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  luthiers and guitar brands

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info    updated 21/6/2016




Elara custom guitars, made in Australia



Jayson Elazzi, Sydney Australia

Image Guitar Centre Australia:

Jayson Elazzi guitar label

El Degas Guitars

El Degas guitar headstock

early 1970s

El Degas guitars were copies of classic American guitars made in Japan, imported by Buegeleisen & Jacobson of New York. [Source: http://vintageguitarz.blogspot.com/2007/12/el-degas-sg.html ] Based on labels found on eBay - see below El Degas guitars were also made in Korea and Romania.

Unofficial El Degas Fan Site including forum


? same as Onyx

Image Korean, Romanian el Degas labels eBay:

El Degas Made in Romania guitar


Eldorado guitar headstock


Info needed on this brand.

Images eBay:

Eldorado guitar

Dave Eldredge Dave Eldridge makes metal guitars in Nikiski, Alaska.


The Electa brand is still around and dates back to at least the 1970s.  There are steel string acoustic and solid body electric guitars around with this name. Sold in Australia at 2009




see Epiphone


Electra guitar headstock

1971 - 1983/4 Japan

Imported from Japan by St Louis Music. Most made by Matsumoku. [Source: Vintage guitar price guide]

Dating Electra guitars


and: http://vintageguitarpro.com/serialtoc.shtml

Lots of models listed here: http://www.rivercityamps.com/electrapage/

Electra forum http://www.rivercityamps.com/electraforum/index.php?

see Matsumoku, Westone

Images eBay:  1983 Front & back, others unknown,

 Electra guitar head Electra serial number guitar Electra guitar headstock

Electric Babes 2006- Austria
Electric Gypsy see Tye


Electrical Guitar Company headstock 2004


Kevin Burkett, aluminium guitars




Dating Electrical Guitar Company Guitars.

The guitar shown here was portrayed as serial number 11 made in 2004.  This suggests that the first 3 numbers of the number engraved at the base of the neck are the serial number and the remainder is the date of manufacture. In this case 7 July 2004.

Images Electrical Guitar Company Guitar eBay:

Electrical Guitar Company aluminium guitar 2004 Electrical guitar serial number

Electric Guitar King   Electric Guitar King is a guitar manufacturer located in Taiwan. Our handmade guitars are made either in South Korea or in Taiwan.



The Electro line was manufactured by Rickenbacker and distributed by Radio-Tel.


see Rickenbacker

Images 1965 Electro guitar ebay Serial 427


Electromuse was an American maker of musical instruments that operated in the 1940s and 1950s. It was probably best known for its line of Hawaiian lap steel guitars. [Source: Wikipedia]

Images eBay:


Elezan appear to be Chinese made guitars . Thanks to Ben van Dyk for the image and info.

Elezan electric guitar


This Elite brand hollow body guitar from the 1960s was found at Guitar Center Vintage November 2014. I was contact by Jochem Groeneveld who advised that " have a similar model, photo attached. They were made in Italy, mine is from 1964. I’m pretty sure mine is all original except for the pickguard is missing." [Source email 19/4/2016]

Elfner Guitars Don Elfner makes custom guitars in Dunsford, Ontario, Canada



Elgava guitars made in Russia. Elgava guitars were made at the Moscow Experimental factory in the 1970's and early 1980's, [Source: Cheesy Guitars]

Images reverb.com:




In 1954, Harry Rosenbloom opened a music store in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, northwest of Philadelphia. Due to the post-World War II music boom, his sales soon outstripped his inventory, and he began a company called Elger Guitars in an attempt to manufacture enough guitars to fill his needs. The Elger Guitar company made a relatively small number of hand-built, high quality guitars through the early 1960s.
By 1965 Rosenbloom stopped manufacturing guitars and become the exclusive North American distributor for Hoshino Gakki instruments. Hoshino had recently acquired a small Spanish guitar company named Ibanez, and it was decided to market the instruments under this brand name. In 1971 Hoshino purchased Elger Guitars, renaming the company "Ibanez U.S.A." and retaining the company headquarters in Bensalem, Pennsylvania as a distribution and quality-control center. [Source: Proaudio Music]
Elger Custom Built Aromore Pennsylvania, USA.  This examle from ebay ? 1959

Anders Eliasson

Flamenco and classical guitars, Huelva, Spain



Made in Italy by Crucianelli accordion company. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]

Elite guitar catalog ?70s http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1.htm


Elite Guitars

Elite Guitars out of Montreal ? made in China



1960s - 1970s

Japan made by Elk Gakki C Ltd.  Also amps and effects. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]


Elk guitar catalogs

1970 acoustic http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1.htm

electric http://guitar.webinjp.com/70guitar_catalog/elk1.htm


Images Elk Burgundy Mist eBay: Headstock from a different guitar.

Elk guitar Elk guitar serial number  Elk guitar bridge plate

Boaz Elkayam

1985 to present

Boaz Elkayam, Chatsworth, California, USA


Ellenrieder Musikhaus


The sign reads: ""Gebr. Ellenrieder Musikhaus Tutlingen" (south of Germany)? nothing else known. Source eBay

Guitar by Gebr Ellenreidr Musikhaus Tuttlingen Gebr Ellenreidr Musikhaus Tuttlingen

Elliott Guitars

1968 to present

Started  manufacture 1968.

1968-1973 Detroit, Michigan; 1973-present, Portland, Oregon
How can someone tell the date of manufacture for your guitars? A. I prefer they contact me directly with any queries.

[Source: Jeff Elliott, email 11/4/2008]

EF Elliott

According to an entry on reverb.com E. F. Elliott was a former employee of the Mosrite company who bought all of the MOSRITE Factory equipment when company first went bankrupt and started his own company which is still going today.

In 1984 Ed Elliott's shop was in Taft, California but today they are made in Oklahoma, USA.

Ellis Guitars Ellis guitars Australia are made by Andrew Ellis, Willetton, Westerna Australia. he also makes stomp boxes.


Elli Sound guitar headstock


Made in Italy by Crucianelli accordion company.

Images eBay:


Elli-Sound guitar



Handmade stringed instruments built from straight grained woods by Rick Felkel, 810 Tidwell Rd., West Monroe, LA California USA

"My business is located outside of West Monroe, Louisiana. February will make 18 years that I have been building instruments. To date, I have built about 1200 instruments. I have my own sawmill, and I harvest local trees as much as possible for the building of my instruments. And you've probably seen my site - www.elloreeguitars.com. The name Elloree comes from my home town, Elloree, South Carolina. I build all of my acoustic instruments with a maple label hard glued to the inside, readable through the sound hole. The month and year that I built the instrument are on that label, along with my name and address. Also, if it was custom built, I tell who it was built for." [Source" Rick Felkel, email 26/10/2010]

"Here is a picture of the way I write up the inside of my acoustic instruments. And I always use maple on which to write all of my documentation. Maple is very white, so the wording is easy to read. Also, maple has a very tight grain, and the ink does not blur. I never use paper, because so many folks come into my shop needing repair work, and they don't know much about their instrument because the paper label came loose and got lost a long time ago." [Source: Rick Felkel, email 26/3/2011]

Elloree label


2003 to present

James Ellsberry, Huntington Beach, California, USA

Leo Ellstrom  

Found this label in ebay January 2014. Guitar made by Leo Ellstrom for E. J. Turnwall, Manitoba Canada. January 1896.

Lynn Ellsworth 2013-

Lynn Ellsworth founded Boogie Bodies with Wayne Charvel in 1974. in 1976 Eddie van Halen bought a body and neck from Lynn and Frankenstein was born. Lynn Ellsworth guitars is a much more recent venture founded in 2013.

Based in Spokane Valley, Washington state USA.

El Maya

El Maya guitar headstock

mid 70's - mid 80's

A brand of Rokkoman. Japanese guitars made by Tahara. El Maya was the quality line. A related brand was Maya [Source: Blue Book of Electric Guitars ]

see Maya

El Maya guitar

Elrick Basses

 ? - present

Last two digits of serial is year of manufacture


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