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  luthiers and guitar brands  Ra | Re-Rh | Ri-Rom |  Ron -



updated 8/8/2016




Rondo has been an American brand going since 1959.

At one stage Levin made guitars with this name. [Source: Vintage-guitars.se]

Ronin   Ronin guitars, New York USA. All Ronin instruments are hand crafted by Izzy Lugo, John Reed and Jack Reed in the rain forests of Humboldt County, ? California

Rono Strings

1967 to present

Ron Oates is based in Boulder, Colorado and makes acoustics, resonators and mandolins. [Source: emando]

Web site not available at 23 Dec 2008 (since 2006). Following pages printed from internet archive:

Rono Strings 2001 Home page

Rono guitars 2001

Rono resonators 2003

Rono bass 2003

Rono mandolins 2003

Angel Rosados

Roscoe Guitar

1983 to present

"Keith started manufacturing in the early 80's, approximately 83-84.

Dating Roscoe guitars

Unfortunately, there is no certain method of seeing a serial number and discerning the date on the instrument. After serial number ~5000, we have a computer based list of all basses, prior to that number the best we can do is estimate based on the serial number and looking at the instrument. [Source: Gard Lewis, General Manager, Roscoe Guitars, email 24/3/2008]

Forum  http://www.talkbass.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=153

Eric Rose   Eric Rose makes guitars in Athens, Georgia USA

Jaden Rose

Jaden Rose Guitars is a British guitar maker based in Cambridge. Jaden Rose Guitars produces no more than 200 guitars a year and every one is set up and checked by Jaden personally.

Jonathan Rose 1981-1998 Jonathan Rose guitars were made in Nashville 1981-1998 [Source: Bluebook]

Rose Morris

1957 - ?

Rose Morris was and is a distributor of musical instruments in the UK from 1920. See History

Guitars were made? by them from around 1957.


Rosetti 3 Foreign guitar headstock


& current

Rosetti was an English distributor. Some were made by Egmond. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide ]

According to a thread at Jemsite an Avon labelled guitar - 'Rose Morris - Rosetti - Avon - Made in Japan''Rose Morris' was the distributor, based in Denmark Street, London, and I think 'Rosetti' were the importers of these Japanese guitars to the United Kingdom.

but according to a brochure for dulcimers at Shergold Guitars Rosetti was definitely a distributor based in London.

Example Rosetti Airstream

Images eBay:

Rosetti guitar

Rose W


Not much is known about this brand,  It was brought to my attention by a contributor from Germany.  2 know examples are classical guitars.





Rossini guitars were made in Japan in the mid to late 1960's and were an import brand name for the USA Markets
But a few ended up on the European markets as well. [Source and images: Kenn Gordon, email July 2016]


There are two Rossmeisl luthier families.  This information has kindly be sent to me.

Joseph Rossmeisl and son Udo, whos Company was in Austria. Nothing to do with the family that made Roger guitars.

  [Source: Klemens Klarhost, Berlin, Germany]

 Image of Rossmeisl bass guitar from German ebay



Father Wenzel and son Roger Rossmeisl built Roger Guitars in Germany and son Roger went to  Rickenbacker later.



see Rickenbacker & Roger

Jochen Rothel


Jochen Rothel, German luthier of classical and flamenco guitars.

Images courtesy of: Guitar Salon

Jochen Rothel guitar label


See John Birch


This guitar - with the brand RotoSound on the headstock was found on ebay May 2015. Thanks to Danya Leshick from Where Wolves Rescue for the tip.

Apparently the guitar is actually a John Birch made instrument. Here is the text from the ebay listing.:

John Diggins recalls the beginning of the interchangeable pickup system, "The interchangeable pick-up idea came from Tony [Iommi]. The pick-up routes went all the way through the body, with copper contact points along one edge of the pick-up route situated near the back of the instrument. The pick-ups were assembled on a plinth, pre adjusted for height. The pick-up surrounds were fitted to the front of the instrument so that when the modules were slotted in from the back they engaged into the surround at the correct height. The pick-ups were held in place with sprung loaded clips that located into a vee slot routed into the side of the pick-up cavity. When in place, the pick-up housing was flush with the back of the instrument. Contacts on the pick-ups were also sprung loaded and made contact with the adjacent copper points in the pick-up cavity."

In an interview, Tony Iommi was asked if he still had the patent to the interchangeable pickup system he helped to develop: "I did years ago, but I probably lost it now. That was about 28 years ago. I had just done it for my own interest. If it was successful I knew people would rip it off."

Several guitar manufacturers now make guitars with interchangeable pickup systems, such as Mercurio Guitars and Ramtrak Guitars.

There are only two John Birch interchangeable pickup guitars known to exist. One is the guitar originally built for Tony Iommi, the other is now owned by Nicky Panicci of David Bowie and USA Band S'cool Girls. The one in possession of Nicky Panicci is the one featured in the original John Birch catalog and is the rarest one to exist.

RotoSound is a string brand - not sure if it is connected to this logo.




Francois Roudhloff, of Mirecourt, France

Some stamps are "F.Roudhloff, Mauchand" when he was sharing a workshop with Mauchand in France. [Source: rsmits]

Image Bernard Kresse:

Francois Roudhloff guitar mark

Lyre-guitar by François Roudhloff, Paris, ca. 1810

His sons D & A Roudhloff made instruments in London [Source: The Guitar Museum]

Round Up

Round-up guitar label

Late 1930s


David Rouse

1991 to present

London, UK

Images courtesy of Guitar Salon International:

David Rouse guitar label

Marc Andre Roussea   Sainte Brigitte De Laval, Quebec, Canada

Simon Rovis-Hermann

Freemantle, Western Australia


Rowan guitar headstock

1997 to present

Michael Rowan Custom Guitars, Garland, Texas

Rene Roy

Electric guitars, basses and acoustic guitars. Sudbury,Ontario Canada


Royal guitar headstock



Royal was a brand used by France's Jacobacci brothers [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]

Image Casanova_luthier


Royal by Kevin Chilcott



Made by UK luthier Kevin Chilcott. Kevin Chilcott used the Royal and Electra brands in the 1980s. He later used  the Royale Brand. See his web site for a detailed history with images.


see Royale


Japan. According to this review at harmony-Central there was a Japanese brand of guitars with brand "Royal"

This label and headstock from eBay originally sold in Indonesia.

Royal Guitars label

Royal Gypsy Jazz


Roy Eneas, has been a Luthier of fine guitars for more than 25 years, building Classical, Folk and Jazz guitars on the South Coast of England. In the last few years Roy has concentrated on building Jazz Guitars in the style of the original Selmer's built between 1932 - 1952. Roy's Royal Gypsy Jazz Guitars have been well received by many of today's players of this unique style of music.

Royal Gypsy Jazz guitar label



After making guitars under the "Royal" brand from 1981 to 1989, Kevin Chilcott started the "Royale" brand in 2002.

Dating Royale guitars

" I've a few systems over the years ;0)

From '80 to '84..... just numbered up from 001 with some gaps in the system. Some stamped on the headstock or marked under a scratchplate.

From '85 to '86..... no numbers at all, or bolt-ons had numbers on the front of the headstock by the logo.

From '87 to '89..... a more complex system of usually 5 digits. e.g. 87411 means : 87... Year

4... Guitar number in that month (4th guitar).

11... Month (November).

or nothing at all..... if I forgot as I was rushed off my feet ;0) Most are stamped on the rim of the control cavity, also a signature in the control cavity in the wood.

From 2002 a straight system from 001 Andy Powell's first Angel on up. The specials and prototypes up to 050. Everything else from 051 on up.... and I'll stay with this. These are printed labels inside the control cavity also marked and signed.

The guitar itself being marked and signed in the wood as well. [source: Kevin, Royale, email 31/1/2007]





Royalist guitar headstock

House brand of RCA Victor Records store around 1940 to mid 1950s.

Image eBay:

Royalist guitar Royalist head


Royce guitar headstock

Royce models included electric solid body and semi acoustic and steel string acoustic guitars. They were around in the early 1980s. One acoustic "made in Korea". By Multivox


Images eBay:

Royce guitar


1996 to present

Royden Moran gave up architecture and became a luthier in 1996.  He makes flat tops and electrics in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Ignacio Rozas 1987 to present

Ignacio M Rozas(b1943)  , Madrid Spain

He apprenticed as a guitar maker with José Ramirez, from 1959 to 1969. After leaving Ramirez, he went to work for Manuel Contreras, a former Ramirez craftsmen who had set up his own shop. Ignacio Rozas worked as a luthier for Contreras building flamenco and classical guitars 1970 to 1987, then established his own shop. In 2001, Ignacio ceased building for about a year [Source: Zavaletas ]

Image eBay:

Ignacio M  Rozas guitar label

Rozawood   The ROZAWOOD workshop is the vision of Luthier Roman Zajíček. Prague Czech Republic

RR Guitar Co

  RR Guitar Co guitars appear to be a Canadian brand. Possibly made in Japan.


RRR Custom Guitars logo


RRR Custom guitars by Rob Robinson. Explorer copies.

RS Guitars


Steve Turpin, Arizona, USA makes Brian May style guitars.

Reviews are at Harmony Central

RS Guitarworks

1994 to present

Luthier Roy Bowen, Winchester, Kentucky, USA


Raymond Olson makes RTO guitars. All hand made in Northern California

Mathew Rubendall

handmade classical and flamenco guitars Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA

David J Rubio

Jose Rubio

1960s - 2000

David Joseph Spinks (1934-2000) gained the nickname Rubio for his red beard while playing in Spain. He built guitars, lutes, violins, violas, cellos and harpsichords in New York, then from 1967 in England. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide] It would appear from a number of classical guitar web sites that David Spinks used the name Joe Rubio in the mid 1960s before moving back to David J Rubio.


In memoriam Guild of American Luthiers

Image courtesy of: Guitar Salon

David J Rubio luthier guitar label

Image courtesy of 1966 Jose Rubio guitar Trilogy Guitars, 1965 Guitar Centre Australia:

Jose Rubio luthier 1966 Jose Rubio guitar label

German Vazquez Rubio

1968 to present

GV Rubio (b 1952, Paracho, Mexico) , Los Angeles, California

Image courtesy of: Classic Guitar

German Vazquez Rubio guitar label

Reviews http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/brand/German+Vazquez+Rubio


Perfecto Rubio Vazquez, San Antonio

Image eBay:

R S Ruck

1966 to present

Robert Ruck, currently Eugene, Oregon, USA.  Builds about 25 a year and has a seven year waiting list. It would appear from the labels that they were from Miami Florida in 72, before moving to Wisconsin for a 74.


Images 1972, 74, 97 eBay, 2007 Classic Guitar

Robert S Ruck guitar label R S Ruck 2007 guitar label

Aarón García Ruiz



1999- Rukavina guitars - custom electrics and lap steels. Trained at Roberto Venn in Arizona 1996 - Sold his first electric guitar in 1999

Rumley Guitars

Rumley guitar headstock

John and Bill Rumley. Denver Colorado, USA


Custom Handmade Rumley Western Bass Guitar Desert USA


2006 to present

"I am a Swedish Luthrie living and working in Switzerland where I have my own workshop doing mostly custom guitars.   Start guitar making under the name "Runesson" 2006.  First in the town Malmö in Sweden and since September 2007 in the town Winterthur in Switzerland.

Dating Runesson guitars
I always mark with the date of assembly in the top between the soundhole, upper brace and one leg of the x-brace. Then I also write the year of building on the paper label.
" [Source and images courtesy of: Tyko Runesson, email 20/8/2008]

Runesson guitar labelRunesson guitar signature on underside of sound board

Runja Guitars


Running Dog

1992 to present

"Started building part-time while serving as Director of the Assoc. of  Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) and editor of "Guitarmaker"  magazine. Became full-time in 2005 after leaving ASIA. Moved to  Seattle in 2006 to open a shop with Cat Fox, one of the finest repair  and restoration technicians. Together, we offer courses in instrument  building and repair as "Sound Guitar Workshop."

Dating Running Dog guitars

Guitars are dated on label and on inside of soundboard. I maintain records of all guitars I've built, including original and current owner (if known). [Source: Rick Davis, Seattle, Washington, USA, email 23/7/2008]


Ruokangas guitar headstock

1993 to present

"I started making guitars under this name 'Ruokangas' (my last name) in 1993. You won't most likely bump however into my guitars dated earlier than 1996, I built so very few before that.

I make the guitars in Finland. Have always been and most likely always will...

Dating Ruokangas guitars

The serial number is always written by hand behind the headstock.

The  "coding" is as follows - example serial number: 0810250-C reads:
08=year, 10=month, 250=the serial number of that specific model, C=tells
that this guitar was custom ordered.

We keep database of all the guitars so any questions are welcome." [Source: Juha Ruokangas, www.ruokangas.com , email 14/10/2008]



Forum http://theguitarwall.com/forum/index.php?board=22.0

Headstock image courtesy of Michael30, The Gear Page Forum 2008:

Rusch   Custom guitars from Robert Rusch USA
Blair Russell 2010-

Blair Russell guitars, Bristol UK. Info from Wayback machine.

Learned guitar making in 2010 under the supervision of Stephen Hill. Following this, I studied for a year at the Newark College of Instrument making. I then set up a workshop in Bristol where I now build guitars to order.

Russell Guitars

Russell guitar headstock

James Russell, Redding, California, USA

Russtone 1988-

Russtone guitars, Russia since 1988
Russtone guitar


Rustler Mason City

Serial number Rustler guitar


Charles (Chuck) Caponi made guitars in Mason City, Iowa, USA

Solidbody guitars

Images 1993 Rustler Telecaster Heritage Auctions 2012

Rustler Telecaster guitar

Rutters   Custom guitars and beautiful telecaster components by Marc Rutters, Bonsall California
RVC Guitars 1999 to present Solid body guitars made by Ed Roman, Las Vegas, USA

RWK Guitars

1991 to present

Bob Karger makes solid body guitars in Highland Park, Illinois, USA.

"I only make a few guitars every year but I started making them around 1991.

Dating RWK guitars
You can use the serial number on the back of the headstock to determine the year the RWK was built. The first 2 digits is the year. There is also a date-stamp inside the control cavity, that is stamped with a date just before I started applying the finish.

Some additional information: I basically have 2 body styles:
- The original SET., which stands for Solid Electric Through-neck. This is the single-cutaway.
- The SET DC. This is the double-cutaway, hence the "DC".
- The face of the headstock is always a glossy white, with the "RWK" and "SET" decals applied under the clear-coat.

[Source: Bob Karger, RWK Guitars, email 24/3/2008]

RWK Guitars control cavity RWK Guitars serial number headstock


Found this brand on eBay France March 2009. A vintage electric - no more information.

Images eBay:

Ryan guitar

Kevin Ryan Guitars

1989 to present

Westminster, California, USA

Image Trilogy Guitars (label) Sterling Guitars (headstock), ebay label on right

Kevin Ryan guitars label


Rydal guitar headstock

? Harmony/Regal

Images eBay:

Rydal guitar


Ryder guitar headstock


Electro String Instrument Corp/ Radio-Tel orignally sold the Ryder brand name instruments to studios and guitar dealers not carrying the full line of Rickenbacker instruments. [Source: Steve Swan Guitars] This happened in 1963. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]

Relationship between Rickenbacker, Electro and Ryder



Ryder guitars designed in UK. Sue Ryder is a charity organisation. Chantry is a brand sold here. .

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