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  luthiers and guitar brands

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info    updated 29/6/2016



Oncor Sound

Oncor Touch headstock

1980 - 81

ONCOR SOUND,INC, Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A. made a guitar and bass guitar synthesizer.


Images eBay:

Oncor guitar ONCOR guitar

Image Oncor Sound plate below from ebay April 2014

Nelle Doak O'Neill

Nelle Doak O'Neill, Carson valley, Nevada - violins



O.N.G. Blues Guitar

ONG MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS INC (JAPAN),Taki Fujimi Cty Saitama Japan 356-0012

Open Natural G, Inc., founded by Moony K. Omote, former head of the Fernandes custom shop [Source and images ebay]

Oni 2005-

Oni guitars, made in Burpengary, Queensland Australia.

"I started Oni in 2005 or 2006. Possibly '04? I'll have to check this. I've been in the luthiery biz since '97

I'm not far from you at Burpengary

When is an Oni guitar made?

I haven't used serial numbers as so far each one has been easily discerned from others. Recently I've standardised a couple of models so will have to come up with a system

The logos and headstock inlay designs vary considerably, it's an area I use to give a different touch to each guitar. That said, I am moving to more standardised logos as I'm running out of ideas. I'm happy to help out with info on used guitars when requested." [Source: Dan, Oni guitars, email 22 Feb 2015]


"Instruments previously built in Korea during the 1980s. The Onyx trademark was the brand name of an Australian importer. These solid body guitars were generally entry level to intermediate quality. However, the late 80s model 1030 bears a passing resemblance to a Mosrite Mark I with modern hardware." [Source: Tony Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book ]

Onyx Guitars (Next Generation) are up and running and being distributed in Australia by the same distributor as in the early 80's. [Source: Guy]

Image eBay:

Onyx guitar

Onyx Forge

Onyx Forge guitar headstock

2004 to present

"I started building when I retired from an engineering career in 2004, and work alone.

Dating Onyx Forge Guitars. Serial numbers -

a) If an instrument was commissioned, the number starts with a "C".

Examples -

* Spec, or non commissioned instrument; A6G010

* Commissioned instrument; CA7F029

b) The next character is an alpha, delineating the first decade of the millennium. Instruments built from 2000-2009 = "A", 2010-2019- "B", etc.

c) Next is the year in that decade - 0-9

d) Next is an alpha, A-L for Jan - Dec. - This is the month the guitar was commissioned or started.

e) The last 3 characters are straight sequential numbers that transcend date, and will never repeat. There are separate sequences for commissioned and spec. instruments.

A6G010 - Started in 2006, in the month of July, the 10th non commissioned instrument built by me.

CA7F029 - Commissioned in June of 2007, the 29th commissioned instrument built.

The maker, serial, and "Made in USA" are placed via a decal on the back of the headstock under the finish.

Later instruments, as of about 2006 / early 2007 also have the maker / serial on the back of the body behind the neck, or the side of the body forward of the jack plug.

An Onyx Forge decal or inlay logo appears on the headstock face under the finish

The first several guitars in both series were made with manufactured necks and or bodies. I soon moved to building my own bodies, and a bit later, my own custom necks. Feel free to list my website as the basis for anyone to contact me for any details on a guitar. I keep build notes on every instrument.

Total produced to date is about 50

[Source: Roy Bullis, onyx forge guitars email 17/3/2008]


Optek guitar headstock

Educational instruments - lights in fret board.

Images original Optek Fretlight FG200 eBay:

Optek controls Optek guitar

Opus 1972-mid 70s

Japanese guitars imported to US by Ampeg/Selmer [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]


A Harmony Brand - http://harmony.demont.net/brands.php

Orange County Guitar Works   Orange County Guitar Works makes guitars for the Murga Boot Co. and branded Murga.
Orfeld   Orfeld branded Lap Steel - for sale at Reverb.com - made in 2015.


Orfeus guitar headstock


'Orpheus' were a Bulgarian brand of guitar (made under communist rule at the time) during the 60's to the 80's. The name was also spelled 'Orfeus', when it was for domestic sale in Bulgary. So yours would have been one that was manufactured for export . [Source: All Experts]

I have seen guitars on eBay with "Orfeus" written on the headstock and "Orpheus" on the pickup.

Russian site http://sovietguitar.narod.ru/

see Orpheus

Orfeus guitar

Jose Oribe

1962 to present

Jose Oribe, classical, flamenco and steel string guitars, Vista, California

Image 1967 Jose Oribe label eBay:

Jose Oribe 1967 guitar label

Original Hound Dog

The Original Musical Instrument Company (known as OMI) was formed in 1967 by Rudy and Emile Dopyera to manufacture resonator guitars.

The first instruments were branded Hound Dog. In 1970 they again acquired the Dobro name. In 1993 the Gibson Guitar Corporation bought the company, and then changed the name to Original Acoustic Instruments, moving manufacturing to Nashville. They continue to manufacture resonator guitars as a division of Gibson, which are sold under both the Dobro and Hound Dog names. [Source: Wikipedia]

This example of an Original Hound Dog was found on eBay. Possibly a 1990 manufacture - pre Gibson.

Original Senn   see S - Jeff Senn Guitars



Gibson budget banjo brand in 1920s. [Source: Gruhn's Guide To Vintage Guitars ]

Oriolo 2010- Felix the cat guitars


2000 to present

In 1998, Curtis Rockwell studied at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery.  In early 2000, Curtis worked for Bruce Allsopp of Canyon Music Woodworks as an apprentice / repairperson and then establish/ ed his own shop Oriskany Stringed Instruments with Johanna Mutti in, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA. [Source: Roberto-Venn ]


Orlando guitar label


Orlando guitars. Made in Japan ?by Teisco or Matsumoku . Parts on an Orlando Telecaster copy were similar to those on Kasuga guitars [Source: Ben van Dyk. November 2014]

A Model 301 was bought in 1972. [Source: Mudcat]

Models include electric USA copies, steel strings, classical and ukuleles.

Images eBay:

Orlando guitar

Orlando Quagliardi & Figli

Orlando Quagliardi & Figli Castelfidardo, Italy

Images Orlando Quagliardi & Figli guitar eBay April 2012

Ormsby Guitars

2003 to present

Ormsby guitars are from Beaconsfield, Western Australia

Dating Ormsby guitars

"We rarely use serial numbers, unless it is a Standard Series guitar.
Custom Shop instruments (and Standards) are dated with the day the first coat of clear lacquer is applied.

Manufacture started in 2003

Only one guitar has ever been sold by the original purchaser. Every other guitar is still owned by the person who originally ordered it. Not a bad track record.  Every instrument is custom built to order." [Source: Perry, Ormsby Guitars, 30/3/2008]

Well in 2011 someone finally parted with his Ormsby lefty Explorer per these images.

Images eBay:

This guitar below is an Ormsby TX Eaton multi-scale. Swamp Ash body with maple cap. finished in trans black. 29 S/Steel frets on an ebony board  neck - Ormsby single coil, Bridge Ormsby tapped humbucker. This image was provided by the lucky owner, John Gudgeon who comes from my home town. He also confirmed "Perry Ormsby is using serial numbers on the Korean built GTR models.
His custom builds (shark two etc) are hand dated on the back of the headstock the day they get their first coat of finish.

Ormbsy guitar





1969 to current

Based in New York from 1970s to 1990s - now in Puerto Rico

Here is the best resource for Juan Orozco

Juan Orozco short bio at wikipedia

Juan Orozco posting at Guitarsite about his relationship with Matzuoko and Kohno - Sakuray brands

see Kohno, Sakray, Matsuoka Images from eBay.

Juan Orozco guitar made in Japan


Orpheum headstock

1930s to

Orpheum guitars were made in USA 1930s to 1940s distributed by William L Lange and Bruno.
Made in Japan 1960s distributed by Maurice Lipsky Musuc NY.
Tacoma bought the name and uses it today for banjo's, mandolins and resonator guitars. [Source: Blue Book and Olympia Guitars]



Orpheum price lists

2005 Winter Orpheum pricelist

2005 Summer Orpheum pricelist

see Wandre

Orpheum guitar headstock


Orpheus Made in Japan Orpheus guitar logo

Orpheus was the export name for Orfeus guitars made in Bulgaria. 

But Orpheus brand acoustic guitars also made in Japan.  To make things more interesting the headstock on the left has Made in USA [Source: Baez750] on it so it would appear to me that the Orpheus name was used independently and separately in Bulgaria and USA. Orpheus Guitar at bottom also Made in USA



Images eBay:  Japan label is from a separate guitar.

Orpheus guitar

Orpheus Valley Guitars

Acoustic guitar brand of Kremona.

Image eBay:

Ortega   Ortega guitars

Domingo Ortega


Guitars made in Madrid. Domingo Ortega, 28 years is a young luthier working for Vicente Carrillo [Source: Harmony Central reviews]

Image Guitar Salon Korea

Domingo Ortega

Jose Ortega

Entry level classical guitars.

Image ebay:



Following the end of the Aria and Gibson Epiphone partnership in 1986 Yamano Gakki took over the Gibson dealership from 1987.  In 1988 Gakki decided to expand the Epiphone semiacoustic models to include solid body electrics.  The name Orville was used for the new models.

Dating Orville guitars

Quite a detailed history with serial number dating and manufacturer identity is at Wikipedia



Forum http://forum.japanaxe.com/phpBB3/

Headstock image courtesy of Spaghetti, 2008. Serial eBay

Orville guitar headstock

Samuel C Osborn Mfg Co see Sammo

Osborne Guitar Company

see Osborne Sound Laboratory in Amplifiers

Copyright pictures Osborne guitar solid body prototype courtesy www.archtop.com

Mary Osborne solidbody guitar

Osborne Guitars

1998 to present

Richard Osborne, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Oscar Guitars   Oscar Bjorkland, guitar maker

Oscar Schmidt


From the late 1800s until their demise following the Great Depression in 1939, the Oscar Schmidt Company of Jersey City, N.J.  was one of the world's largest manufacturers of fretted musical instruments. They made hundreds of different guitars, mandolins, banjos and more. Oscar Schmidt house brands included Stella, Sovereign, La Scala. The Oscar Schmidt Company also made instruments for other companies including A Galiano, Carl Fischer, . [Source: Stella Guitars]

1921 Oscar Schmidt Catalog Page from Stella Guitars Internet Archive

Image eBay:
Oscar Schmidt label


Osmond guitar headstock

1978 to present

Osmond guitars are made in Taiwan.

Image eBay:

John Osthoff

2001 -

Becket MA 01223 U.S.A.

Made since "2001, Becket, Massachusetts USA

Dating Osthoff Guitars

I have been gluing in a label on the neckblock with the date on it, although I may sometime in the future laser-etch that date in guitar somewhere else.

Also inside the guitar on the soundboard, I sign and date the top when I was "voicing" the top. These 2 dates won't match, but if the label goes missing for some reason grab a mirror and you will have a date of when the guitar was being built. [Source:  John, Osthoff Guitars, email 26/5/2010]

Anton Ostrizek


Anton Ostrizek branded instruments on the web range from violins, bows, violas and this example of a parlor guitar from ebay. Dates appear to range from at least 1880 to 1930. Wien (Vienna, Austria)

Example ebay March 2012.


Otwin guitar headstock


Otwin guitars were a brand used on line of electric guitars mad by Musima Company, East Germany. [Source:Vintage Guitar Price Guide]





Otwin guitar brochure

Image 1962 Otwin Made in Germany Bruunari:

Otwin guitar label

Otwin rosette eBay:

see Musima

Outbound Instruments


Outbound Guitar Co, Boulder, Colorado is no longer in business. Acoustic guitars. Also travel guitars.


Ov Guitars is Luthier Owen Davies. A skilled maker of  hand crafted, individual guitars based in South Wales in the UK.


1991- Dan O'Vadka has been building guitars since 1991 in USA.





Charlie Kaman, an aeronautical engineer making helicopters was also a guitarist.  In order to diversify he dreamed of a better guitar and in 1964 a small team of aerospace engineers started work.  The round back guitar emerged around 1966 and Kaman's company is now huge.  Originally the guitars made in Connecticut, USA. Now also produced in Asia. [Source: Ovation ]

Dating Ovation guitars by serial number


Ovation model decoder



From the top guide above you can see that my Breadwinner (photo below) is E + 4 numbers - was made between Jan 1973 and Feb 1975.

Ovation guitar serial label

Ovation Retail cost in year of release http://www.ovationguitars.com/img/customerserv/pricehistory.xls

Ovation fan pages and examples




Ovation guitar catalogs

1967 - 1997 http://www.ovationgallery.com/pagecatalog.htm

lots http://www.ovationtribute.com/Catalogs%20&%20Brochures.html

1975 http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/ovation75.php

Ovation ads http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/advertisements/Ovation

200? Ovation guitar catalog scan


2002 Ovation catalog

2004 Ovation catalog

2005 LX Series catalog

2006 Ovation pricelist

2007 Ovation pricelist

2008 Ovation pricelist

2009 Ovation catalog

2010 Ovation pricelist

2011 Ovation catalog Japan

Ovation reference books

The History of the Ovation Guitar

Ovation forum


Image Jedistar's 1973 Ovation Breadwinner (mods Duncan JB pups, refret) Sold 2011

Ovation Breadwinner 1970s


Overwater Basses

1979 to present

Overwater are primarily electric bass manufacturers - began in 1979, around 3400 instruments built since that time.. Serial numbers and model information on most instruments can be found on a label on the underside of the control cavity cover..
Further information on request or from; www.overwaterbasses.com " [Source: Chris May, Overwater Basses, email 24/3/2008]

Images Overwater bass eBay:

Overwater bass guitar

Oxbow   Oxbow guitars are handcrafted in Birmingham, Worsteshire, UK

Ozark Guitars
Oark guitar label

late 1970s to present

"The Ozark brand was first launched in the late 70s/early 80s - we don't have the specific year.

Dating Ozark guitars

The guitars do not have serial numbers on them. However, the model number would probably give some guide to the date, as we would know roughly when they were produced.

We do have a dedicated Ozark website: www.ozark-acoustic.com which includes an Ozark Owners' page where players can register.
[Source: Liz Wilkes, Marketing Executive, Stentor Music Co Ltd, England, email 24/3/2008]


Pick up assemblies for strats.

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