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  luthiers and guitar brands

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info    updated 14/10/2015




1991 to present

Eagle guitars made in Korea/China since 1991. Eagle brand distributed by Norway firm, Strings & Things, Romerike Musikksenter A/S.

Eagle Guitars
Romerike Musikksenter AS
Strømmen Storsenter
Støperiveien 5
2010 Strømmen


The Eagle branded guitar below was made in Japan and found on reverb.com. I am not sure whether it is related to the Norway firm. I have confirmed that this guitar is not one of the designs produced by Eagle Instruments, Sweden. [Source: Orjan Jacobsson, email 28/12/2015]


Eagle Instruments

Eagle Instruments Sweden


"Eagle branded guitars and basses were made by Un Sung factory. Swedish design Korean craftmanship. Design made by Jerker Antoni and Orjan Jacobsson from Sweden. Many different models. Solid and semisolid archtops. Even acoustics from Another Korean factory were made. The Peerless factory made some models for us too. Even produced under the Sweagle brand in countries where we couldn´t use the Eagle brand." [Source: Orjan Jacobsson, Wufoo, 5/3/2015] Note this is a different Eagle brand to the one above starting 1991.

Image of logo courtesy of Orjan Jacobsson 7/4/2015.

Earnest Instruments

current at 2011

Earnest guitars are by Joel Eckhaus, Luthier, S. Portland, ME USA



Earthwood guitars were acoustic models by Ernie Ball including acoustic basses.

see Ernie Ball



Eastman guitar headstock

1992 to present

China based Eastman Strings started building violins and cellos.  They expanded to guitars in 2002 and mandolins in 2004.  Mainly built in China, but some are made in Germany and Romania. [Source: Vintage guitar price guide]

Forum http://www.eastmanguitars.com/forum/forum.html

Images eBay:

Eastman guitar

East Virginia Guitars


Bill Ruppert, George Simmons, Shacklefords, VA

"We (George Simmons and Bill Ruppert) began building under East Virginia Guitars in January 2009. Before that we both apprenticed for another boutique luthier, Bill for about 3 years, me over five.

Dating East Virginia Guitars

We sign and date the inside of the top on the day we close the box. It's usually finished within 2 months of that day. I also keep a log of serial numbers, and of late, have been recording the date that work started. We build in a 25x35 foot conditioned room (heat/cooling and humidity controlled) in a shop I also use for auto upholstery, mostly on vintage cars. The shop is located in Kilmarnock, Virginia, which is on the eastern edge of the state, next to the Chesapeake Bay, hence our name." [Source: George Simmons, 2010]


1997 to present

Eastwood are Mike Robinson imports.

Brian Eastwood Guitars


Brian Eastwood guitars are based in Bacup, Lancashire, United Kingdom. He makes an amazing range of guitars, acoustic and solid body including Bender guitars which have to be seen to be believed.


T Eaton Co. was a large Canadian retailer. The T. Eaton Company, or Eaton's, was founded by Timothy Eaton in 1869 [Source: Access my Library]

Some guitars were made by Harmony http://harmony.demont.net/brands.php

T Eaton cowboy guitar

According to Vintaxe the "Saturn" brand was also available in T Eaton catalogs around 1969 to early 1970s.

Doug Eaton


Luthiers, Doug Eaton and Dale Jacobsen are Stanley River Music, Maleny, Queensland, Australia

William Eaton Harp Guitars, Phoeniz Ariona. William is the director of the Roberto Venn Luthier school.

Gila Eban

1979 to present

Riverside, Connecticut.



Hiro Ebata

2006 to present

"I opened my shop in 2006.
My shop is located in Japan near Tokyo.

Dating Hiro Ebata guitars

All my guitars have label inside the body and you can see year and serial number. [Source: Hiro Ebata, email 17/7/2008 ]

Eccleshall Guitars


Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK

Echeverria Guitars


Richard Echeverria graduated from Roberto-Venn school of luthiery in 1980. Since then he has been designing, building, restoring and selling guitars.  [Source: Roberto-Venn ]. ? Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, USA


Echolette guitars were made in Germany in the 1960s. Echolette amps seem to be quite common but the guitars are rare.



Echpark guitar logo



"I started Echopark Guitars in 2010. I build them in Echo Park Los Angeles, California. I am born and raised in los angeles and Echo Park is home to a rich history in architecture, film, art and music...thats why I chose the name.

Dating Echopark guitars
As of 20110-2012 I've set out to make 13 of each model on a per spec (my own creation).

On those I date them as the initial of model/number of model USA ( IE,TR-003) would be :the 3rd Triphonic Rose .DT-004 would be the 4th Downtowner etc etc.for artists or other prominent clients i either use there initials or full name with the number of that instrument.(Joe f.Perry-001)

It is on the back of the head stock and always stamped USA!

As well in the pick up cavity in the bridge and some times in the control cavity i will sign and date the day i finally assembled and played the instrument prior to shipping." [Source and images: Gabriel Currie, email 28/7/2012]
Premier Magazine article

Gabriel Curie Echo Park made in mark

Echopark Koa guitar as played by Joe Perry

Eckert   Karle Eckert , hand crafter guitars, Haynes, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Eco   Low carbon footprint guitars made in England by Andrw Page.


Image Guitar Salon Korea

Eden Art Carve   Corpus Christi, Texas

Edward Klein


see K for Klein


Edwards guitar head


Edwards are ESP guitars for Japan only (theoretically) market.  Apparently very high quality.


Dating Edwards Guitars

According to the Caparison Forum the ESP serial number applies with the Edwards Guitars having an ED preix.

Forum http://forum.japanaxe.com/phpBB3/


Image eBay


see ESP


Martin Edwards


Martin Edwards, luthier, Jordanstown, Northern Island, United Kingdom

EEC   EEC guitars Austin Texas. For sale in reverb.com
Effin 2014- Effin guitars were launched in 2014 by Butler Music, Butler, Missouri USA

Alkis Efthimiadis

Guitars made in Athens, Greece


Japanese guitars

Egima guitars catalog


Patrick Eggle

1991 to present

Patrick Eggle Guitars started in Birmingham, England in 1991 building solid bodies. Eggle left in 1995 to do repairs. [Source: Vintage guitar price guide]

2005 Patrick Eggle Guitar Catalog


Images Patrick Eggle 1993 New York guitar eBay:

Patrick Eggle guitar

Patrick Eggle Made in England 1993

Patrick James Eggle

2001 to present

After leaving Patrick Eggle guitars in 1995, Patrick did repairs and in 2001 founded an acoustic shop in Bedfordshire, England.  He later relocated to Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Patrick John Eggle


Different guy to above.

see Faith


Egmond guitar headstock

1932 - 1983

Egmond Made in Holland

Egmond was founded by Ulke Egmond, originally in Eindhoven, later in Beste, Netherlands.

Dating Egmond Guitars

"Unfortunately you cannot date Egmond guitars by the numbers. You can only give a rough dating by looking in their catalogues and by the types of parts they used in their different years. Best dating info for Egmond guitars is here "  [source: Wim Markenhof, Egmond Guitars website, email 12/2/2007]

Wim's guitars at Pinterest

Hans Gatu runs an Egmond site

Example at internet archive

Image Bruunari:

Egmond guitar label

Brands made by Egmond include:

Rosetti, Wilson, Miller, Manhattan, Lion, Caledonie, Alpha ,Vega, Frima, Orpheum

Egypt Guitars


Egypt Guitars was a Scottish brand established by Maurice Bellando and James Cannell in Glasgow. [Source: Guitar List]

Ehlers Guitars

1968 to present

"I started working on guitars in 1963, but didnīt make my first one until 1968. I have built 651 guitars to date.

My shop is now located in the state of Veracruz, in southern Mexico. I moved here about 10 years ago and still do all of the construction myself, with the exception of the finish work.
I have one employee doing parts production and another doing my lacquer work.
Until about 5 years ago my guitars had the manufacturing date on the neck block.
Usually it was combined with the serial number.  The number 300480 would mean that it was my 300th guitar and it was built in April, 1980. The number is now written on the inside of the top.
Most of the historical info, as well as photos ect. , is available on my website. Iīm selling most of my guitars in England, Japan and the USA now."  [Source: Rob Ehlers, email 17/7/2008]

Ehlers & Burns

Ehlers and Burns guitars, were made in Oregon, USA in the 1970s. The following information and images are courtesy of Randy Jones, email 20/4/2009.

I am the one-and-only owner of this E&B (Ehlers and Burns) Jumbo from 1977. I purchased it new in Portland Oregon in 1979 in a shop called Great Guitars

The datecode is stamped into the heel block at the base of the neck (inside the box). See picture below.

This guitar has a top of Englemann Spruce, with sides and back out of straight-grain wenge (almost not seen today, as the tree-size has gotten smaller) The neck is a 5-ply of mahogany and rosewood. The inlays are of 5 colors of abalone, as is the headstock. The nut and bridgerail are of fossilized walrus tusk.
Rob Ehlers made the guitar. Burns did the finish and inlay, to the best of my knowledge.

When I talked with Mr Ehlers about 15 years ago, he remembered the guitar very well, and said it was one of a series of 5 guitars. He said the wenge was hard on his router bits and hand tools.
At the shop where I bought it, there was a small-body singlecutaway (rounded) with the exact same headstock, neck and overall construction.
After playing them both, I chose the jumbo as it fit my flatpicking/Irish-bouzouki-style best. The jazzer was just a bit too "constrained" in it's voice.
I've yet to find this guitar's equal for flatpicking. It is truly amazing.

see Ehlers.


1994 to present

David Eichelbaum, premium flat tops Santa Barbara, California

Rolf Eichinger

to 2009

Rolf Eichinger (b 1944 Germany -2009) worked in a small workshop in Calle Solares, in the centre of the guitar making area of Granada. [Source: Concert Guitars]

Eight T


Eight T guitar logo

2006 to present

EightT gutiars from Melbourne, Australia

I was making another brand name guitar from the end of 2000 until 2007, the Eight T brand name first appeared in mid 2006 on a headstock, i was previously called Mercury Amplification. Eight T Guitars & Amplification is my full time occupation and a family run business.

I don't use serial numbers, each guitar is given a name that is found inside the neck pocket. to actually date it you would need to contact me.

all Eight T guitars are built with a 'Hot Rod' ethos, ALL have custom colours, high quality brand name components, the best timbers, custom inlays, but are made with a certain attitude or flair that speaks to (or of) the owners own style.

All work is done in my Melbourne workshop (guitar & amp work) 7 days a week. I am also the importer of Budda Amplification and wah pedals and Suhr pickups (NOT guitars) that are for sale directly through my workshop, along with all manner of guitar and amplifier repair and servicing.

I have a degree in electronics/communications, 10 years at the department of defence in electronic warfare, and was mentored in guitar building by one of the very best in the business to which all my work must live up to. [Source: Simon Cotter, Eight T Guitars & Amplification]


Eimers guitar headstock


Selmer, Maccaferri style guitars made in The Netherlands.

"I started in 1995 under my name Eimers-Guitars.

My workshop is located in the town Almere close to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dating Eimers Guitars
The date is on the inside of the guitar (top) together with my signature.

I specialize in building and restoring Selmer Maccafreri style guitars. I restored over 10 original Selmers and many vintage Selmer style guitars like Favino, Di Mauro, Busato and Castelluccia. Famous players in gypsy jazz play Eimers Guitars like Stochelo and Nous'che Rosenberg, Boulou and Elios Ferre, Wawau Adler, Robin Nolan and many more. I have customers in over 27 countries all over the world." [Source: Leo, Eimers Guitars, email 13/2/2009]

Images eBay:

Eimers guitar label Eimers guitar logo Leo Eimers Almere



1995 to present

Don Eisele gutiars - Made Kailua, Hawaii



EKO headstock


2000 to present

Eko guitars are Italian made instruments from 1959.  Originally built by Oliviero Pigini and Company in Recanti, Italy. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide ]

Eko history



Eko guitar catalogs



see Vox

Images EKO Ranger 12 eBay:

Eko guitar label Eko Ranger 12 Made in Italy

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