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  luthiers and guitar brands

J-Jeg  Jen-


info    updated 28/2/2015



J   guitars matrix

J3 Guitars

Brand of Codel Enterprises. Guitars, basses and amps


current at 2010

Italian guitars. Milano

Jack Daniels

2004 to present

Merchandise made by Peavey

Jack and Danny

J & D Luthiers

J&D Luthiers. Jack and Danny Brothers . Made in Taiwan.

Images ebay



Jackson guitar headstock

1980 to present

Jackson is a guitar manufacturer originally owned and operated by Grover Jackson, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Charvel Guitar Repair.
It started with the creation of the "Rhoads" V model guitar, originally designed and used by guitarist Randy Rhoads.
The Jackson name went on the Rhoads rather than the Charvel name because he felt the design was too shocking for Charvel's regular customers.
Grover started the Jackson guitar company and Wayne Charvel sold his interest in the Charvel name to Grover Jackson on November 10, 1978. [Source: wikipedia]

Jackson tribute and resource pages



Jackson Fan Club Japan

Dating Jackson Guitars


From ebay wiki [please note I have copied this text so its not lost - the original link has died. Info seems to add significantly to the Fender site info].
Any Jackson that says "Professional" on the headstock is an import.
There are no known/verified "Prototypes" that were made in the USA and have "Professional" on the head.
Jackson's Serial Number Chart does not cover Imports.
Jackson serial numbers do not use 0's as "blanks" - if there's a 0, it's part of the number.
Import neckthrough models are serialized in the following manner: Jnnnnnn ; The letter "J" followed by 6 numbers, with the first number indicating the year of manufacture. J000123 means it was made in 1990, J100123 means it was made in 1991, etc etc. I haven't seen a recent neckthrough import, so they may be using 7 numbers by now. In any event, if the serial number is "J" followed by more than 5 numbers (including zeroes), it was not made in the USA.
Neckthrough model serial numbers are always stamped on the end of the fretboard after the last fret. Some bolt-on models that did not have a neckplate are also stamped at the end of the fretboard.
USA-made Jackson guitars and basses do not always say "Made In U.S.A." on the head, but they never say "Professional", "Performer", or "Concept" on the head.

Jackson guitar catalog scans

1977-2006 http://audiozone.dk/index-filer/CatalogScans.htm includes price lists and manuals - awesome reference site

2013 Jackson Guitar catalog

Jackson Charvel Pricelists

1983 Jackson pricelist

1994 Jackson Charvel pricelist

1995 Jackson Charvel pricelist

1996 Jackson Charvel pricelist

1998 Jackson Charvel pricelist

2003 Jackson Pricelist

2005 Jackson Pricelist

2006 Jackon Pricelist

2007 Jackson Pricelist

2008 Jackson Pricelist colour |2008 black & white

2009 Jackson Pricelist

2010 Jackson winter pricelist

2011 Jackson pricelist

Prepal Jackson used prices

Jackson forum http://www.jcfonline.com/gallery/

Images Jackson Roswell Rhoads eBay:

Jackson crop circles

Randy Jackson   Cheap Chinese made brand.



Jackson-Guldan was a violin company in Columbus Ohio.  They were in business from the 1920's through the late 1960's. They produced some guitars in the 50's and early 60's and were distributed by Montgomery Wards. The guitars were machine-crafted and mass produced, (using inexpensive materials) .. so they probably are not very valuable, except perhaps to a collector. [Source: Guitarsite]

Some threads for violins suggest that some are imported from Germany.

Jackson Guldan at wikipedia .

Brands connected to Jackson-Guldan: Oahu, Chris, Blue Suede

see Guldan

Richard Jacob  

Richard Jacob (b. February 11, 1877) son of the guitar maker Carl August Jacob (1846-1918). Between 1891 and 1894 he trained as a zither maker and then worked three years as a zither maker assistant. After serving in the military from 1897 to 1899 in Strasbourg, he turned to guitar making. In 1905 Richard Jacob began his independent career as a master instrument maker. [Source: Studia Instrumentorum Misicae ]

This Richard Jacob Weißgerber Wiener Model from 1917 is signed with the Richard Jacob's Brace-Branding-stamp 16.4./4., and carries a shop label, from 'Anton Dehmans Nachf'

Richard Jacob Guitar

Shop label from Richard Jacob guitar 1917


1952-1994 France



Jacobacci catalogs


Paul Jacobson


Paul H Jacobson guitars, Kansas City, USA

Image Trilogy Guitars:

Paul Jacobsen guitar label

Jaden Rose

see R for Rose

Kamil Jaderny

Image: Jaderny:

Kamil Jaderny guitar label


Luthier Florian Jaeger, Obersdorf Germany

Jaen   Jazz guitars by Fernando Alonso Jaén, Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca), Spain
JAG   John Anthony guitars, Horbory, Wakefield, West Yorkshire United Kingdom . They design and build bespoke guitars and basses as well as mandolin and ukulele. They also publish a unique range of stringed instrument construction plans.



Jagard brand guitars. Made by Terada.

Thanks to Ben van Dyk for bringing to my attention 28/4/2011.


Jam branded guitars appear to be made in Vail, Arizona around 2013-2015 at least and are for sale on reverb.com. Prices ranged upwards from $1,000 USD.


Jamboree brand guitars by Ibanez [Source: Ibanez]

Image ebay


James A Olson   see O for Olson
Alexander James   see A
Noah James see D for Jim Donahue

Woody James

Woody James is the in house luthier at Ohio Music Shop [Source: Ohio Music Shop]

RW Jameson    



Guitars and basses made in Spain

Image courtesy Ben van Dyk, Canada email 2/4/2012

Janofski Guitars

1978 to present

Amherst, Massachusetts USA

Jansen Guitars

Jansen guitar headstock

Jansen Guitars were made in Auckland, New Zealand in the 1960s and 70s.

Dating Jansen guitars

The neck plate below is from a Jansen Invader found on eBay.  The seller states it is from 1972 so the assumption would be that the first 2 digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture.

Images eBay:

Jansen guitar Jansen Invader neck plate serial number

Harry Jansen Current at 2011 Harry Jansen is a luthier based in Amsterdam


1995 to present

Jim Jaros, founder of the Jaros Guitar Company, designed and then sold his first custom electric guitar in 1996.  According to the 1998 internet archive pages at that time Jaros Guitar was a father and son operation in Rochester, Pennsylvania.  Here are some pages from that era:

Jaros Acoustic Electric Hybrid specification 1998

Jaros Carvetop specification 1998

Jaros Flt top specification 1998

Jaros Vintage Guitar Magazine Review 1996

Jaros Guitar Shop Review 1998

Dating Jaros guitars

Ed Roman bought the Jaros Guitar company in 2001 and started serializing his guitars starting with number 1000. Jim Jaros probably built 150 or so guitars before this one. So, in this situation, serial number 1000 = Ed Roman serial number 1. [Source: D'Orto]

In 2004 Ed Roman sold Jaros to Nashville businessman Dave Weiler who currently owns the brand.



current at 2011

Jarrett custom guitars Westport, Connecticut, USA

Images eBay:


1994 to present

Jasmine guitars are a cheap line made by Takamine. A Kaman company.

Image eBay:

Jasmine by Takamine

Jason Guitars

Jason Lyrebird


Jason guitars were the brand name used to market Ibanez guitars in Australia. [Source: Ibanez Collectors Forum]  Jason brand name was around at least in 1958 for a Jason Amplifier and there are mentions of other amps with Jason brand. Guitars were made in Japan and may have been the house brand of Palings in Sydney. [Source: Aussie Guitar Gear Heads]

This Jason Lyrbird seen on ebay in 2009 was reportedly made in 1959. Other images also ebay.

Jason guitar body Jason Guitar label

Javish   Inexpensive brand. Available at least in Canada. Sold out of a store in Mississauga ON


Jay G guitar headstock

According to Blue Book JAY G guitars were a house brand, sub brand of Chris brand, Jackson-Guldan Company of Columbus, Ohio. Apparently made there also.

Images eBay:

Jay G guitar

Jay G guitar in case

Jay Junior

Chinese made guitars sold by Renaissance Music in Kingston Ontario.

Jay Turser   see T for Turser



Jaydee guitars England.

Jaydee Custom Guitars was established in 1977 by Birmingham guitar luthier John Diggins.

Jaydee basses are custom hand-made basses by English luthier John Diggins (aka JD). Starting out by customising other basses and guitars, for musicians like Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) and Noddy Holder, it was in these early days (1978) that Jaydee started to conceive the now classic Supernatural basses.

Jaydee guitars forum

JB Player

?1980s to present

Owned and distributed by MBT International.

According to Vintaxe Forum JB Player guitars was formerly owned by Dana Zacuto - RIP, whose brother founded Mighty Mite guitars. In 1986 the guitars were made in Westheimer's Korean factory.

JBD   JBD build custom guitars, basses and drums. Founded 13 April 2013, New London, Wisconsin USA . JBD stands for 'just be different'.



Back in the early 1990s, Jeff Cook from the band Alabama dabbled in guitar building. An artist named Wayne Jarrett did the paint work on most. Cook Jarrett Enterprise, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA [Source and images: ebay May 2013]

JCX Telecaster

JCX guitar neck plate

JD Bluesville

JD Bluesville

2005 to present

John Schappell and luthier Davis Millard, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

"I began making guitars under the "Bluesville" name in 1996. Only about 12 were sold under that name, all copies of vintage instruments. in 2004 I began making guitars under the "J D Bluesville" name. These were all on an order only basis. Approximately 40 guitars are in circulation under that name.

All instruments are made in my shop located in Allentown, PA

"Bluesville" guitars have the date made written in the neck pocket. "J D Bluesville" guitars have the date of manufacture hand written on the back of the headstock along with my signature. (DSM).

All "Bluesville" guitars were sold domestically. Many of the "J D Bluesville" guitars have been sold to the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Canada." [Source and image courtesy: David Millard, email, 21/11/2008]

JDS Guitars

Montreal, Missouri  USA 

Jedson Guitar

Jedson Guitar

1960s to 1970s

The Jedson trademark appears on entry to student level solid body and semi-hollowbody guitars; some models with original design and some models based on classic American designs [Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day, Guru's Guitar Guide ].

Jedson tribute sites

Jedson Guitars


see Dallas Arbiter

Jedson guitar body


J.E.G. luthier, San Fernando, Buenos Aries, Argentina