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info    updated 27/12/2015



T.D. Hibbs

2003 to present

T.D. Hibbs guitars, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Steve Hicks

  Steve Hicks makes guitars in the UK.

Graham High is professionally trained Luthier and musician. He learned his carpentry skills early at the hands of his grandfather and his father. He learned his craft next to David Freeman of Timeless Instruments in Tuskage, Saskatchewan and Joe Kovacic of Lado Luthery School in Lindsay, Ontario.

Graham is skilled in the building of electric and acoustic guitars and mandolins. He builds custom instruments in his studio in Niagara Falls, Ontario

High Desert

High Desert, guitars and mandolins by Jason Chinchen. Jason started working with Breedlove in Canada. Now based in Bend, Oregon, USA

Highland Guitar Company

Bolton, Ontario Canada

Highland Strings

2005 to present

Maker of guitars and mandolins. Jason Harshbarger studied at Roberto-Venn, Arizona in 1997.

"I started making instruments under this name in 2005. I build them in Cincinnati, Ohio US The first four digits of the serial number are the month and year the label was placed in the instrument and the last three digits are the number manufacture starting with 001 and continuing. If i ever manage to build more than 999 in my lifetime that will become the second four digits in the serial number." [Source: Jason Harshbarger, email 27/8/2008]

Highline   Highline guitars are made by Chris Monk
Hilhorst Guitars

1990 to present

" finished my first guitar in 1990.

All my guitars have a number and the year that they are finished on the sticker that is visible through the soundhole.

I started with #1 in 1990 and am now working on the numbers 80 and 81. Once or twice I have made an instrument that was not a classical concert guitar, but I just gave them the next number. So the numbers are opus numbers.

In the beginning I made 1 or 2 guitars in a year, but now I am making 6 guitars in a year." [Source: Jeroen Hilhorst, Concert guitar maker, email 2/4/2008]

Hilko 2004- Hilko Guitars was established in 2004 by Hilko Nackaerts in his Belgian based workshop.

Dennis Hill Guitars

1991 to present

Luthier Dennis Hill, Panama City, Florida, USA. Classical ,Flamenco, dulcimers, mandolins, violins.

Hill Custom guitars

Hill USA guitar

Jon R Hill custom guitars. Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Hill Custom gutiars serial number


1972 to present

Kenny Hill began building guitars in the mid 1970's, first in Santa Barbara, CA, then later in the Santa Cruz area. He took a hiatus from guitar building in the 1980s. In 1990 Mr. Hill returned to professional guitar building. Since 2002 guitars are being produced in China. [Source: Hill ] According to Vintage Guitar Price Guide, guitars also produced in Michoacan, Mexico.  According to the archive Master Series guitars were made in Mexico from late 1990s to 2004.

Budget line is branded New World Guitars.

Image courtesy of Guitar Salon International

Kenny Hill guitar 2005

Watch out for counterfeits: http://hillguitar.blogspot.com/2007/12/bogus-guitar-bogus-label.html

Stephen Hill Guitars

1986 to present

"I started in 1986.

Dating Stephen Hill guitars
All my guitars are dated on the label
I make in Granada Spain but worked for many years in Lewes, England" [Source: Stephen Hill, Spain, email 4/4/2008]


Hilo guitar headstock with star

"Hilo was an Oscar Schmidt brand name (along with Stella, Sovereign and La Scala). Hilo guitars were often sold by mail-order through the Schmidt-owned correspondence school: "The First Hawaiian Conservatory of Music"....Although a few were made with a conventional solid-neck, most Hilo guitars have hollow-neck design similar to that of the Weissenborn Hawaiian guitars. Several different Hilo models were made. but...

Although the Hilo Hawaiian guitar is purported to have been distributed by Oscar Schmidt, we have not been able to verify the actual manufacturer of these rather high quality Hawaiian guitars: [Source: Guitar Seminars]

Images eBay

Hilo guitar

Hi Lo   see Hy lo

Pete Hilton


Images ebay July 2013

Pete Hilton guitar

Danny Hines 2007- Danny Hines custom Fender style guitars. Established 2007
Matthew Hines   Matthew Hines if Hines Guitars handmakes acoustic guitars.


Stan Hinesley 2004-2012

Stan Hinesley handcrafted pickups from USA.

Stan Hinesley began playing guitar at 13 and a few years later switched to bass. By the age of 15 he was performing regularly around town in Albany Georgia. In 1976, I started playing six-nighters with a local oldies/ disco/ jazz/ top-40 show band called Encore, and in 1980 I hit the southeast club circuit with The Ohio Express (Yummy, Yummy).

During the eighties, I toured with Angel's Flight...a great little rock/new wave club band out of Central Florida and had the pleasure to work with John Cook from the Orlando/Winter Park area, one of the finest guitarists I've ever heard. John if you're out there, I'd love to hear from you... During the nineties, I played around Macon in a weekend country trio called Derringer. He did guitar and amp work since first started playing. In the early nineties he attended Middle Georgia Tech in Macon Georgia to study electronics. In 1997 he opened TGS Technologies in Macon He relocaated to South Florida in 1998 and started HAS Sound. HAS Sound made Custom Electronics for Guitar and Bass
Passive Controls, Prewired Harnesses and Stan Hinesley Hand Wound Pickups.

Stan started winding pickups in 2004. By around 2012 his web site annoinced that he was putting pick up making on hold.

Hinnenkamp Guitars

Brian Hinnenkamp,

Forum http://www.luthierforum.com/


1994 to present

Darren Hippner, Point Roberts, WA, USA

Image eBay

D Hippner guitar label

Hirade Classical

Mr. Mass Hirade joined Takamine in 1968, and made great improvements upon design and build quality. The factory began producing their world class "Classical" that to this day still carry the Hirade name. Through Hirade's dedication and commitment to Takamine, he was able to begin an overseas trading business in 1975.

see Takamine image eBay:

Guitarras Hirade Takamine guitar label


History guitars are an original brand for the Shimamura chain of shops in Japan. They are made at the FujiGen plant. [Source: Japan Vintage Guitars]

Japanese domestic market. [Soft.com]

Image Yahoo:

History brand guitar Japan

HK Guitars   Tomas Kratky and Mr. Hacha are really big fans of exotic wood. Czech republic


It appears that Hobner was an Indian brand - copy of Hofner.  This example from the 1960s was found on eBay. Apparently they are still made



2005 to present

"I began selling guitars in 2005 and they are made in my shop, which is a converted 2 1/2 car garage next to my home in Hilliard, Florida, U.S.A.

The first few guitars were hand signed and numbered on the backstrap down the inside back of the guitar.
 Beginning on #2005-18 I started using a label that has both the model name as well as the month and year of manufacture.  I start at #1 each year, so for instance right now I am on serial number 2008-31. This tells me it is the 31st guitar of 2008.
I don't know of any of my customers who would sell their guitar, but you never know if they may at some point. There are currently 58 of them in the hands of customers from all around the world." [Source: Ken Hodges,
Hodges Handcrafted Guitars, Hilliard, Florida, USA, email 22/7/2008 ]

Hodges Guitars myspace

Forum http://theguitarwall.com/forum/index.php?board=22.0

Butch Hodgkins

Resonator guitar maker, Allardt, Tennessee, USA

Willy Hodl  

Willy Hödl, Westfalen, Germany. Image ebay

Willy Hodl guitar

  Hodson guitars, English brand - made in China

DJ Hodson


David J Hodson, custom acoustic guitars built in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England.

Hodson 2001 pricelist


Hoffman guitar headstock

1971 to present

Charles A Hoffman, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Reviews  see http://www.graceworksmusic.com/Hoffman%20review.htm and at Harmony Central

Images ebay

Erik Pierre Hoffmann

Hoffmann   A Japanese guitar referred to at All Experts


Hofner logo

Hofner guitar headstock

1953 -

The Höfner company was founded by luthier Karl Höfner in Schönbach, Germany in 1887. New factories were built in Bubenreuth in 1950.
In 1994, Höfner became part of the Boosey & Hawkes Group. In 1997, the company moved to Hagenau. After near-bankruptcy in 2003 Boosey & Hawkes sold its musical instrument division to The Music Group. In January 2005, it was sold again to Klaus Schöller, General Manager of Höfner for many years. In mid-2005, The Music Group stopped distributing Höfner in the USA, and the distribution was picked up by Chicago firm Classic Musical Instruments (CMI). [Source: Wikipedia ]
Hofner guitar dating




Hofner reference books

The Hofner Guitar: A History

Hofner Violin Beatle Bass

History of the Hofner Guitar and Its Players (Essential Music Book)

Other Hofner resources



Hofner Verithin specialist site http://www.verithingeoff.110mb.com/

Interview http://vintageguitarpro.com/hofner.shtml

pictures http://jazzgitarren.k-server.org/hofner.html




Hofner 173-II http://www.greenbuddha.de/guitars/index_b.php?mod=173II&lang=de

Hofner 177a http://www.greenbuddha.de/guitars/index_b.php?mod=177a&lang=de

Hofner 463 1961 http://www.vintagearchtop.com/61hofner.htm

Hofner guitar vintage catalogs

mid 60s http://www.stromgitarren.net/English/documents.htm#hoefner

1967 guitar and bass catalog http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/catalogues.php

1968 http://www.excellentleads.com/oldhofner.html


Lots http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/cont.html

2005-2007 http://www.hofner.com/

Hofner forum http://www.hofners.co.uk/

Hohner logo

Matthias Hohner, founded the company in 1857 to mass produce harmonicas. In 1893 the accordion was produced. In 1986 a US Division was created which included guitars (probably imported from Asia]  [Source: Active Musician ]

Dating Hohner Guitars

See HohnerUSA website - they invite direct contact

Professional Hohner German site


G Holiday   see G


Holiday - formerly Alden was a catalog distributor [Source: Harmony Database]


Holiday vintage guitar catalog 1965 http://harmony.demont.net/catalogs.php

see Harmony

Image Holiday guitar Guitar Center

Holinka   Jiri Holinka, Custom handmade acoustic guitars Corona Czech Republic
Holland   Dickie Holland custom guitars - England


?1970 to present

Bill Hollenbeck, Lincol, Illinois, USA



Hollingworth Guitars

Graham Hollingworth, Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia


Holly is second brand of "Tomson [Source: Music Trade Japan]

Images Yahoo Japan:

Holly Splendor Series guitar

Holly bass guitar Japan

Hollywood Guitars



see Meazzi

Image Hollywood ukulele head eBay:

Hollywood guitar label

Holman Guitars


Holman Woodell guitar factory, Neodesha, Kansas. Founded by Howard Holman and Victor Woodell in 1965. Made instruments under the following brands:

Kustom, La Baye, Wurlitzer,Alray

Vintage Guitar magazine article Holman Guitars 1997


see Wurlitzer

Image Holman Woodell Alray Cougar ebay

Tom Holmes Custom   Tom Holmes guitars and pickups , Joelton, TN, USA

Ondra Holoubek

Resophonic guitars made by Ondra Holoubek, Czech Republic

Ryan Holser
  Ryan Holser has been working professionally as a luthier for over a decade, building instruments with boutique brands as well as doing repairs. He is a graduate of Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and former apprentice to master luthier Jim Holler of Trinity Guitars.

Holst Guitars

1984 to present

Holst guitars, Eugene, Oregon until 2001, now produced in Creswell, Oregon, USA

'I began manufacture in 1984 and all my guitars are signed and dated on the inside of the back. You can look through the sound hole and see this." [Source: Stephen Holst, email 22/3/2008]

Holt Guitars

Thomas Holt Andreasen luthier.

Thomas Holt established his first guitar workshop in Granada, Spain where he first learned the trade and tradition from master guitar maker Rolf Eichinger (1945-2009) and also was influenced by the generous guidance he received from master guitar maker Antonio Marín Montero.
Thomas Holt was born in Denmark in 1977 and studied and worked, amongst other things, within the field of fine woodworking and acoustics.
Hand made in Granada, Spain. Labels are dated and signed. [Source and image: Thomas Holt Andreasen, email 25/4/2010]

Thomas Holt Andreasen guitar label

Holtier Guitars

1995 to present

"I started building classical guitars professionally in 1995. All my guitars are hand made and have the date, nr. and my signature on their label." [Source: Frederich Holtier, email 29/3/2008]

Image eBay:

Frederich Holtier guitar label

Holzapfel & Beitel

The partnership of Holzapfel & Beitel only lasted from 1898 until 1905. Made in Baltimore, Maryland. [Source: Stella Guitars] Models included 12 strings

Bernd Holzgruber  

 Bernd Holzgruber luthier and builder of classical guitars in Velden, Austria.


Vintaxe Honda catalog (paid)


Hondo Death Dagger 1983

1969 to 1986

1991 to present 2005

Hondo Guitars est 1969

Hondo was founded by Jerry Freed and Tommy Moore in 1969 with the aim to produce guitars in Korea. [Source: Michael Wright ] The Hondo brand was replaced by JB Player in 2005. [Source: wikipedia ]

  Hondo Made in Korea Hondo International Music Corporation label


Hopf Saturn 63 guitar headstock

1906 to present

Hopf classical, basses, mandolins and flutes. Electric guitars in 1950s to late 1970s, since focussed on classical.




Hopf Saturn 63 http://www.greenbuddha.de/guitars/index_b.php?mod=saturn63&lang=de


Image Hopf and Hopf Saturn 63 headstocks eBay:

Hopf guitar headstock Dieter Hopf

Jim Hopkins  

Jim Kopkins makes ornate guitars near St George, Ontario, Canada



Justin Hopkins

2005 to present

Makes a handful of guitars every year from a barn behind his home in Gladwynne, Pennsylvania, USA



Peter Hopkins, custom archtop guitars,  Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Copyright pictures 2011 Hopkins Tessa Nova Archtop courtesy www.archtop.com

Peter Hopkins Archtop guitar


Horabe guitars were Japanese made classical guitars. From discussion forums Horabe guitars were around late 1970s and 1980s at least.  Distributed out of Nashville.

Images Left from eBay unknown year. Right Gbase 1986 label

Horabe guitar label M Horabe Tokio Japon

Horton   Colby Horton Guitars are all carefully handmade in Tiplersville, Mississippi.


Horugel guitar headtock

The Hörügel (often mis-spelled as Horugel or Horügel) Company was located in Leipzig-Leutsch, in the eastern part of Germany (Saxonia). The company has been founded in 1872 or 1893 (sources vary) and went out of business in 1952.  [Source: Von der Schweineorgel zum Harmonium  ]

However it appears that Samick (established 1958) made pianos under the name Horugel name in the 1970s and 1980s.  [Source: pianos.ca ] Guitars under the Hourugel and Truxa were also made by Samick in the same period according to a number of forums.




There is a Horugel brand banjo http://www.banjohangout.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=102079

Images courtesy of Gregor Koziczak, Poland

Horugel guitar

? Truxa

Ha | He | Hi-Hor | Hos-