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 updated 22/2/2016

S82 S82 guitars, Salzburg


1982 to present

In 1982 Robert Godin and friends produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. The concept for the Seagull guitar was to take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars (such as solid tops and lacquer finishes) and build these features into guitars at a reasonable price.

Dating Seagull Guitars by serial number

 " Here's how you can decode our serial numbers :
first 2 digits : production year, 3rd and 4th digits : production week, 5th digit : production day (1=monday, 2=tuesday, etc...), last 3 digits : weekly production rank. Our production year begins on August 1st.
As an example, a guitar with serial number 06053168 was built in September 2005, on a Wednesday, and it was the 168th guitar built during that production week.

If your guitar's serial number has 7 digits, the guitar was built in the 90's and only the 1st digit indicates the production year.

If your guitar's serial number has less than 7 digits, you'll have to email Godin guitar it's serial number so I can look it up in our serial number lists.

On post 1993 guitars, the serial number is engraved behind the headstock.

On pre 1993 guitars, the serial number is stamped on the sound hole label.

The same system goes for Godin, Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie and La Patrie guitars. [source: Michel, Godin, email 23 Jan 2007]

Update 7/3/2012

"Our 12 digit serial numbers provide no info on the production date.
029396 is the product code for the S6 Cedar Original without electronics
0 indicates that the guitar is not a factory second (the 7th digit is a 9 on our factory seconds)
12633 indicates that your guitar was the 12633rd S6 Cedar Original without electronics to be shipped since we switched to 12 digit serials in late 2007" [Source: Michel, Godin - provided by Joe Brock the Guitar Medic, email, 7/3/2012]


Here is a great collection of Seagull catalog and other info

Images eBay:

Seagull guitar label Seagull guitar serial number

Sears and Roebuck (SR)

Sears purchased Harmony in 1916 but sold it to a group of Harmony executives in 1940. Harmony continued to be the main supplier of Sears catalog guitars. From 1954 Danelectro became Sears largest electric guitar maker. [Source: Echo and Twang: Classic Guitar Music of the '50s By Tony Bacon]

Sears catalogs



see Supertone, Silvertone, a Harmony Brand


Sebring guitar headstock

1980s to 1990s

Intermediate level Korean guitars imported to USA by V.M.I. Industries. [Source: Bluebook]

Vega Musical Instruments (VMI) Industries of Brea, also imported Antares brand.


Stephen Sedgewick

2003 to present

"I started learning to make instruments in 1994. I opened my workshop and made instruments full time in 2003.  The instruments are made in a workshop called 'The Office' on the Grove farm, Fawkham, in Kent, UK.
The date and  instrument number are on the label. There is also a date and number written inside the guitar on the soundboard." [Source: Steve Sedgewick, email 14/7/2008 ]

Fawkham, Longfield, Kent, UK

Sei Bass Sei Basses are handcrafted by Martin Petersen and John Chapman, Camden Town, London


Seiwa guitar headstock


Seiwa guitars made in Japan. ? by Ibanez



Sekova guitar heaadstock

mid 1960s-1970s

Imported to US by US Musical Merchandise Corporation of New York: [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide ]

Made in Japan.


  Selector. Cheap copies of American classics.



History of the Selmer Company



 Selmer catalogs

1964 http://www.hagstrom.org.uk/Catalogues2/CatEsp1.htm


Image http://www.eimers-guitars.nl/

Henri Selmer guitar France

see Hofner

Christoph Sembdner

1996 to present

"I established my workshop in 1996, that´s when I started manufacturing my own guitars professionally.  I´m  based in Weimar / Thuringia  in Germany.

Dating Christoph Sembdner guitars
I indicate the year on the label, hand written.
I don't number my instruments and I don't use any hidden signs inside the guitar.

Anyone who needs information about my older guitars may contact me." [Source: Christoph Sembdner, email 24/7/2008]

Image courtesy of Guitar Salon International:

Christoph Sembdner Wiemar Germany Guitar

Sengenbjerg Guitars

2005 to present

I started manufacture guitars during my education so I would say 2005.

Dating Sengenberg guitars

The date of manufacture can be found on the inside of the top close to the body/neck joint.

I build steel stringed guitars, Acoustic basses and electric guitars. I have sold guitars to musicians such as Nicke Royale of the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters" [Source: Daniel Sengenbjerg, Sengenbjerg Guitars,email 2/4/2008]

Jeff Senn Guitars

Original Senn guitar headstock


Jeff Senn managed Gibson USA's repair department in Nashville Tennessee, before starting making Original Senn guitars.



Sentinal guitars were made in Japan.

Images eBay:

Sentinal guitar made in Japan


Luthier from Korea

Image Guitar Salon Korea

Seo Minseok

current at 2005

Seo Minsoek guitars made in Seoul, Korea

Image Guitar Salon Korea

Sepia Crue

? unsure where the Sepia Crue guitar brand is from.

Images eBay:

The Serenader

The Serenader

See B&J


Seraphim   Seraphim custom guitars by Christopher Bodwell, Alfred, Maine, USA. a full service fretted instrument repair facility, specializing in repairs and custom construction of acoustic and electrics.

Serge Guitars

Serge guitar logo

1995 to present ?

Luthier Serge Michaud, Breakeyville, Quebec, Canada.

From the internet archive (Dec 2008)

Serge bio 2006

Serge models 2006

Series A


Series A guitars were a Canadian brand from the 1980s. They were a private label made by Kief Music according to Blog Series A guitars

Made in Korea

Series 10 by Bentley

" The logo tells you where it was made. the logo of a pre- Korean was usually gold with plain block lettering, the Korean models will have a Kiss type S (lightning bolt) shape. Some newer versions had a pointy curvey headstock where the pre's had a Jackson hockey stick shape." [Source: Guitarsite]


Session guitars by Riverhead Sound Research. R.H. Sound Research Co Ltd have been around since the 1980s if not before.  Examples seen on ebay include copies of Fender strats and telecasters and Gibson Les Paul.

Session guitar label Riverhead Sound Research

Images courtesy Rod Allsopp

Seuf   Seuf guitars, Independence Missouri USA

17th Street Guitars

2004 to ?

The following info is from Wayback Machine.

17th Street Guitars is an exciting new manufacturer of electric guitars and basses located in the Santa Monica/Venice, California area. 17th Street guitars have the playability of a modern instrument with a classic look and sound. Whether you play country, jazz, bluegrass, or speed metal, 17th Street Guitars offers versatility in every guitar we produce. Each instrument is crafted by our master luthier, John Carruthers, at our state-of-the-art facility in Venice, California.


2005 About 17th Street Guitars

2004 Press release Limited edition Roth Sky Guitar

Info at Adirondack guitars

Seventy Seven

Seventy Seven guitars are made by Headway in Japan. Made in Matsumotu Nagano Japan

2011 Seventy Seven guitar catalog

Images eBay and Japan Vintage Guitars


Seville guitars - ? made by Hondo [Source: Guitarsite]

Sexauer Guitars

1967 to present.

"I have been building guitars since 1967. My workshop is behind my home in Petaluma California USA, All of my instruments are signed and dated on the label. My guitars are also signed and the year written (as on other "Art") on the neck block and under the top between the X members and the bridgeplate. I think I have done that from the beginning.

The 52 Schoenbergs I  have made all have the identical label info to my own, the only difference in labeling being the nomenclature wherein I call my own OM (for instance) an FT-15 (Flat Top, 15") and his is called an ES-15. Otherwise the same signature locations and date recording. For the last ten years I have made 3/4 of the new Schoenbergs. Other current builders include Robert Anderson in Victoria, BC, Canada (about 8), Alan Perlman in San Francisco (2), and James Russell in Redding, CA (5 or 6)." [Source: Bruce Sexauer, email, 24/7/2008 ]


"I have now made 64 Schoenbergs ... There was a time when 1/3 of my work was under the Schoenberg  label, but now it is about 1/6th. I am probably best known for my JB  series of asymmetrical MultiScale guitars which push the Martinesque envelope in a serious way!" [Source: Bruce Sexauer, email 26/5/2010]

Murat Sezen   Hand made accoustic, electric, classic and flamenco, archtop jazz, and special bowl guitars made from wood "made in istanbul" by Luthier Murat Sezen.Istanbul Turkiye.
Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan is best known for electric guitar pickups. The brand is also associated with amps and below are images of a Seymour Duncan branded stratocaster copy made by ESP in Japan. Source ebay.

SF SF branded guitars. ? from Korea. [Source: Ian V, email 13/6/2013]

SGD Lutherie

David Schwab, custom hand made basses, guitars, and pickups.

Montclair, New Jersey, USA. Note David used to work for Rick Excellente in American Showster in the 1980s.



Guitars made in West Germany. Now produce pickups and midi system


Snippet from a sold guitar: Shadow Model S100. Features: Floyd-Rose Trem, Schaller Tuners, rosewood fingerboard, 2 single coil and one humbucker Shadow pickups, Superstrat features, 5 position switch, locking nut

Images eBay:

Shadow guitar



Italy and Japan and a UK model

Images UK made Shaftesbury, Ned Callan Custom, Hombre’ 565 1973-75 eBay:

Shaftesbury guitar


Kowloon, China

2008 Shaman guitars catalog



Russian electric guitars and basses



late 1980s-90s

Shane guitars 1980’s solid body electric guitar from Shane of Alexandria, VA. There are some suggestions that these are made in the USA, while others suggest Japan.

Shane Musical Instruments of Virginia is still going - see Facebook

Images ebay:


1985 to present

Luthier Michael Hornick, Avery California

Dating Shanti guitars


Shark Custom Guitars


Shark Custom guitars of Ottawa used to be on Stafford Road in Bells Corners in the very early 80s. They made acoustic and electrics. They also made some parts, so there were some parts mutts guitars. They endorsed the thrash band Exciter back then. ...disappeared by about 84 or 85 [Source: Guitars Canada]

There are reviews of Shark Custom at Harmony Central

Images courtesy of Brian Cullen Jul 2011 - this Shark Custom strat had a Fender labelled neck.

Shark Guitars current at 2011 Shark guitars are made by Fritz Rossel in Koblenz, Germany

Sharp Guitars

1988 to present

Don Sharp, USA

Chris Shaw   Chris Shaw is an experimental luthier based in Dinas Mawddwy, Wales


Shaw guitars by Rick Shaw, Waco Texas USA

Sheddie   Sheddie guitars are made in the Netherlands. This image of a headstock is from a telecaster copy found at marktplaats.nl June 2014 and it was asking 1,000 Euro.


Came across the Shelby brand on a Les Paul copy at Guitars Canada forum.  Was thought to be 70 Japanese guitar. There are also Fender copies with this brand name.
Images Shelby Les Paul Custom copy ebay 2011.


Shelton electric instruments are copies of famous Fender models renamed as follows:

Skyflite (Stratocaster)
Timeflite (Telecaster)
Galaxyflite (Jazzmaster)


Assume made in the USA.



1967 to present

John Shelton and Susan Farretta, classical and flamenco guitars.


Sheppard Guitars

Sheppard guitars

1993 to present

Kingsport, Tennessee.

"I started manufacturing in 1993.

Dating Sheppard Guitars

Gerald Sheppard Guitars have a serial number on the neck block cover below my signature. Since around 2005 I have also written the serial number in ink on the bass string side of the neck block. A light and mirror are required to read the number. I started doing this because the serial number on the neck block cover can be removed or replaced very easily. If provided with the serial number via email or by phone, I can provide an approximate manufacturing date." [Source: Gerald Sheppard, email 30/3/2008]

Nathan Sheppard Guitars

2001 to present

Nathan Sheppard at myspace

Image courtesy of JPF, The Gear Page 2008

Nathan Sheppard Guitars headstock

Sheraden   Guitars by Ron or Nick Sheraden.

Sheridan Guitars

1985 to present

"I have been building classicals since 1985, in Perth, Western Australia. All guitars are dated on the label. [ Source: Paul Sheridan, email 24/7/2008]



Founded by Jack Golder and Norman Houlder, Shergold initially made guitars for other brands such as Hayman, Barnes and Mullins. 1975 started using their own brand name. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide ]

? currently built in England


Serial numbers 1975 to 1980 available below.



Shergold catalogs / ads


Shergold guitars forum http://www.shergold.co.uk/forum/index.php

Sherman Guitars

Michael Sherman

Sherman Guitars is owned and operated by veteran luthier Michael Sherman, with over 32 years of experience building custom made instruments, as well as an engineering background.

Prior to opening Sherman Guitars, Mike worked in the Custom Shops for Hohner, Hamer, Dean, Ovation, and Washburn Guitars.


Sherry Brener  

Image Jim Sherry taken when I met Jim in his store in Chicago in 2008.


Sherwood Deluxe guitar headstock


Sherwood was a house brand of Montgomery Wards.  Guitars were made by Kay. Amps were made by Danelectro.


see Kay

Images Sherwood Standard and Deluxe - eBay:

Sherwood guitar Sherwood Standard guitar headstock

Shifflett Guitars

1990 to present

"My instruments all have a signed label with the serial number and date.

Dating Shifflett Guitars
All acoustic instruments are signed on the soundboard, inside. (takes two mirrors to read through the sound hole. [Source: Charles Shifflett, High River, Alberta, Canada email 24/3/2008]

Image Melmusic:

Charles A Shifflett luthier label


Makoto (Mac) Shimazaki is a graduate (2002) of the Roberto-Venn school of luthiery  in Arizona, USA.  He has opened his business, Acoustic Guitar Republic (A.G.R.), in Nasu-Highland, a well-known resort in Japan. Mac is manufacturing original acoustic guitars and doing repairs. [Source: Roberto-Venn ]


Classical guitars

Image Sakura

Shinano guitar label


1997 to present Saein Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded 1991.  Located in Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon, Korea. Main business is OEM for Epiphone. Own brand = Shine .  In February, 2001, Chinese manufacture commenced. Saein has OEM for BC Rich, Ibanez, and Peavey.  [Source: Shine web ]


On January 20, 1932 Teiji Kusano (founder) sets up Shinko Ongaku Shuppansha in Ushigome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.  The company is still around as a music publisher.  [Source: Shinko history]

According to a discussion at Vintaxe the Shinko Company was a Japanese musical instrument distributor and music publisher

Pleasant brand guitars may have been their own label.

Image Shinko Gakki Seizo Co Nagano Japan ebay

Shinki Gakki Seizo guitar label


Shiraki guitar headstock

Late 1970s-early 1980s

Shiraki guitars were produced in the late 70s and early 80s under the supervision of the Matsumoko factory. Significant features for an acoustic guitar are no sound hole and very intricate carving on top.  Source: [ Guitars Canada ]  Shiraki models included steel and nylon string acoustics and mandolins.

Shiraki Catalog courtesy of Clay:

Shiraki guitar catalog front page p1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Back

Shiraki brand mark



Shiro guitars were copies of USA classics Les Paul, SG, 335 etc. plus some original shapes.

The following is provided courtesy of S Gravel who provided the following information from Aria:

"Shiro" guitars had been produced by ARIA TATSUNO & ARIA NAGOYA GUITAR FACTORIES around 1970 - 1982 or 1983.
In Aria classic guitar line made in Japan, we had two lines, one was A550-series that had been sold by Aria Germany, BSA Musikinstrumente GmbH, and AC-series had been sold under the name of "Shiro" by Gotthold Meyer. "Shiro" is named from Shiro Arai, founder of ARIA GUITARS, ARAI & CO., INC."


"I remember SHIRO guitars, firstly Gotthold Meyer in Germany wanted
to have Guitars from us, but we had BSA Musik for ARIA, and we named
as "SHIRO" for Gotthold, the name of SHIRO was chosen as No. 1 quality
products in Germany at that time.

I will read his e-mails of Nigel Barker, when I have a time.

Best regards,

Shiro Arai
ARAI & CO., INC.," [Source: email exchange between rep from Aria, UK and Mr Shiro Arai 29/8/2011 provided to me by Nigel Barker, Sydney Australia 7/2/2014. Thanks also to Nigel for providing label photo below]

One acoustic guitar mentioned at Vintaxe had  a manufacturers label, which reads:
Model No.576N
Made in Japan

Page from Shiro catalog

Images electric Shiro guitar courtesy of Enso.

Shiro guitar

Shiro guitar

Shiro Kibotot see K for Kiboto



The ShoBro, a resonated guitar eventually available in both Spanish and Hawaiian models, was first manufactured by Shot Jackson beginning in the 1950s, and by Baldwin-Gretsch in 1969. Gretsch dropped the line in 1973. Shot continued to make them after 1973. [Source: The Sho-Bro by Rick Nelson ]

Dating info for the Gretsh produced Sho-Bros is included in the above article.


Sho-Bud is a brand name for a manufacturer of pedal steel  guitars. The founders were SHOt Jackson and BUDdy Emmons, steel players in the 1950s. In the 70s they also expanded their line and offered acoustic guitars. They also made a line of resonator guitars in conjunction with Gretsch under the name Sho-Bro. Brand currently owned by Gretsch and there are no models in production. [Source: Wikipedia]

Unofficial Sho-Bud Acoustic Guitars

Field Guide Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars

Catalogs http://www.planet.eon.net/~gsimmons/shobud/catmain.html

Images eBay:

Sho Bud guitar label Made in Japan

Shuker Bass UK made bass guitars.


Thanks to Ben van Dyk, Canada for passing on this brand.

Siegmund Guitars

1994 to present

"Guitars have been made since 1994.

Dating Siegmund guitars

All are custom made to order without serial#, but have the month and year written next to the electronics or under the pickups or inside a sound hole with acoustics.

Tube effects pedals were introduced first in 1999. Serial number is the sequence number with the last four digits MMYY.

Tube amps were introduced in 2000. Serial number is the sequence number with the last four digits MMYY. [Source: Chris Siegmund, email 30/3/2008]


Sierra guitars 2009 Pricelist

Sierra guitars catalog 2010

Sierra guitars pricelist 2012

Sierra guitars catalog 2013

Image eBay

Sierra guitar label

Siesta Key Guitars

2003 to present

Made since 2003 under SKG and approximately 12 years prior under just "David Bland" name.

Before SKG "I signed my name and my name only on the labels. SKG labels have the words Siesta Key guitars on it and our logo along with the date, serial # and luthier's signature...me.

Dating Siesta Kay guitars

As to dates - Siesta key guitars was incorporated in 2002. I started building/repairing guitars approximately 15 years prior...1987...what month? Who knows. Often times when I built a guitar I only signed and dated the neck pocket. other times I may not have even done that. It just didn't matter to me as I knew what guitars I built and they were warranted for life...
"each instrument ..contains a label that has my signature and date and serial number." [Source: David Bland , Sarasota Florida USA, email 14/7/2008 ]

Shyboy   Custom guitars along the lines of Fender and Gibson.



Guitar maker Martin, based in Pennsylvania, created a line of inexpensive guitars in 1970 to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. The result was Sigma Guitar. The Sigma line was discontinued in 2007. [Source: wikipedia]

Dating Sigma guitars


Serial numbers 900,001 to 902,908 were used on Sigma-Martins in 1981 and 1982 [Source: Martin guitars]

Sigma guitar catalogs

NOS Sigma Martin Guitars

2014 Sigma guitar catalog

2015 Sigma guitar catalog

see Martin

Images courtesy of nicovington 2008 & eBay

Sigma CF Martin & Company guitar label



Sign guitars by Jochen Imhof , Germany

" I`ve started making electric guitars and basses in 1988.I worked for several luthiers and shops first, in 1996 I founded my own guitarline under the name Sign Guitars. My workshop is in Aachen in the west of Germany. All my instruments are totally custom made.

I have my own guitar models which are mostly vintage like but I do also copies of well known guitar types mixed with other features." [Source and images: Jochen Imhof, email 30/11/2012]


Signature branded guitars made in Japan.

2005 example

Images below of Signature STR-1 Les Paul copy that was made in Japan is from Guitar Auctions UK



The Signature Guitar Company was a Canadian Guitar company that made beautifully crafted, high quality electric guitars and basses. They were located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada and existed between 1987 and 1990. [Source: Signature Tribute Pages]

Image Jemsite

Signature guitar


late 1960s? to mid 1970s?

Signet was a brand used by Selmer on a range of instruments including guitars.  According to wikipedia the Signet line finished in 1970.

According to Vintage Guitar Price Guide the brand was assigned to acoustic flat tops made in Japan for Ampeg/Selmer from 1972 to mid 70s.

The following and image is from Craigslist "This is an American made, all Brazilian Rosewood 6 string Acoustic accept for the Spruce top. There were no Selmer Signet Guitars made after 1970. Prior to that,...all Selmer Signets were made by hand and by special order."

So it would appear that US made Selmer Signets were made until 1970, but thereafter the brand was used on Japanese built guitars for a time.

Image eBay:

Signet Guitar Company

2002 to present

Luthier Luke DeFilippis



Signet-Terrega Guitars are made in Taiwan by Sheng Feng Musical Enterprise.


1989 to present

"I started in 1989, i have always built in or near Vancouver British Columbia Canada, there is a serial# stamped in the block sometimes you need a mirror to see it, but it is always hand written on the label along with 07 for 2007 or 99 for 1999, I keep a record of all the #'s with specific info on each guitar original owner, material" [Source: Jeff Sigurdson, email 7/3/2008]



Silber steel string guitars designed by Marc Silber. Based on early American instruments. These guitars are assembled in Berkeley rather than Mexico, and the Signature models were built by Stewart Poritsky in the USA.  [Source: Guitar Notes]
see K & S

Silhouette Deluxe


Guitars made by Matsumoku. This example provided by Kenn Gordon was made in 1981.


Image 1935 Silvatone resonator Folkway Music:

Silver Cadet

Silver Cadet guitars - Korea



by Ibanez

Silver Star

  Silver Star brand musical instruments are made by Un Sung Musical Instrument Company Korea.
Silver Street 1981- Silver Street was founded in 1979 and the first guitar was made in 1981. The best resources site for Silver Street


1941 -ca 1970.


Silvertone was a house brand of Sears and Roebuck.

Silvertone Guitars time line [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

1940 Kay made archtops and lap steel guitars bear the Silvertone brand

1941 Silvertone brand replaced Sears Supertone brand (phonographs, radios etc)

From 1941-42 all guitars called Silvertone.

1954 Danelectro made solidbodies appear

1956 Danelctro made hollowbodies

1965 Teisco made but these guitars not sold through catalog until 1969.

1970 by this time all Sears guitars were imports and Silvertone name no longer used.

Now built in Korea for Samick.




Silvertone catalogs http://harmony.demont.net/catalogs.php

2000 Silvertone by Samick catalog http://sybmac.com/pages/catalogs/silvertone/st1.html

See Harmony, DanElectro, Sears, Samick

Images eBay

Silvertone guitar headstock Made in USA Silverton classical guitar

S.Sgori Silvestri

1891 to ?

Stringed instruments made in Catania, Italy since 1892.  Examples on the web at least until mid 1970s.

Images eBay:

S Sgroi Silvestri guitar label S Sgroi Silvestri Label


Image Silvetta guitar Made in Germany ebay:

Michael Silvey Custom Guitars

2003 to present

Michael Silvey Custom guitars North Canton, Ohio, USA [Source:Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide]

David Simmons 1986- David Simmons guitars from West Sussex, UK.

Simon Guitars

SIMON Guitars are hand assembled in Fairfax, California, by the owner and founder, Simon Costa. Simon builds or buys parts and bodies, necks and hardware, from around the world, and custom completes every SIMON Guitar


This Simon branded guitar is probably made in China.

Mark Simon  

Established in 1973, Mark Simon has been providing repair and restoration services for discerning Musicians, Players, and Collectors

Mark's expertise has been featured in Guitar Player & Vintage Guitar magazine. His work has been on exhibit at The Smithsonian, The Virginia Historic Society, The Blue Ridge Institute, The Boston Museum of Fine Art,
& The National Heritage Museum.

Bridgewater, New Jersey ? Made Terraplane resos?

Info from wayback machine.


Terry Simon


Terry 'Simo' Simon is a luthier based in Gympie, Queensland Australia.




Simon & Patrick

1986 to present

Founded by Robert Godin, named for his sons. 

Dating Simon and Patrick guitars by serial number

" Here's how you can decode our serial numbers :
first 2 digits : production year, 3rd and 4th digits : production week, 5th digit : production day (1=monday, 2=tuesday, etc...), last 3 digits : weekly production rank. Our production year begins on August 1st.
As an example, a guitar with serial number 06053168 was built in september 2005, on a wednesday, and it was the 168th guitar built during that production week.
If your guitar's serial number has 7 digits, the guitar was built in the 90's and only the 1st digit indicates the production year.
If your guitar's serial number has less than 7 digits, you'll have to email Godin it's serial number so I can look it up in our serial number lists.
On post 1993 guitars, the serial number is engraved behind the headstock.
On pre 1993 guitars, the serial number is stamped on the sound hole label.

The same system goes for Godin, Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie and La Patrie guitars. [source: Michel, Godin, email 23 Jan 2007]

See Godin

Ed Simons   Ed Simons guitars at wayback machine . Made in UK after 2007.

Francisco Simplicio

Francisco Simplicio Hernandez (1887-1932), Barcelona. See biography at Zavaletas.

Label Image Trilogy Guitars, Headstock image Kent Guitar Classics

Francisco Simplicio guitar Barcelona

Simpson Guitars 1996 to present Jason Simpson, Minden, TX
Sims Custom 1994- Sims Custom - builders of the very finest electric guitars & basses. Established in 1994 by Martin Sims. Ashford, Kent, Great Britain
Sin City 2008- Sin City guitars founded by Marc Gohres, Las Vegas 2008. Assembled in America.

Singing Wood


Guitars by New Zealand luthier Ian Davie. Self taught Luthier.

"I made my first guitar under my singing wood brand in 1997. Have now completed more than 100 instruments. My workshop is at my home, in Purakanui, a small beach and tidal estuary community 30 mins north of Dunedin.

Dating Singing Wood guitars

Every Guitar is signed dated and numbered under the soundboard, and singing wood label through the sound hole.

A feature of my guitars is at least one inlaid leaf of a contrasting wood Pounamu(Greenstone) or Paua (abalone) on every steel string guitar made.

I don't have a regular shape or logo as such on head stock or bodies, each guitar is unique. And I also have a photo record of every instrument made." [Source: Ian Davie, email 28/1/2010]

Singleton   Touh Singleton, Glendora, California USA



Mark Singleton, Philips Ranch, California, USA

Kambiz Sinichi


Sinier de Ridder


Daniel Sinier, Françoise de Ridder, France

"We are 2 persons, started our own workshop in 1971 to restore historical musical instruments in Paris, then after 1979 in Saint-Chartier.   The workshop is located in "centre France".... We make certificates of authenticity for each of them" [Source: Françoise & Daniel Sinier de Ridder, email, 12/7/2008 ]


Sinuous guitar headstock

Current at 2012

Sinuous is a Grand Rapids, Michigan company that crafts unique, high quality sculpted guitars by Greg Opatik . Also developing an amp.

Made since " 2012 in my studio Grand rapids MI and local suppliers. Serial number on back of neck. I keep photo records of each guitar I build" [Source: Greg, designer Sinuous guitars, email 14/8/2012]

Sipe Maxwell T Sipe. Guitars made in Portland, Oregon, USA


Sirius guitar logo

Sirius - Custom hollow-body electric guitars made by German sculptor Jens Schroder in 1991

Images and info ebay June 2012

Sirius guitar


Six Gun Guitars   Six Gun Guitars is a single luthier shop.
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