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info    updated 7/9/2015



Klango   http://www.steinnes.net/gitar/index.html
Klangola   Klangoloa guitars - a brand made by Levin 1950s [Source: Vintage-guitars.se]
Milos Klas   MILOŠ KLAS - Production and restoration of string musical instruments (violins, fiddles, guitars, bass guitars ...), Slovakia


Kleartone guitar head stock


KlearTone guitars were made by some of the larger guitar manufacturers during the 1920s and 1930s including Regal, Gibson, Kay, and Harmony. Most KlearTone instruments are acoustic archtops, but other variations exist as well, and they were distributed by Grossman Brothers of Cleveland, Ohio, USA [Source and image: Premier Guitar]

Image Kleartone vintage strings ebay:

Kleartone guitar strings

Edward Klein

2001 to present

"I am a designer and constructor of nylon and steel string guitars working from a studio located in Ontario, Canada.

Dating Edward Klein Guitars

I began serializing my instruments in 2001. The first two numbers after my initials EK in the serial number refer to the year, followed by the sequential number built in that year. For example, EK0703 refers to the third guitar produced in 2007, and EK0803 the third in 2008. This information is located on the label and also stamped into the upper bout block within view looking through the soundhole." [Edward Klein, Luthier, email 10/4/2008]

Steve Klein

1976 to present

Klein guitars 1976 to present. Steve Klein is based in Sonama north of San Francisco. In 1988 he added electric guitars to his line. The styles were quite unique.  In 1995 the electric business was sold to Lorenzo German.

Klein Electric Guitars

1988 - 2006

Klein Electric Guitars have been made since 1988. Since 1995 by Lorenzo German who bought the electric business from Steve Klein. At Nov 2008 the web site has not been active for a significant period so the following resources have been copied from the internet archive.

Klein Information 1999

Klein Electric Guitar Specification 1999

Klein Electric Bass Specification 2002

Klein Gallery 1999


Klein Electric Guitar  headless

Klein Koblenz

Found this guitar on eBay - asking $5,000 USD Buy it now.

Klein's raised fingerboard "floats" UNATTACHED to the sound-board, allowing it complete vibrational freedom, resulting in superior tone, volume, and sustain. Transcending Millennium criticisms, particularly those associated with "lack of soul," Klein, epitomizes German Artisan/Craftsmen by impeccably bringing this guitar to life. In doing so, he spared no expense acquiring the finest woods and materials:
Exquisite old growth Brazilian Rosewood back, sides, and heel cap...

Martin Klema   Production, service and reparation of acoustic guitars (Dreadnought, Jumbo, 12 strings) Slovakia

Klemm and Brother

Found this brand on an old parlor guitar reportedly made in 1890-1900.

Klemm history


Label says Klemm & Brother Importers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers Musical Instruments 275 Market Street Philadelphia

Image ebay April 2012



2000 to present

"Klesh Custom Guitars began in 2004 when Shane Klesh graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ. Klesh has travelled the country apprenticing with many exceptional luthiers including Michael Tobias, Chris Hofschneider and Kelly Butler. The Klesh custom guitar shop currently is in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Dating Klesh Guitars
Serial numbers are stamped into the control cavity ledge and are in Guitar/Day/Month/Year order. For example, 128051108 would be the 128th guitar built by Klesh Guitars, completed on November 05, 2008. The guitar production number is also handwritten (under finish) on the back of each peghead, along with the model and luthier's signature." [Source: Shane Klesh, email 29/7/2008 ]

Images courtesy of Shane Klesh:

Klesh guitar control cavity serial number Klesh guitar reverse headstock serial number

Howard Klepper

2001 to present

Howard Klepper guitars from Berkeley USA

KLH   Kevin Heffernan (KLH Custom Relics) assembles "custom made tele relics made from Fender licensed parts." Noblesville, Indiana


Klira guitar head stock logo

1887 - 1982

Founded by Johannes Klira in Schoenbach, Germany. Initially made violins and added guitars in the 1950s. Original models were original designs but around the 1970s they became copies of US guitars. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide ]


Image Diamond Strings

Klira guitar logo




Kenneth Michael Guitars



Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by designer and luthier Joe Knaggs formerly of Paul Reed Smith and Branding/Marketing expert Peter Wolf. Made Greensborough, Maryland, USA.

Premier guitar article

All designs/creations are named after American Indian river names. Chesapeake line models Choptank, Severn, Potomac & Patuxent are named after tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay while the Influence line Kenai, Keya, Chena, Sheyenne are named after rivers in North America.

Dating Knaggs guitars

All of our models have their own serial number starting at #1 ... the first guitars were made from January 2010 - March 2010. Each model of our range has their own serial-number system ... so there is a Kenai # 34, a Keya # 34 etc ... it tells us exactly how many of the different models have been made at any given point in time. Date of manufacturing is not on the instrument but we keep track through an internal serial # data base"
Launch of the brand took place in Frankfurt, Germany in April 2010. We initially made 9 guitars for the Frankfurt show. Production started in May 2010 at our Greensboro, MD shop. We have made close to 1,000 guitars by now. [Source, images and 2012 Knaggs guitar pdf article Peter Wolf, email 11/1/2013]

Joe Knaggs luthier Knaggs guitars

Ian Kneipp


Ian Kneipp was born in Australia in 1947. He undertook university studies in marine and freshwater biology, receiving a BSc (Hons) in 1975 and PhD in 1980. He continued working in the area of biological research for some years, but eventually decided to pursue his long held interest in woodwork as an occupation.
In 1988, he began woodwork part time (in conjunction with environmental consulting) while living at Glen Innes in New South Wales. This led to his association with Eugene Philp and Greg Smallman. Eugene had learned the Smallman method of guitar making under Greg's direct supervision during the 1980s. Ian Kneipp began making guitars in 1992 under Eugene's supervision. Although the regular valuable advice received from Greg Smallman during this time is gratefully acknowledged, Ian was at no time a Smallman 'apprentice' nor have his guitars been produced under the direct supervision of Greg Smallman.

They were made in Uralla, NSW

Design and Construction
Kneipp classical guitars use a lattice-braced western red cedar soundboard. This design has the potential to produce guitars with outstanding dynamic range and fullness of tone.

Design Features
Kneipp guitars make extensive use of epoxy resin glues and carbon fibre reinforcement. The use of this technology allows the production of an instrument with exceptional strength, stability and performance.
Kneipp guitars are guaranteed against structural failure during normal use.

Body - back and sides of veneers laminated using epoxy resin for strength and stability; the back is arched for strength and some players find this shape also makes the guitar more comfortable to hold.

Soundboard - lattice braced Western Red Cedar. The soundboard and bracing system are extensively reinforced with carbon fibre and epoxy resin. The top is attached to the body of the guitar using epoxy resin glue.

Bridge - crafted from Paduak which gives superior performance. The bridge is attached to the top using Titebond aliphatic resin glue and further anchored to the soundboard and braces with four carbon fibre pins and epoxy resin.

Tone Ring - a rigid laminated support for the soundboard which enhances performance and stability. The strength and rigidity of this structure helps to confine the energy of the vibrating top which would otherwise be dissipated in the sides and back of the instrument.

Neck - Queensland Maple, Brazilian Mahogany or New Guinea Rosewood, with steel truss rod.

Fingerboard - laminated for stability with a polished ebony surface, shaped to provide string clearance bias so all strings are equidistant above the soundboard. Standard fingerboard with 650mm scale length and 20 frets. Standard or high frets available.

Finish - the body is sealed initially with epoxy resin, then spraypainted with acrylic lacquer and cut and buffed to a mirror finish. A satin finish is available on request. The top is given only a light coating of lacquer to minimise any damping effect of the finish on the performance of the soundboard.
Nominal Guitar Dimensions
Overall length 1000mm
Scale length 650mm
Fingerboard at nut 52mm
Fingerboard at 12F 64mm
Body length 485mm
Body depth 100mm
Upper bout 280mm
Lower bout 365mm
Waist 245mm

Ian retired in 2005 due to failing eye sight. [Source: Wayback Machine 2003]


Knight   see Richards (Australian)


Knight Guitars are made in the United Kingdom

Copyright pictures 2000 Knight 445 Deluxe archtop courtesy www.archtop.com

Andrew Knight 1981-

After 25 years as one of Sydney’s busiest and most respected guitar repairers, in 2005 Andrew Knight relocated to northern New South Wales and established a shop in Lismore. Australia.

Andrew Knight has been making and repairing guitars professionally since 1981.

Since 1991 most of Andrew's instruments have been made under the Scintilla label, but since 2012 have carried the “AK” logo.

"I've been a professional repairer for almost 35 years. Guitar-making is secondary to this, but my experience working with them certainly helps understand how to make them. I usually make guitars on commission but, to give folk an idea of what I can do, I also try to have two or three interesting examples in the shop at any given time.
My acoustic guitars have a date on the label (which is usually on the neck block). If the guitar was a commission, it will usually also have the name of the person it was made for. My electrics usually have my name and a date stamped inside the control cavity.

I have used several "Scintilla" logos over the years. All hand-made guitars from 2012 have the "AK" logo, usually as a headstock decal. Some guitars have a bespoke inlay rather than a logo." [Source and image courtesy of Andrew Knight, email 16/1/2014]


  Knight brand electric guitars by Colt Knight.


  Knight branded acoustic guitars by Jeremy Knight, in Grant's Pass, Oregon, USA

Knight Guitars



"Knight Guitars" branded Strat ish style guitar found on Kijiji Jan 2014. Another guitar with same logo on Kijiji Canada had following info: "Body made from 80 year old oak wood, neck is mahogany (one piece), set neck, custom shop Tele neck pick up by Fender, 498 bridge humbuker Gibson, three way switch, mini toogle, split humbuker to single coil, white coloured, Fender parts, Tele pick board, professional electrical, 21 fret. Custom made.

Condition: New
Price: $975 firm, one of a kind

Knooren   Handcrafted guitars and basses are made by Jan Knooren in his workshop in Schimmert, the Netherlands.
Knox Knox was a brand name use by Kay for cheaper range instruments. [Source: Kay guitars Wikipedia]
Donald Knox 2008- Donald Knox has been making guitars in Scotland, UK since 2008.

C Knutsen


Chris J Knutsen of Tacoma and Seattle Washington made Hawaiin and harp guitars. He moved to Los Angeles, California around 1916 and added steel strings and ukuleles. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

Knutsen made Hawaiin Guitars for Kona per review at Harmony Central


There is a book dedicated to Knutsen: "Chris J. Knutsen: From Harp Guitars to the New Hawaiian Family by George Noe and Daniel Most -- "
Image 1905 Knutsen harp guitar  Vintage Instruments:

C Knutsen guitar label

Knutson Guitars

1979 to present

"I started building guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments in 1979. I've built perhaps 300 instruments in all.

Dating Knutson guitars

My guitars and mandolin all have labels, and the date on the label is the serial number. My Messenger Upright Electric basses have dated labels, but also have a serial number stamped on the metal tailpiece." [Source: John Knutson, email 23/8/2008]

Kevin Ko

Kevin Ko guitars, Eugene Oregon, USA.

Christina Kobler 2010- Kobler guitars, made since 2010 in Haslach, Austria

Carsten Kobs


Since 1999 Carsten Kobs has built guitars in Hamburg. As you can see the date of manufacture is on the sound hole label.

Paul Kochendörfer

Paul Kochendörfer made violins and guitars. Stuttgart. circa 1914-1925 based on samples on www.

Images eBay:


The Japanese island of Kyushu is home not just to Asturias guitars but also to the instruments of the secondary brand Kodaira. Secondary? The guitars are built in the same plant, feature the same sublime build quality and the same notable Spanish character. Costs have been cut at a number of points in the production process and all adornments are shunned. This enables Kodaira guitars to be marketed at very competitive prices, even more competitive than comparable Asturias models. [Source: Casabenelly]

Kodaira guitar label Kodaira Asturias

Kodh ? Design

Kodh or Kodhl Design guitars.  If anyone has information on this guitar brand please make contact.  It has been sent to me by a luthier who was attempting to repair the guitar.  It has a Warmoth replacement neck on it.  "It appears it could be from the UK or Skandia countries by the numeration Nr:4... the customer is Swedish born, but doesn't really know anything about the guitar body. [Source: Paul E Sundquist, USA]


Hand Made Guitars by Luthier Dan Koentopp, Chicago Illinois, USA


Images eBay: Koerser-Brenner Smith Academy St. Louis double neck acoustic guitar

Masao Koga

Koga guitar

Guitars made in Japan by Zen-On

Images Yahoo:

Masao Koga guitar by Zen-On Masao Koga guitar Made in Japan

Kohno Guitars

Masaru Kohno (Kono)

1967 to present

Masaru Kohno or Kono (1926-1998) started building guitars in 1948. The first label below (courtesy of Trilogy Guitars) is from a guitar made by Masaru before he went to Spain to study in 1960.

"Our company established in 1967.

Dating Kohno guitars

The year guitar built is written on a label.

Serial number is stamped at the bottom of the neck inside the body." [Source: Masaki Sakurai, Kohno Guitar Manufacturing, Toshima-ku Tokyo,Japan]

Images Guitar Salon International, eBay:

Masaru Kono guitar label 1959 1966 Masaru Kohno guitar labelSakurai Kohno guitar label 2003

see Orozco, Matsuoka

Kolaya   Kolaya Instrument Co. Guitars by Brad Daniels. "As with most craftsmen you could assume I'm pretty passionate about what I do. Trees grow in the woods and I turn them into musical instruments. I suppose it's where all of my interests intersect. I've always had a love for wood working and using my hands to create, and I've been playing guitar for most of my life. For my 20th birthday my in-laws purchased a set of indian rosewood and an adirondack spruce top and sent me to my new grandfather, Virgil Shouse, for the opportunity to build my own guitar. As expected I really loved it. What they didn't expect was a total obsession. I continued on with the craft reading and learning all i could and attending the Galloup School of Lutherie to learn what a good fret job and set up looked like. They taught me well as I've been told my guitars are among the easiest playing guitars around. As I continued to learn, my dad supported me in buying materials for me in exchange for the guitar in the end. Much is owed to the people who supported me in the beginning, and I can't thank them enough. " [Source: Wayback Machine]

Koll Guitars

Koll guitar logo Portland Oregon

1986 to present

Koll Guitars, Long Beach, California, USA

"I started building guitars in the mid 80's. Maybe 1986. This has been with very few exceptions a one person operation.

My main business is solid and semi solid body electric guitars, but you will find stringed instruments of all sorts with the KOLL name.

Banjos, Ukes, acoustic guitars, mandolins, basses, etc.

There are also lots of traditional carved archtop jazz guitars out there. I still make half a dozen a year.

Dating Koll guitars

The serial numbers indicate the year of manufacture. The first two digits are the year, the following are the sequence. 07295, for example would be the 295th guitar, manufactured in '07. There are variations, especially the very early stuff. I'm happy to help date instruments if anyone needs that info.
Cliff Cultreri at Destroy all Guitars is my principal dealer....
[Source: Saul, Koll Guitars, email 24/3/2008]

Image Guitar Crazy




Hawaiian guitars sold by C.S. Delano and others. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

At least some were made by Weissenborn



Kona Hawaiin guitar

Kona Acoustics

Kona Guitars

2001 to present

Made in China

"Kona Guitars - Started in 2001 - our main line of guitars - Acoustics and electrics.

Dating Kona Acoustics

Our serial number has the date made in it: K0612t0516 - this one was built in the 12th month of 2006." [Source: Mark W. Jabben, M&M Merchandisers, Inc, email 6/1/2009]

2005 Kona Catalog

Image eBay:

Kona Acoustics label

see M&M Merchandisers

Joe Konkoly


Guitars from Grand Ledge, Michigan

Guitarbench interview

Masaru Kono

see Kohno

Sam Koontz

1970 - late 1980s

Sam Koontz built his first guitar (a classical) in 1959. In 1966 he started building for Standel. In 1970 opened his own shop in Linden, New Jersey.


see Eric Schulte, Harptone, Standel

Image Mandoweb (head) & G Base

Sam Koontz guitar

Images of a rare Koontz acoustic guitar eBay:

Koontz acoustic guitar Koontz 1965 Pottstown PA

Kopo Lutherie

1988 to present

Kopo guitars are made by Fred Pons

Kopo at myspace

Kopp String Instruments

1999 to present

Koop guitars are 100% hand crafted in the USA by Denny Kopp, in North West Ohio.  He has been making and repairing guitars professionally since 1999.

Dating Kopp String Instruments guitars

"Six Digit Serial Number.
First Two Digits...Production Run Number for that Year.
Second Two Digits...Number of Instrument in that Production Run (all production in small batches of 1-4 per run)
Last Two Digits...Year of Production.
020307, Third Instrument of the Second Production Run in 2007." [Source: Denny Kopp, email 18/6/2009]

Images eBay:

Denny Kopp String Instruments guitar

Kevin Kopp

Kevin Kopp makes guitars made in Bozeman, Montana USA. 

Image Greg Boyd

Kevin Kopp luthier label

Kortmann   Kortmann custom guitars Oberursel, Germany by Thomas Kortmann
Kostal   Kostal guitar are hand made by Jason Kostal, Queen Creek Arizona USA

Willy Kostler

Willy Koestler

Antique old post-romantic guitar built in by Willy Kostler in Bohemian somewhere between 1915 and 1925. dating can me made by the style of the body, especially the lower bout of the body, typical of the era, and the darkness of the spruce top, as well as research of the builder and Graslitz, the town the guitar was built in. Source: ebay

Willy Kostler guitar label Willy Kostler guitar


Steven Kovacik

1995 to present

"Thanks for your inquiry. I have been building guitars for 22 years, but professionally for the last 12. So 1995 was my first year of doing this full time. I only build a few guitars per year (6 or so), as the rest of my time is spent on repairs, restorations, buying/selling, etc.

Dating Kovacik guitars

All of my guitars are signed and dated on a label that is affixed to the neck block.

I also serialize my guitars and that number is found on the label also. In addition to the neck block label I also sign and date the inside of the top prior to assembling the body. I generally also note who the guitar was built for on the inside of the top along with the signature and date." [Source: Steve Kovacik, Kovacik Guitars and fretted Instrument Repair email 18/3/2008]

Kozel   Jim Kozel guitars, Lafayette, Colorado, USA
Ka | Ke-Ki | Kl-Ko| Kr-