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  luthiers and guitar brands

N-Ne | Ni-


info    updated 24/7/2015




1976 to present

Wireless sound systems. Guitars and basses 1985-87 and currently make a wireless guitar starter pack.



Nagoya was the house brand acoustic guitar of Veneman Music based in Rockville, Maryland with a store in Springfield,VA. Their electric line was called Bradley.  Bradley were sourced from  Matsumoku and Fuji Gen Gakki.

Also had a mail-order division called Music Emporium. [Source: Harmony-Central]

Images eBay:

Sakazo Nakade

Sakazo Nakade apprenticed with Ramirez and Auado & Hernandez in Mid Fifties. [Source: Guitarsite] Guitars made in Tokyo, Japan in the 1960s-70s.

Sakazo Nakade guitar label 1966

Teruaki Nakade

Teruaki Nakade, son of luthier Sakazo Nakade, guitars from Tokyo Japan

Image Guitar Salon Korea

Teruaki Nakade label

S Nakanashi

Japanese guitars.

Image eBay:


Nanyo is a musical instrument brand owned by Louis Musical [Source: Trademark]

Nanyo is a mysterious brand with some relationship to Azumi. One of the pictures of an Azumi guitar on this site has Nanyo inscribed on the truss rod cover.

There have been Nanyo acoustic guitars reported at Gutiarsite where a person who bought one in 1985 was told they did a one off line of acoustics.

There is a Bass Collection brand by SGC Nanyo range of bass guitars

The following info is from an archived post on Facebook by Troy Miller.

"SGC Nanyos were originally made in Japan. It shut its doors in or around '93.
After that, ...the company SEXTON began making copies. There were 3 different series of SGC Nanyo Bass Collection series basses. SB 300, SB 320 & the SB 400 series."


Napoleon guitar, From Daichiku, Co Ltd. Japan 1960-1970

Images eBay


Napolitano guitar head

1993 to present

Luthier Arthur Napolitano, Allentown, New Jersey, USA


Image eBay:

Lubos Naprstek

Lubos Naprstek  (b 1964) Hamburg, New Jersey, USA

Nash guitars

2001 to present

Luthier Bill Nash. Olympia, Washington. USA

Dating Nash Guitars

Bill Nash dates the reverse headstock. see image


Vintage Nashville Guitar W Reinforced Steel Neck found on eBay:  Apparently these Nashville branded guitars were made by Harmony

Nashville Guitar Company

1985 to present

Luthier Marty Lanham, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville Musical Instruments

NMI, National Musical Instruments, Made in Japan

Images Source: Tom Callins, Texas



1927 to present



Dating National Guitars


National reference books

The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments

National examples


old National catalog http://www.resoguit.com/national.html

Michael Messer National Forum

see Valco

Images courtesy of Nicolas Dussart, France:

1948 badge Folkway Music

Image National Jumbo Acoustic guitar from 1953 according to serial number from eBay:

Nava Guitars

Hand made guitars & mandolins by Gary Nava, Luthier, Cambridgeshire-Norfolk boarders
Dating Nava guitars

"All my instruments have the date written on the label. I also sign and date the inside of the soundboard. I also keep a register of the original owners." [Source: Gary Nava, email 30/3/2008]

Gary Nava label

Francisco Navarro

Francisco Navarro, Mexican luthier.

Image Navarro:


Navigator are the highest end ESP guitars.



see ESP

NB Custom


Neil Bryan, Couretenay British Columbia, Canada. Stopped building guitars in 2004 according to a Gearpage thread.




Founded in 1967, Longmonth, Colorado after ODE Banjos was bought by Baldwin.  Ex ODE employees Monty Novotny and R.E. Bennett. Making flat top guitars the company closed in 1976. [Source: The History and Development of the American Guitar  By Ken Achard ]

NBN and Novotny Tribute Site


Dating NBN Guitars

Guitars are well labeled and stamped NBN guitars, Inc on neck block and back strip. Fleur de lis logo on headstock. 



Ronnie Nebelung makes electric guitars in Horten, Norway

How can you tell when your Nebeung guitar was made?

First two digits of serial number is year, next two month, third pair day. Fourth pair is batch.



David Neely (b 1950) Guitars, custom guitars, Los Angeles California, USA


Post 2000- Nelson Mfg. was founded early in the 21st century.

William Nesse

Colorado, USA

Image Guitar Sessions:

William Nesse guitar label


Signor Giuseppe Nettuno a guitar and mandolin Maker in New York City. [Source: Andrius Violins] and Nettuno a famous N.Y. luthier who worked for Galliano Guitars  I believe and went on his own during the depression as most did due to the 30's economy. [Source: ebay]

Images eBay:

Nettuno stamp guitar centre strip Nettuno guitar

Neubauer (Helmuth)

1950s - 60s

Bubenreuth, Germany



Images Neubauer guitar made in Nauheim/Germany by Josef Sandner (ISANA) back in the mid 1950's ebay:

Neubauer guitar made in Nauheim/Germany by Josef Sandner (ISANA)

Neubauer Guitars

1987 to present

Andreas Neubauer guitars.

Dating Andreas Neubauer guitars

" ..no datings, no Serial Nr. actually...we build around _10 to 25 different instruments each year plus all types of repair and restoration. The Neubauer Archtop Guitars from the 50' and the 60' are not maked by my company. We started in 1987! Helmuth Neubauer was German, my company is based in Vienna/Austria."  " [Source: Andreas Neubauer , Vienna,  Austria, EC, email 17/3/2008]

Another brand by Neubauer Guitars is http://www.madaguitars.com/

Karl Heinz Neudel


Richard Neutschmann

Leipzeg. ? late 1800s early 1900s

Lute maker

Images eBay:

Richard Neutschmann guitar Richard Neutschmann guitar label

Nevborn Guitars

1996 to present

Made since "1996, in Sweden.  Every guitar handbuilt by me. 

Dating Nevborn guitars

I donīt use serial numbers. Usually I name the guitars. I keep information on what I have built so anyone could get in touch with me and I can can tell them what they need to know. Furthermore: I have actually only made 2 guitars that are identical. Since I have quite a few options customers seem to personalize their guitar.  All my guitars have my "Tiwaz" ? T inlayed. [Source: Fredrik Tornkvist, email, 14/9/2008]

Neville 2008- Telecasters by Jeff Neville since 2008. Made in Hermansville, Michigan. These are high end guitars selling for more than $3,000 USD. Each guitar has serial number on reverse side of headstock.
New England Custom Guitars   Guitars by Eric C Brown

New Era guitars

Guitars by Anthony R Klassen.

Tony Klasson interview

Richard Newman

Berkshire, England

Image Kent Guitar Classic:

Richard Newman guitar label

Shaun Newman Mid 1990s to present United Kingdom. Shaun Newman makes high quality flamenco and classical guitars.

Ted Newman


Ted Newman Jones was a luthier who worked for Keith Richards. He used the Newman brand on his headstocks. This image of a 1981 from reverb.com

Newman Guitars current at 2010 Stuart Newman, luthier, based in Byron Bay the most easterly point of Australia.  Custom built acoustic and electric stringed instruments. Makes about 6 instruments a year.
New Masters

New Masters designed by New Millenium Guitars. Made in China

New Masters guitars label

New Orleans Guitar Company

1992 to present

Luthier Vincent Guidroz.

New World

New World Guitar Co is a budget line of Hill Guitar Co, Ben Lomond, Canada - made in Mexico?.

New World Guitar catalog

Image courtesy of Guitar Salon International:

New World guitar co.

David Newton

1976 to present

David Newton, hand made guitars, Beaumont, Texas, USA

"I built my first several instruments in 1976-78, then did repairs for 25 years. I no longer do repairs, only build. I build size 2, 00, 000, L-00, and Dread. I specialize in Honduras Mahogany guitars. I also build a Army-Navy style flat-top mandolin.

Dating David Newton guitars

 I do a different label for every style. They all say "David Newton, builder" and the month and year made, and signed." [Source: David Newton, email 18/4/2009]

"Here is some updated information on my brand of Guitars, and Ukuleles.
My label for the last few years has been a rendition of the 1912 USS "Texas" a Dreadnaught class battleship, which is docked near me.
I am also as of this year, using a hot stamp brand, "David Newton Guitars, Beaumont Texas"
I continue to build guitars from the smallest, Size-2, Size-1, 0, 00, L-00, Grand Concert (000), and Dreadnaught.
My ukuleles, of which there have been many along with the current "ukulele panic" are of mainly one size, the "Dias" Soprano, but occasionally a Concert or a Tenor.
My serial number is the date that I write either on the label or on the wood." [Source and images: David Newton, email 29/6/2013]

David Newton Guitars

New York Pro

Guitars made in China. Image ebay July 2012

New York Pro guitar label

N-Ne | Ni-