maker in Valencia from 1889. The workshop was transformed into a factory. The firm Vicente Tatay founded has grown into a major factory producing some 40,000 instruments a year. Vicente Tatay retired in 1942, and the firm was taken over by his sons José and Vicente Tatay Tomás who formed a company Hijos de Vicente Tatay [Source: Zavaletas]

Images Hope Street Music

Left hand image is Vincente Tatay while one on right is by sons. Source: eBay

Vincente Tatay guitar label

Image below and left from Vicente Tatay Tomas courtesy of Daniel, email April 2012


Tatra guitars made in Czechoslavakia

Tausch 1995-

Tausch electric guitars. Custom built guitars made in Illertissen, Germany

Made since "1995, Bayern (Bavaria) / Germany .

How can someone tell the date of manufacture?

Difficullt for the first production years. A date can be found in the electric cave, but not in all guitars. From 2012 on, the 665 Models have a Serial No, at the Neck. It can be seen, when the Neck pu is screwed down very deep. The Number is a combimation of month / year / first, second... third etc. For example 091303 means "the third guitar built in Sept. 2013"

Logo has changed two times. From 1995 - 97 there was a "T" made of Aluminum or Brass mounted on the headstock. After that I used a Logo/Inlay made of Abalone or black plastic, since 2012 there are decals on the guitars headstocks.
Some Custom Guitars have my personal signature on the headstock or body. [Source and images: Rainer Tausch, email 3 September 2014]



1977 at least

Taurus guitar, Barcelona Spain

Image Taurus guitar label ebay October 2011



Taylor guitar headstock

1974 - present

Taylor Guitars was established as a small shop in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, El Cajon, California. [Source: wikipedia]

Dating Taylor Guitars

TRY THIS FIRST http://www.guitardating.com/taylor.php


Taylor guitar catalog and pricelists

2008 Taylor guitar catalog

2009 Taylor pricelist

2010 Taylor Gutiar Guide | 2010 Taylor guitars pricelist

2011 Taylor guitars pricelist - Australia

2102 Taylor guitars pricelist

2013 Taylor guitars pricelist

Taylor guitar forums http://www.taylor-talk.com/blog/


Taylor reference books

Taylor Guitars 30 Years of a New American Classic

Images: eBay,  Joyful Noise:

The first label Taylor serial number is 1688 whic works out as a 1982 guitar. The second label Taylor serial number is interpretable from the label itself, year 2000, November, 9th.

Taylor guitar label Taylor guitar label

Martin Taylor 2011-

Martin Taylor Guitars create instruments of beauty. Each guitar is hand crafted to fit the requirements of the individual owner and will have a unique voice.

Workshop. Central Coast, NSW Australia

Made since 2011

How to identify, tell date of manufacture
Label inside guitar, serial number backwards [Source: Martin Taylor, Wufoo, 14/4/2015]

R Taylor

Robert Taylor's small luthier shop in grounds of the big factory (Taylor)

Tut Taylor

Brand produced by Mark Taylor of Crafters of Tennessee. Named for his father.

T Bass

T Bass guitars by Trace Elliot

Image eBay

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