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Masetti guitars from Modena, Italy



Masada guitar headstock


From Guitarsite Masada guitars are copies of USA classic electric and acoustic guitars including Telecaster, Gibson Hummingbird etc.in the early 1970s.

Images of Masada headstock from Les Paul copy eBay:

Masada electric guitar

Ikko Masada

Iko Masada guitar headstock


Acoustic guitars from Japan.

"I'm an individual guitar maker in Japan , Ikko Masada Guitars.
Ikko Masada Guitars are made in Kanagawa , Japan.
I started building of handcrafted acoustic guitars and ukuleles in 2008 to present.
By the way , Ikko Masada Guitars is not related to Masada guitars- from the 1970's ." [Source: Ikko Masada, email 30/3/2009]

Iko Masada guitar label

Pavel Maslowiec

Pavel Maslowiec Custom Guitars. Pavel is originally from Krakow Poland and came to the U.S. in 2000

Dating Pavel Maslowiec guitars

From the image below you can see that the date of manufacture is written on the back of the headstock..

Pavel Maslowiec guitar

Mason 1936-1939 Henry L Mason brand produced by various makers including Gibson in late 1930s. [Source: Gruhn's Guide To Vintage Guitars]


Image from 1960s ?Teisco del Ray 335 style guitar from ebay.  Made in Japan

Mason guitar logo

Mason Bernard


Strat style guitars made by Bernie Rico, founder of BC Rich. [Source: Wikipedia]

Handmade in the USA.

Image Mason Bernard guitar ebay

Mason Bernard guitar

Steve Mason

Steve Mason luthier, Lawrence, Kansas USA

Michael Massey  

Michael Massey custom guitars. An example of a Telcaster found on ebay Noember 2013. Made in the USA

Master Arts  

A Harmony Brand


Master Guitars

1985 to present

George Gorodnitski, Luthier. "Master" Guitar was founded in 1985. Location - Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Dating Master guitars
The date of manufacturing - month and year located on the label, together with serial number." [Source and images courtesy of: George, Master Guitars]

Master guitar



Matao Guitars were made in Japan and Korea Matao by the Hoshino factory. The  guitars were copies of Martin, Gibson and Fender instruments.
Matao were made from 1967–1983, production stopping after a lawsuit.
Matao also made bass guitars, ukeleles and banjos.
The Matao brand was sold through the Music West stores in Washington and Oregon. [Source: and headstock image courtesy of guitar2thestars]

Matao guitar label


Mastertone Special guitar made by Gibson

1920s to 1940s

Mastertone brand introduced by Gibson in 1920s for high end (not budget) banjos ad guitars. 1941 used as budget brand for electrics. [Source: Gruhn's Guide To Vintage Guitars Updated ]

Image 1930s Gibson made Mastertone Special guitar from eBay France:

Mastertone Special guitar made by Gibson 1930


Matador guitar ? 1960s  images ebay:

Matador guitar logo Matador guitar

Matev 1998- Boyan Dimitriv Matev makes guitars in Bulgaria.

Since 1998 he lives and works constantly in Varna keeping his position of a musician and a luthier. He became a member of The Regional Society Of Masters-Luthiers in Kazanlak, Bulgaria on 20.08.2004. Mr. Matev builds thoroughly classic guitars by request for his clients from Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Oman

Matheas Guitars

1994 to present

Jim Matheas gutiars made in Melbourne, Australia

Matlin guitars


Matlin Guitars, by David Matlin Mendocino, California, USA since 1978: Custom acoustic and electric guitars, and fine repair work on fretted instruments.

See at Wayback machine

Matlin guitar doubleneck


1946 to present

During the early 1940's, Bill May established a custom guitar manufacturing and repair business known as "Maton Stringed Instruments and Repairs".  This enterprise was successful and Bill was joined by his his older  brother, Reg, a wood machinist, to join him as a full time guitar maker.  In March 1946 the "Maton Musical Instruments Company" was born.  [Source: Maton ]

Dating Maton Guitar

"re electrics. ..the ‘Serial Number’ for the electric guitars can be found on the back of the headstock, can be difficult to see as the guitar gets older.  The first four numbers of a not too old electric represent the date of manufacture, the following numbers are where that guitar sits in the series." [source: De'arne, Maton, email 30/1/2007]

Acoustic http://www.ducksdeluxe.com/matongtr.html

Maton pricelists and product guides

2000 Maton pricelist

2001 Maton specs

2003-4 Maton Product Guide

2006 Maton Product Guide

Maton Electric Guitar catalog ? 2009 | Maton Acoustic guitar catalog ? 2009

Maton acoustic catalog 2013 | Maton electric catalog 2013 | Maton Custom catalog 2013

Images courtesy of Albatros, Aussie Guitar Gear Heads

Maton steel neck

Images courtesy of Rak, Aussie Guitar Gear Heads

Maton Messiah guitar label

Petr Matousek


Guitars from the Czech Republic

Image: Matousek

Petr Matousek guitar label

Michihiro Matsuda

Oakland , California, USA


1950s – 1987

Matsumoku began in Matsumoto, Japan, as a family owned woodworking business. After WWII, the Singer Corporation set up Singer Sewing Machine production in Nagoya and contracted Matsumoku to build cabinets. In 1951 Matsumoku became a partially owned subsidiary of Singer, Japan.
By the mid 1950s, Matsumoku ventured in guitar and violin production and set out to distinguished itself by producing high quality acoustic and electric archtop guitars. The Matsumoku name began appearing on neck bolt plates, headstocks, and sound hole labels in the late 70s.
Matsumoku produced guitars, or parts of guitars for the following brands
Guyatone, Greco, Yamaha, Aria, Univox, Westbury, Electra, Westone, Skylark, Vantage, Westminster, Cutler, Lyle, Fell, Washburn, Westone [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsumoku ]

Some sites suggest Matsumoku was burnt down in the 80s.  According to Shiro Arai, however, Singer’s depression brought about the plant closure in 1987.   [Source:  Paul Alcantara, Guitar Buyer, November 2006 ]

The best starting place for people interested in Matsumoku guitars is
http://www.matsumoku.org/guitars.html   This site includes the Matsumoku forum

Dating Matsumoku guitars


see Aria Pro II, Vantage, Washburn, Westone

Matsuda Guitars

"I started to making guitars around 1997.

Dating Matsuda guitars

Each guitar I make has label inside body. And there is date, number on label. (very early guitars may not have number on label." [Source: Michihiro Matsuda, email, 25/3/2008]



Matsumura M, classical guitars from Osaka, Japan - at least in the 1970s

Matsumura M Osaka Japan 1972


? Matzuoka

Ryoji Matsuoka has been making guitars in Japan since late 1960s see: http://www.delcamp.net/forum/en/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3482&hilit=matsuoka



Images  ebay (1972) and Guitar Salon:

Luthier Ryoji Matsuoka

T Matsuoka

T.Matsuoka seems a son of Ryoji Matsuoka [Source: Delcamp]

Image Guitar Salon Korea


Bruno Mattei, Spezia Italy early 20th century.

Label (1911) courtesy of Harpguitars:

Bruno Mattei guitar label

Bob Matthews   Bob Matthews makes steel string acoustic guitars in Lingfield, Surrey, UK
Harholdino Mattos   Haroldinho Mattos is not only an incredible guitar player, he's also a talented luthier. Brazil.
Mattos   Mattos Custom Guitars by Mark Mattos. Portland, Maine USA



Luthier Ivan R Mattschoss, custom guitars, South Australia

Maudal Musical Machines


m3 guitars


Mauel Guitars

1995 to present

Luthier Hank Mauel, Auburn, California, USA

Dating Mauel guitars




Robert Maurer built instruments under his own name and Champion brand in Chicago. Sold the shop to Larson Brothers in 1900.

Image Larson Brothers

Maurer guitar label

Image from 1930 Maurer.  This guitar has August Larson's initials on the soundboard, flanking the stamp date of August 26th 1930.


Mavis guitars - made in Korea by Ishibashi.

Ishibashi is a large guitar chain in Japan - Mavis is their store brand

Images Yahoo:

Mavis guitar label



clones http://www.star69music.com/


Maxine brand - made in Beijing, China

Images eBay, Peter Damm:



Maxitone guitars, made in Japan.

According to posts at Vintaxe and elsewhere "Maxitone" is a house brand of the New York importer "Bruno" like the Ventura brand...

The following quote is from Angelfire:

"My personal observation and experience tell me that Ventura guitars were sometimes feature by feature the same as the 60's to 70's Aria, Univox, Conrad, and many other "house brand" guitars that were reputedly made in the Japanese Aria and Matsumoku factories. They often share identical hardware and design, with the biggest difference being the name on the headstock.

I surmise that most, if not all, Ventura models were manufactured by the Aria / Matsumoku factories, who were also responsible for making other imported guitars such as: Aria, Aria Pro II, Diamond, Maxitone, Univox, Lyle, Conrad, Electra, Epiphone-Japan, Westone, Westbury, and many others."

Note this assumption that Ventura were made by Aria/Matsumoku may be incorrect and as a guitar labelled Maxitone at Vintaxe is identical to an Ibanez it is likely they were made in the same factory as Ibanez brand at the time ? Fufigen - or Aria [Source: Big Red Toybox ]

I received the following from Nate DeMont of DeMont Guitars Chicago who emailed me 20/1/2010 "I wanted to confirm your suspicions on the Maxitone brand -- many were made by Hoshino/Tama: the true Ibanez guitars" with this picture of a Maxitone labelled Ibanez 5901 Bass Guitar:


Note, however, the logo differences below - the white background is from a 335 style semi hollow body guitar.  Could there be two Maxitone brands?

Images eBay:

 Maxitone Bruno guitar

Maxitone guitar



Maxtone is one of the largest musical instruments supplier based in Taiwan. They have several production plants in Taiwan. [Source: Renner Piano ]




Maya guitar headstock


"Maya" was a brand named used by a Japanese Trading Company from Kobe called Rokkoman. [Source: EZ Folk ]

Maya guitars were marketed in the UK by Stentor [Source: Guitar site]

They were made in Kobe Japan by the Maya Guitar Co... Theplant where they were manufactured was destroyed in the 1990s by an earthquake. They made high quality knock offs of Gibson and Fender Guitars. [Source: Derkeiler]

They built medium quality guitars . There was an affiliate company El Maya whose Fender copies were better made than Maya and equal to what Fender was producing. [Source: Derkeiler]

Acoustic guitars with the brand are also around.


Maybach   Maybach guitar brand is from Germany. Am not sure if all (or customs) are made there.

May Bell

May Bell guitar headstock

May Bell was a brand of the Slingerland Company.  Guitars were made by Harmony and Regal [Source: Bluesbox Collection ]



Image courtesy of Lowell Levinger , Players Vintage Instruments

images eBay:

1923 May Bell guitar

see Slingerland


Mayes guitar headstock logo

John Mayes, luthier, Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
John Started built his first guitar in 1996.
In 2000 he accepted a position, working with Dana Bourgeois at Pantheon Guitars in Lewiston, Maine. John moved back to his home state of Oklahoma to start his own lutherie, Mayes Guitars

Image ebay:



Mayfair guitars, made in Japan, 1960s

Images eBay:

Mayfair guitar


First mentioned as a brand in 1899 - quite a story [Source: Harp Guitars]


Image Harp Guitars:

Mayflower Chicago guitar


Mayhew Custom Guitars


Mayones guitar headstock

1982 to present

Mayones Handmade guitars from Poland since 1982. Mayones brand is a line of custom shapes of our own unique design, available worldwide. Fame brand is a line inspired by the classic designs and is available only on the Polish market.

Mayones catalog and pricelists

? 2008 Mayones catalog

2009 Mayones catalog

2012 Mayones full line catalog

2013 Mayones pricelist

Images eBay:

Mayones guitar

Martin Mayr

Martin Mayr Instrumentenmacher Kempten ebay July 2012

Martin Mayr guitar labelMartin Mayr guitar


MB Guitars

Guitars originally designed and made by Christian Müller and Roland Bauer.

Himmelschlüssel MB Guitars

McAlister Guitars

1996 to present

"I have been building guitars for 30 years, but my current business was started in 1996, following my exit from the Santa Cruz Guitar Company.

Dating McAlister guitars

All of my guitars are dated on the label inside the box. In addition to this, I also hand write the date and serial number, as well as my signature, under the top (soundboard) in two locations....on the treble side of the sound hole and behind the bridge plate. These hand written dates and serial numbers can be seen with the use of a small mirror. I write it twice to avoid alteration of the numbers....the one behind the bridgeplate is nearly impossible to get to through the soundhole, but the one near the sound hole is for general identification and/or clarification." [Source: Roy McAlister, email 21/3/2008]

Michael McBroom

2004 to present

Houston, Texas

Forum http://www.luthierforum.com/


McCarthy Customs branded guitars are made by Ralph and Sandy's Custom Shop in Zephyrhills, Florida USA


McCollum Guitars

Pre 2001 logo

McCollum Guitar headstock

2001 to present

1997 to present

McCollum guitar logo

Lance McCollum was a house builder before making his first guitar from a Martin kit. Made in Colfax, California, USA

Dating McCollum Guitars

Use mirror to check inside top of guitar for date of manufacture.


 Label Cotten Music

Lance McCollum guitar label Colfax California

McCollum Guitar Pricelists

2001 McCollum pricelist

2005 McCollum pricelist

2007 McCollum pricelist



McConnell 1999-

McConnell guitars, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada since 1999

Image Dream Guitars

Jordan S McConnell guitar label

McCormick Guitars

1968 to present

In 1965 Mac McCormick apprenticed with Leo Erickson, a notable violin builder and repairman of all string instruments, in Omaha, Neb. Since then he has had workshops in Ralston, Nebraska, San Jose, California,  Lubbock, Texas and is currently based in Columbus, Georgia since 1987. [Source: McCormick web]. There are likely to be les than 400 of these instruments on the planet.

Image courtesy of Doug Heard, 2008

Mac McCormick guitar label

McCurdy Guitars

McCurdy guitar headstock

1983 to present

"I began building in 1983 in Santa Barbara, California. I moved to Manhattan in 1991.

Dating McCurdy guitars

At first, the numbers were impressed on the head block, like Martin Guitars or inside the wiring compartments on a business card. Now I put them on a paper label inside the sound hole.

The code marks when I assembled, not lacquered, the guitar the sequence goes Month/Year/Number" [Source: Ric McCurdy, email 21/3/2008]

Image left from 1984 guitar eBay

Robbie McDade

see RIM Custom Basses

McDaniel   McDniel guitars are made in USA

Graham McDonald

Bouzoukis and mandolins, Australian Capital Territory

S.B. MacDonald

S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments

1990 to present

S.B. MacDonald Custom instruments. Scott B McDonald, custom guitars, Huntington, New York. SBM on headstock.


"I started my business in 1990.  They are made in my shop in Huntington Long Island,  NY.

Dating SB MacDonald guitars

I hand sign the back of the headstocks with my initials (SBM)  and a  date, and on my acoustics, I sign and date them inside as well.  Since  they are all custom made, each is different, right down to the headstock design." [Source and images Scott McDonald, email 24/11/2008]


McElroy guitars logo

McElroy guitar headstock

Brent McElroy, Seattle, Washington, USA

Dating Brent McElroy guitars

As can be seen from the imagbelow the date of manufacture is written on the sound hole label .

Images courtesy of Brent McElroy.

McElroy guitar label

Barry McGee

Barry McGee guitars made in the UK 1970s.

Rockstar Guitars

McGill Guitars

Paul Daniel McGill guitar headstock

Paul McGill is based in Nashville. Worked for Gruhn from 1985 then set up his own shop. [Source: Guitar Nation ]

Other resources


Review http://www.guitarnation.com/mcgillmksreview.htm

Images courtesy of Classic Guitar:

Paul Daniel McGill guitar label

Ed McGlincy

Ed McGlincy guitar headstock


Ed McGlincy , Toms River New Jersey USA

Images Ed McGlincy guitar signed by Gordon Lightfoot ebay Feb 2012

Ed McGlincy guitar Ed McGlincy Toms River NJ USA

McGlynn 2005 to present Michael J McGlynn, Henderson, Nevada USA


mcGonnell guitar logo

  Luthier Bob McGonnell, Rochester New York



MusiConics International, Waco Texas, famous for the guitorgan - modified Gibson or Univox archtops. Check out the insides.


Image Gear Page:

Musiconics Waco Texas USA

MCI Intertek

MCI Intertek guitars

This brand seems to have been around from at least 1982 to 1988 based on examples of the guitars around.

MCI Intertek guitars used Saxon pickups [Source: May Music Studios]


McIlroy guitar logo

2000 to present

McIlroy Guitars started on 6th March 2000 but I had been building since 1990 and I had been a carpenter since 1979.
They are made in a 1300 sq ft factory workshop in Antrim town, county Antrim, N.Ireland.

Dating McIlroy guitars
All our guitars have a number stamped on the neck-block and all guitars are supplied with a birth certificate showing the date they were completed and all the woods used in their manufacture. Anyone who does not have a certificate can contact me at dermot<AT>mcilroyguitars.co.uk.  [Source: Dermot McIlroy, email 23/7/2008]


Image courtesy of didymus21:

McIlroy guitar label

Reviews http://homepage.ntlworld.com/dermotmcilroy/


Terry C McInturff logo

1977 to present

Terry C McInturff attended the Roberto-Venn School Of Luthierie and has been a fulltime luthier since 1977. [Source: The Gear Page]



McInturff forum http://www.thetcmforum.org/index.htm

Image Ben van Dyk, Canada

McInturff guitar

McKay 1996- Joe McKay, acoustic guitars - Canada

McKerrihan Archtops


McKerrihan logo

Glenn McKerrihan made archtop guitars in the USA

Dating McKerrihan archtops


McKerrihan Guitar owners Myspace

Images Guitar Broker

McKinney Guitars

McKinney guitar logo

McKinney Guitars logo appeared on Lap Steels in the 1940s.  Also mention of McKinney amps as well.

Images ebay April 2012

 McKinney lap steel

McLoughlin   Classic Fender copies.


1992 to present

"I began building in 1992.

Dating KcNight guitars

Each guitar has a serial number which is coded and printed on the label which is glued on the inside of the back, visible from the sound hole. If someone wants to know the date of mfg then just send me the number and I will tell them.

Each guitar is made by me in Morral, OH, USA." [Source: Tim McNight, email 17/9/2008 ]

McNight Guitars at myspace

McMasters 1982- Lester McMasters handcrafted guitars since 1982. Hermiston, Oregon USA

McNally Strum Stick

McNally Strum Stick, Hibernia, New Jersey, USA


1989 to present

Solid body guitars built by David Thomas McNaught and finished by Dave Mansel in Locust, North Carolina, USA. 1997 DTM line introduced. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]


McNaught forum http://www.clubmcnaught.com/

Images eBay:

David Thomas McNaught guitar 2000

Alastair McNeil

Alastair McNeil (b.1946) Wiltshire, UK


McPherson Guitars


1981 to present

McPherson guitar made in Sparta, Wisconsin USA, offset soundhole.

McPherson guitars at myspace

McPherson guitar catalog

McPherson pricelist  ? 2009

McPherson guitar logo

McSwain Guitars

1992 to present

"I began building guitars in 1992.

Dating  Stephen McSwain guitars

I sign and date each guitar on the back of the headstock.
I stamp a sequential serial number on the back of the headstock." [Source: Stephen McSwain, MsSwain Guitars, email 24/3/2008]

MD Guitars

Marcus D? graduated from Roberto-Venn in 1004.  Building in Cheney, Washington, USA

MD Designs

Michael Dolsey Designs

MDX Guitars


Dwight Maddox. Every MDX custom guitar is a one of a kind.

Made sine "1985, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Dating MDX Guitars
By the logo, and the size of the owl tells what was happening in my life At the time.
I take the scrap left from making guitars for celebrities and make ink pens from it. The pens are sold through The Better Life Foundation as a fundraiser." [Source: Dwight Maddox,email 6/11/2010]

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