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    updated 27/12/2015


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Mobius Megatar

2000 to present

Tapping guitars made in Mount Shasta, California.  Founded 1997 by Reg Thompson, Henri Dupony and Traktor Topaz and first guitars produced 2000. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

Moby Dick

  Moby Dick guitars and effects from Italy. Made to order guitars.


Stefano Mocetti,

Images: Guitar Salon

Stefano Mocetti guitar label

Manuel Reyes Maldonado   see R for Reyes

Modulus guitars

1978 to present

Modulus guitars - founded by Geoff Gould in San Francisco. Currently made in Novato, California.

Dating Modulus instruments information




"Mogar" is a shortening of Monzino & Garlanrini an Italian musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1790 in Milan. The name shortening occurred sometime shortly after ww2 and the firm's guitar production ended sometime in the 1960’s (I don’t have exact dates for either) – however the company as a major musical instrument distributor, they have stopped making instruments, still exists in Italy. [Source: Lardy, email, 22/2/2013]

"I have a 'Mogar' guitar in a lovely cherry sunburst but in need of some help and care. I played this guitar back when i was about 15, i am now 65' ish'. It was my fathers who got it from a spanish trucker who needed money to get back home. It has a Melita floating bridge, a pickup selector switch, three control knobs and it all works and sounds so sweet. The Motif 'Mogar' is branded in all panels inside. The machine heads are gloriously engraved. it also has a serial number The pickup's are De'Armond type 41 toaster." [Source and images courtesy" Frank, UK email 22/2/2013]

Mogar guitar

Mojo Custom guitars (electric and acoustic) made by David Amirault, Vancouver Canada. David now makes guitars with others at John David Scott Guitars.

Molinelli Guitars

Italian guitars.

Molenelli guitar


1996 to present

Moll Custom Instruments made by Bill Moll, Springfield, Missouri.

Images ebay

Moll guitar


Mollenhauer guitars - a small, family owned, boutique style guitar company based in the High Desert area of southern California.

Images eBay:

Molonator Guitars

2000 to present

Made since "2000 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Dating Molonator guitars

Date written in neck pocket" [Source: Peter Moles, Molinator, email 24/7/2008]

Pedro Maldonado

Image ebay June 2012


The Momose, Japanese guitars

Japanese Vintage Guitars


Carl Fischer Musical Instrument Company, est. in 1872, and they bought the York  Band Instrument Company, est in 1882. They went out of business in 1959. Carl Fischer was a distributor of musical instruments, in New York, Boston and Philadelphia areas. [Source: All experts]

Monarch guitars - Made in Italy. Well at least some were.

Image Monarch by Carl Fischer label eBay:

Monarch guitar label

Monch Guitars

at least 1951-1978

Edgar Monch was a renowned classical guitar maker from Germany and trained Jean Larrivee in Canada [Source: wikipedia ]



Images Hill Guitar : ebay

Edgar Monch guitar label

Moncloa Guitars

1980 to present

"We started making guitars in 1980.
We make our guitars at home where we have a specially conditioned workshop.

Dating Moncloa guitar

All our guitars bear a serial number and date of manufacture, on the lower left corner of the label. The guitar I am building now is number 459.
We only make a few guitars in a year and most of them by special order. Very seldom we have a finished guitar ready for sale. We have exported our guitars mainly to England, France, Switzerland, USA and Japan.
We, is yours truly and my wife Micheline who is a great help in some of the processes of manufacture and takes care of most of the purchasing and administration work.
I was born in 1940 so I am now 68." [Source: Daniel Moncloa, daniel@moncloaguitars.com Lima, PERU, email 12/4/2008]

Monica's Guitars

San Clemente, California, USA

Moniker 2012- Moniker guitars have been made since 2012 in Austin Texas. We build custom electric guitars that you can design online at MonikerGuitars.com. Choose your guitars shape, colors, parts and even add custom text or graphics. We build the guitars at our shop in Austin TX and ship them directly to your door.
You can tell when your Moniker guitar is made as the "neck pocket is dated" [Source: Kevin Tully, Moniker Guitars, Wufoo October 2014]

Monoprice is a low price line of guitars.


Eric Monrad

Making since 1970s, nylon since 1992.

Healdsburg, California, USA

GS Monro


Gregory Scott (G.S.) Monroe, self taught Folk Luthier
Handcrafted mostly from recovered wood, primarily river cypress. Started in 2011 Lakeland, Florida, USA.

Hints to when they are made

Die Stamped signature prior to Feb 2014.
GSM Headstock Medallion 2014 - current

[Source and images courtesy: Greg Monroe, Wufoo December 2015]


Basic line imported to USA from Korea in early 1990 by Kaman Corporation. Also made in Romania. Image courtesy of Sue Blow, Canada.

Montana guitar label Kaman



Montano guitars made in Japan.

Images eBay:

Montano guitar label


Montaya guitar headstock


Korean made acoustics and electrics. Montaya Hyosung America Inc.


image eBay


Montclair brand by Kay [Source: Vintage Guitar Pro]

Photos 1965 Montclair guitar ebay.


1976 to present

John Monteleone, Islip, New York, USA. Archtops


Image eBay



Image eBay

Montgomery Wards  

A Harmony Brand


Montuoro Guitar Company

Frank Montuoro makes guitars in the tradition of the Larson Brothers in Chicago, Illinois, USA



1977 to present

Brian Monty makes fine guitars in Anne de Prescott, Ontario, Canada

"Brian started building in 1977 - but didn't start using serial number until 2005. There is no coding system - they have been numbered sequentially.
Brian's shop is just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada." [Source and images: Curt Smith, Monty Guitars Inc, email 1/1/2013]

Monty's Guitar 2010- Monty's guitars is run by Matt Gleeson. Matt has been working as a professional luthier, building and repairing guitars for ten years, starting under the guidance of Charlie Chandler, Brinsley Schwarz, Ian Allerton, Paul Herman and learning from the other great luthiers who came through Chandler Guitars of Kew. In 2010, Matt took the plunge and opened Monty's Guitars. Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom.



Image eBay:

Moog guitar



Moollon brand is seen on guitars, basses, effects pedals and pickups from Seoul, Korea.

Images ebay:


1979 to present

Japan. Electric Guitars made in Japan. Parent Company is PGM [Source: Guitars Japan]

Picture gallery Moon Japan Guitars


1979 to present

Luthier Jimmy Moon, Moon Guitars, Glasgow Scotland

Dating Moon Guitars

"[To date my guitars] They would have to contact us directly. There is no other way of dating our guitars." [Source: Joan, Moon Guitars Ltd, email 17/3/2008]


Luthier Jimmy Moon

Moon (Japan) 1978 Moon guitars was established in Japan in 1978.

Moondog Guitars


1972 to present

Moonstone guitars are built by luthier Steve Helgeson, in Eureka, California USA

Dating Moonstone Guitars


Other Moonstone info


2005 Moonstone Guitar pricelist

Images Moonstone guitar eBay:

Moonstone guitar

Brian Moore

1992 to present

Founded by Patrick Cummings, Brian Moore and Kevin Kalagher in Brewster, New  York


Dating Brian Moore guitars

Based on the image below the year of manufacture is hand written on the back of the headstock.

Images eBay:

Brian Moore electric guitar

Christian Moos

Christian Moos learned guitar making in the Dieter Hopf workshop . Image ebay.

Christian Moos guitar

Montalvo see Casa Montalvo

1976 to present

John Monteleone restored guitars for Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island New York in 1973.  He opened his own shop in in Bayshore, NY in 1976, relocating to Islip, New York, in 1990.

Dating Monteleone guitars

Most instruments were either dated on label or stamped inside back of instrument. [Source: Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Instruments 2nd Ed] See Gruhn's guide for detailed serial number range.



Morales guitar head


Morales are Japanese guitars made by Zen-On Music Co

Morales catalog


see Zenon

Images Yahoo:

Morales Zen-On guitars

Morch guitars

1970 to present

Morch guitars - built by Orsted, Denmark

More Harmony


Not a brand of the Harmony Co.

More Harmony was a private brand of Dobro for Dailey's More Harmony Music Studio. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

Morelli 2007- Morelli guitars have been made since 2007 in Purcellville, VA USA by Filippo Morelli" [Source: Filippo Morelli, email 21 Feb 2015]



Morena Music Inc in Sherman Oaks, California. From what I have seen there are ukuleles also with this brand name - perhaps 1950s. [Images: Jordan Stensrud email14/8/2014]

Morgaine guitars

1994 to present

Made by Jorg Tandler, in Boppard, Germany.

Morgan Guitars 1985 to present

David Iannone was Jean Larrivee's apprentice. In 1986 he formed Morgan Guitars. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

According to the 2000 specification all Morgan Guitars has the following features:

One piece mahogany neck, bound ebony fingerbound, ebony bridge, wood binding and purfling, wood marquetry or abalone rosette, hand fitted dovetail neck joint, adjustable truss rod, transparent or tortoiseshell pickguard, Morgan engraved machine heads.
Backs and sides are made from Indian Rosewood, Figured Maple, Koa or Mahogany.
Tops are constructed from Sitka Spruce, Englemann Spruce or Red Cedar.


This Morgan guitar was found on ebay, was made in 1965 and is from Argentina.

Morgan guitar Argentina

Ideal brand tuning peg

Glen Morgan

Glen  Morgan guitars fabricated and assembled  in USA.

Morgan Guitar Works   Morgan guitar works - United Kingdom. At least one of their models is called Bird of Prey - based on the Gibson Flying V

Morgan Monroe

1999 to present

Acoustic/electric and resonators from Korea. Distributed SHS International, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Images eBay

Morgan Monroe guitar

Eduardo Moreno Moore

1992 to present

"Dating Eduardo Moreno Moore guitars

Because at the moment we are making instruments for the Suzuki programs, I have being using the following code, Ex. 58041206, first 2 number 58 are the size (string length) for the instrument,  04 is the number of instruments made of this size, 12 is the month and 07 is the year. I am using the code since 2006, guitars build before march 2006 have the month abbreviated in words and year, all written with my hand and signed, there was also a wax seal, brown, crystal and gold. Brown seal is simple construction, crystal seal has good quality materials and gold seal represents the best materials and dedication." [Source: Eduardo Moore, email 29/3/2008]


Moreschi guitars, made in Italy.

Moreschi guitar

Moriah Guitars

Current at 2010

The owner and chief designer, John Mark Hampton, and employee/consultant, Ken Hoover, worked together in the seventies. They started Zion Guitar Technology in 1980 and built many guitars still being played today

Moriarty   Moriarty Custom guitars are based on Gerry Garcia's famous instrument. Made since 1998 in Buffalo, NY, from 2002 in New York, NY and since 2010 in Ellicottville, NY, USA
Moridaira 1967-

The Moridaira Guitar company has been building quality handcrafted instruments in Nagano, Japan for a long time. Mr. Toshio Moridaira, the founder, was the first distributor in Japan to carry both Fender and Gibson lines. In 1964, due to his working relationship with Gibson, Mr. Moridaira was able to visit the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. An employee at Gibson nicknamed him “Mori” at that time. In 1967, he founded the Morris Guitars company. He named it Morris, taken from the nickname given to him a while back. Morris produced copies of dreadnought and small jumbo models based on Martin and Gibson designs. To this day, Moridaira’s main production are Morris acoustic guitars. [Source: Madcat Guitar]

Moridaira was founded in 1967 by Toshio "Mori" Moridaira. The Moridaira factory produced high-quality guitars, including Morris badged guitars which were imported into England by Rose Morris. Moridaira also produced badged guitars for Hohner including Coronado, Futurama, H.S. Anderson, Lotus, Madcat and Sakai. [Sou rces: Nigel Morgan, email 21/5/2013 & Lexicon Guitars ]

Colin Morison Guitars

Colin Morison guitars, Angus Scotland

Dating Colin Morison guitars

"The inner label has the my name , year and address . Angus Scotland. The only other info on the guitar is the no . written on the middle back strut." [Source: Colin Morison, email 11/4/2008]

Image Classic Guitar:

Colin Morison guitar label 2006

Morrell   Joe Morrell lap steel guitars. Made in East Tennessee. USA


1967 to present

Morris guitars made in Japan by Terada Musical Instrument Co. Currently in Korea also.

1975 Morris Custom http://www.myrareguitars.com/eMorris.html

Morris acoustic guitar catalogs



Images eBay: Oval label appears to be from the late 1970s/early 1980s

Morris guitar label Terada Musical Inst Co

Morris guitar label Made in Japan

Charles F Morrison

1974 to present

Charles F Morrison has been making classical guitars since 1974.

Dating Charles F Mossion guitars

1974-79 - Boulder, Colorado
1979-80 - Bozeman, Montana
1981-1992 East Burke & Sutton, Vermont
2009 - Barnesville, Colorado

Early influences included Max Krimmel, NBN Guitars and Dave Goodrich, to whom I give full credit for instilling in me the drive for quality craftsmanship that enhances my instruments. [Source: Charles F Morrison, email Nov 2009]


Mortilaro guitar - found on Gbase.

John Morton


John Morton makes metal stringed instruments. Port Townsend, Washington USA

Mortoro guitars

1991 to present

Gary Mortoro, Miami Florida, USA




Mory guitar logo

Mory guitars, clones of US guitars made in Japan.


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