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  luthiers and guitar brands



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DBX Sound

DBX Sound, guitars by which is basically a guy named Dave Carness working out of San Francisco.

Image and info Wood and Wire Guitarshop

DBZ Guitars

2008 to present

Dean B Zelinsky guitars.

DBZ Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer owned and operated by Dean B. Zelinsky, Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification, along with partner Terry Martin.  DBZ Guitars was officially formed in 2008, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a USA custom shop operations located in the Chicago, Illinois area overseen 100% by CEO Dean Zelinsky, founder of the original Dean Guitars. Dean parted ways with Dean Corporate in mid 2008. [Source: wikipedia ]

DBZ Guitar catalogs

2009 Guitar catalog

DBZ 2010 Product guide

DBX 2011Catalog

DBZ 2013 catalog

DBZ Guitar Forum



D'Celli guitar company. Lorenzo D'Celli, was born in Connecticut in 1956, moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1980 to start building guitars. Lorenzo concentrates on new, innovative designs and unique tonal body configurations. The top-of-the-line, D'Celli guitar is the incomparable "Radial Acoustic", labor intensive to build, awesome to look at and has its own unique tone signature. Other models include the "Integrated acoustic", "Typhoon", "Stiletto", "Compound vee" and the mini classic series. Finishes on all guitars are oil type, believing this allows the wood to breathe for a more natural sound. Highest quality electronics and hardware are incorporated into these fine hand-made instruments. All guitars are custom made to order. [Source: D'Celli web]

DCX   DCX Sound Custom guitars by Dave Carness, San Francisco USA. Started working on amps in 1992 and making guitars in 2004.

DD Guitars

Small custom electric guitarmaker


 Dean guitars logo

? 1978 to present

Dean Zelinsky created the Dean guitar in the attic of his Chicago home when he was just 18. [Source: Vintage Guitar Pro ]


Dating Dean guitars



Dean Guitar Catalogs

2003 Dean Catalog

2004 Dean Fall models | 2004 Dean Retail Pricelist

2006 Dean New Products Catalog

2007-8 Dean Catalog

2008 Dean Catalog | 2008 Dean Pricelist

2009 Dean catalog zip

2010 Dean catalog zip

2011 Dean NAMM Catalog | 2011 Dean USA Pricelist

2012 Dean NAMM catalog

2013 Dean guitars catalog

Dean Forum http://www.deanguitars.com/forum/

Christopher Dean

1985 to present

"I began making in 1978 but set up my own business in 1985 after studying at London College of Furniture and working for Paul Fischer.
My address is 23 Langston Priory Workshops , Station Rd, Kingham,  Oxfordshire, England. The date and number are both on the label visible through the soundhole.
" [Source: Christopher Dean, email 16/7/2008 ]

Images courtesy of Kent Guitar Classics:

Christopher Dean  guitar label Christopher Dean 2010


Deane guitar by Colorado Music Co 1960s. This example of a fibreglass guitar from ebay.  Was a single man operation.

Benoit de Bretagne


Deakon Roads

Electric guitars, Saskatoon, Canada

Images eBay:

DeArmond Guitars

De Armond guitar head stock logo


DeArmond brand originally used on pickups, effects and amps built by Rowe Industries. Brand used for Korean guitars by Guild/ Fender.


DeArmond models and pricelist 2001 (internet archive)


Dave Dearnaley   Dave Dearnaley makes a range of guitars to order Wales, UK
Dearstone 1993 to present Ray Dearstone, Blountville, Tennessee.
DeCava Guitars

1984 to present

Archtops, classical, ukes, banjos and mandolins. Made in Stratford, Connecticut, USA

"I started manufacturing instruments in 1984. The majority of them have the date written on the label along with the serial number." [Source: Jim DeCava, email 2/4/2008]

De Cava label 2002


mid 1960s

Decca brand guitars and instruments were made in Japan (by Teisco) in 60s.

Distributed by Decca Distributing Corp, New York, USA


Images eBay

Decca Guitar label New York Made in Japan


Decibel guitars are based in Toronto, Canada

Decibel guitar


Deersbridge acoustic guitars are made by Martin Wieland, Hersbruk, Germany

Deerbridge guitar label



Made since" 1975, Spring Valley, California U.S.A.
Dating Deering Banjos
The serial number. You can find this on the inside of the resonator or the inside of the rim.

The system has changed over the years, but the year the banjo was made is the last two digits before the last four. " [Source and images: David Bandrowski, Deering Banjo Company email 25/10/2010]

De Faoite Guitars

De Faoite Guitars - made in England by David White


Defiant brand guitars were made by Burns.



Defil guitar logo


Defil was a Polish guitar maker in the 1960s. [Dolnoslasa Fabryka Instrumentow Lutniczych]


Images Defil Aster made in Poland eBay:

Defil brand guitar

Images Defil Camber eBay:

Red Defil guitar

Image Defil Malwa archtop eBay:

Defurne Guitars   Gerard Defurne, France



De Genarro
2003 to present William DeGennaro makes acoustic, archtop and semi acoustics in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

De Gier Guitars and Basses

1996 to present

Sander de Gier apprenticed with Dutch luthier Robberts in 1995 and started his own shop at Schiedam, The Netherlandsn in 1996.  

Dating De Gier Guitars and Basses

Older instruments have the complete date on the back of the headstock  (f.e. 26114 - 26th November 2004), newer instruments have the date written on the heel of the neck.
I've included a picture of a custom headstock (reverse) date-sign of a custom bass for an endorser. The date and serial# are usually written on the heel of the neck." [Source: Gerard Vink, De Gier Guitars & Basses email, 25/9/2008]

De Gier guitar date serial number

De Gruchy Guitars

1978 to present

Totally handcrafted instruments by Luthier, Bryan de Gruchy, in his one-man workshop in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia



Frank Deimel has been building guitars since his early adolescence and started his professional business in 1998.

Deimel Guitarworks, Frank Deimel, Berlin, Germany

Daniel de Jong  

Daniel de Jong is a young Tasmanian luthier building guitars in the traditional Spanish style of Torres, Santos Hernandez and Jose RomanillosHis guitars feature rosettes handmade by his uncle, Robert De Jong. Image below from ebay August 2012.

Daniel De Jong guitar label 2001

Imre de Jonge


Imre de Jonge hand-crafted electric guitars & basses Ontario, Canada

Made since " 1978, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

Dating Imre de Jonge guitars

The serial no. contains model # or letter, guitar #, and the date:m/d/y of the first finish coat.
Most info is currently available at my website" [Source: Imre de Jonge, email 8/12/2012]

Image courtesy Ben van Dyk, Canada

 Imre de Jonge guitar serial number

Joshia de Jonge

Joshia had the advantage of learning from her father Sergei. Image from luthier web site.

Joshia de Jonge guitar label

Sergei de Jonge

1972 to present

Premium classical and steel string acoustics.  Originally made in Oshawa, Ontario and since 2004 in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

Images courtesy of Classic Guitar:

Sergei de Jonge toronto guitar label Sergei de Jonge Chelsea guitar label 2004

Manuel de la Chica


Manuel de la Chica was a Granada maker  (1911-1998). [Source: Zavletas ]

Image Danzeff:

Manuel de la Chica guitar label 1966

De Lacugo -2012 Tony De Lacugo or TDL guitars . Painted guitars. Retired 2012.
Ramon Delclos


Ramon Delclos established his workshop at Mendez Nuñez, Sevilla, Spain 1914. Flamenco and classical guitars.  After his death, his widow continued selling guitars with the label Vda de Ramon Delclos.  [Source: Zavaletas]

Image eBay;
Ramon Delclos guitar label

De La Haye

St Georges Drive, Pimlico, London UK. Models include/d Chrysanthemum, Lotus and Black Rose. The following info is from wayback machine pages around 2001-2002.

Each one is hand-crafted by master luthier Andy Manson who has been building fine guitars for over 25 years for the world's most discerning musicians.

De La Haye Chrysanthenum Page 1 | Page 2

De La Haye Black Rose Page 1 | Page 2

Delaney 2004-

Delaney guitars - Powder Springs, Georgia USA

"Delaney Guitars celebrated our 10th anniversary in May of this year.

Delaney Guitars are made in Atlanta Georgia (soon to be moving our shop to Austin Texas).

How can someone tell the date of manufacture?

Delaney Guitars uses a serial number to determine date of manufacture located either in the neck pocket on our bolt-on guitars or in the pickup cavity on our set-neck guitars. [Source: Mike Delaney, Delaney Guitars email 31 AUgust 2014]

De La Rue

Dominique Delarue, France

Images courtesy of Classic Guitar:

Dominique Delarue guitar label 2007


Candelario "Candelas" Delgado built his first guitar at 14.  Died in 1996.. The Son Manuel continues the tradition.

Image 1958 Delgado ebay:

Candelario "Candelas" Delgado guitar label 1958


Delicia - maker of guitars.

New York Times article

Bohemia Musico- Delicia

De Lisle


De Lisle guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals Zionsville, Indiana USA since 2008

Dating De Lisle Guitars

The serial number is located on a paper label in the control cavity. The serial number will have the following format:

The first four numbers represent the model, which in this case is a de Lisle Standard. The six numbers that follow signify the completion date (e.g., May 20th, 2008). The last number corresponds to the total number of model units built. [Source: De Lisle ]


1997 to present

John S. Kinnard is half owner and master luthier at Dell' Arte Instruments. He grew up in San Diego's north county during the sixies. California in that era was an especially fertile environment for those with a creative spirit. It was during that time that John first began building stringed instruments.

Later in the seventies, John and his then business partner, Peter Webster (now owner of a music store in Calif.), owned Heritage Guitar Works, located in Clovis, CA. While there, he also learned how to restore vintage stringed instruments.

He took a sabbatical from guitar making & repairs during the late 1980's and became involved in the jewelry business. John credits that time spent fabricating jewelry and cutting precious stones as helping to further hone his guitar making skills.

For a period of 4 years in the early 1990's, John went to work for Taylor Guitars. applying his knowledge and skills in the body department. In 1996, in quest of more artistic freedom, John opened a small shop under the name of Finegold Guitars and Mandolins.

In 1998, John met Alain Cola, a Frenchman living in the U.S. for twenty years. Alain, a long time jazz guitarist (in the style of the Hot Club of France) with a lifetime passion for Selmer/Maccaferri type guitars, was dealing in tone woods and musical instrument parts. Under the Dell' Arte Instruments brand, Alain had copies of Selmer/Maccaferri guitars and other instruments made in Mexico. Expanding his clientele of musical instruments dealers all over the world, Alain found himself in need of better workmanship for his guitars, and a more soldi base for his business. Alaoin & John began to talk about a partnership. In October 1998, Findgold Guitars and Mandolins and Dell' Arte Instruments merged. As of May 1999 all production of Mexican made instruments was stopped.

Nowadays, Dell' Arte Instruments offers a full array of stringed muscial instruments finely handcrafted in our shop with the best materials. [Source including photo of 2007 Pigalle guitar below: Lamberto Sanna, email, 13 May 2015]


Images Hope Street Music Emporium:

Dell'Arte guitar label San Diego California

Michele Della Giustina

Guitars from Italy


Delmundo guitars by Bob Alexander

Del Oro

Del Oro guitar head stock logo

Based on a discussion about cowboy guitars [Source: Cowboy Guitars (Book)  By Steve Evans, Ron Middlebrook, Roy Rogers] It would appear that Del Oro was (like Old Kraftsman) a brand of Spiegel and made by Kay in 1940/41


Del Pilar

1940s to 1990s

The Del Pilars William Senior and Junio are a Brooklyn, New York family of guitar makers.  See New York Times.

Based on this article production started in the 1940s and continues until at least 1993.

No more than 40 guitars produced a year. Signed, numbered and dated by the luthier (on the underside of the soundboard)

Image Musurgia

Del Pilar guitar label

Del Rey

This Del Rey label guitar was on ebay. ? linked to Tiesco which used the Tiesco Del Rey label in USA. [Source: Wikipedia]

Del Rio

Del Rio headstock logo


Images Del Rio guitar reportedly from 1946 ebay August 2012

Del Rio guitar 1946


See L for Del Langejans


2005 to present

Solid and acoustic guitars from Musicians Wholesale, Nashville, USA


In 1972 Judy Fink Beckmen and her husband launched a wholesale music business, Beckmen Musical Instruments, in Los Angeles.  They sold everything from guitar and band instruments to rhythm machines. The business later became Roland Corp. U.S., an electronic musical instrument company specializing in synthesizers and audio processing devices. The couple built the company into one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of electronic musical equipment.

In the company’s infancy, Beckmen worked in every department, from bookkeeping to marketing. The ’80s spawned dramatic developments in electronic music, and she found it exciting to be in the forefront of music technology. The Beckmens sold the corporation in 1993. [Source: University of Mary Washington]

Beckmen Musical Instrument Co Inc

Delta guitars Germany    

Delta Resonators


Handbuilt by John Alderson, Leicestershire, United Kingdom



Deltatone brand electric acoustic guitars, drums, amps and more. Made in China.

See Deltatone page at Wayback Machine

Thanks to Ben van Dyk for passing on this brand.

Del Toro   Del Toro guitars are made by Brian Deckebachwho has been building guitars in the Denve area for over 17 years (at 2014).
Delucci   Carbon fibre guitars

Del Vecchio

1902 to present

Casa Del Vecchio, guitars, electric guitars, resonator (dinamico), viola, cavaquinho, guitarra hawaiana, banjo, baixolão


Since 1902, located in Sao Pulo, Brazil. Chet Atkins, Eric Johnson, Earl Klugh and Wyclef Jean and Mark Knopfler are some of the international artists who have played our instruments. In Brazil, many artists use Del Vecchio Instruments. For more information, visit our Facebook page "Del Vecchio Instrumentos Musicais" or our website www.delvecchio.com.br [Source: Karen Del Vecchio, Wufoo 26/9/2014]


Del Vecchio at wikipedia

Images of Dinamico guitar by Del Vecchio. This is their most famou model used by Chet Atkins, Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler, Earl Klugh (its on the cover of a George Benson´s LP).

Images eBay:

Del Vecchio guitar headstock label Del Vecchio guitar label

Sao Paulo Brasileira


Ron DeMarino, New York. Linked with John Lennon


Demers Guitars

Jef Demers, Montreal, Canada

Demers Guitars at myspace

Demers guitar images Gbase


Demian were made in Japan ? 1960s.  A number of references to violing style bass guitars with the brand are available on web.  Pictures are at Violin Basses



DeMont guitars and pick ups Chicago, USA

Gary Demos Guitars

1992 to present

Gary Demos makes handcrafted guitars in Hilliard, Ohio USA.

Dating Gary Demos guitars

" I made my first instruments in 1992.  I write the date on my label, as well as the underside of the sound board." [Source and images courtesy of: Gary Demos, email 21/8/2008 ]

Gary Demos guitar label



Richard Deneve Dobros, Pennelleville New York. Images Bernuzio


Cheap guitar and amp packages

Jack Dent 2001- Jack Dent guitars was founded 2001.


Denver brand acoustic guitar was mentioned on Vintaxe foum. Info needed.

De Paule Stringed Instruments

1969-1980, 1993 to present

C Andrew De Paule, Eugene, Oregon

Image ShopGoodwill - thanks to James Noble of Columbia University for bringing it to Jedistar


Tabo Derecho 2000- Mr Tabo Derecho makes guitars in Manila, The Philippines
Kris Derrig   Kris Derrig (1954-1987) . The Gibson 59 Les Paul guitar at thSlash of Guns and Roses played in the 1980s was actually a replica built by Kris Derrig. [Source: Guitar Shop Magazine 1996 @ Slashworld] Apparently it was this replica which made Gibson cool again at a time when their fortunes were low.

Des Lauriers


Des Lauriers guitars were only made for a brief period of time (under 10 years). They were first manufactured in Japan at the Matsumoku factory and then production moved to Korea and then finally Taiwan. Fender Forum.


This was a short-lived brand late 70s to early 80s. The guitars were made in Asia (Japan, Korea, and Taiwan). Google groups.

Images of Des Lauriers guitar from Korea. [Source: Time Steward, Wufoo 27 June 2015]

Robert Desmond

1991 to present

Classical guitars Orlando, Florida

Image Desmond:

Robert Desmond guitar label

De Temple


Michel De Temple, handmade custom electric guitars, custom pickups, custom bridges and saddles. Sherman Oaks, California

Deubreuille Guitars

"I started to make guitars 25 years ago .

The dating on my instruments is the number of the guitar on a generic way ex 001 or 0243
follow by the month and year of fabrication . ex 056 09 1996 .
The guitars I have made for famous people is always 33 . ex 33 06 2001

You can also find more info on my web site ; www.dubreuille-guitar.com

or myspace ; www.myspace.com/philippedubreuilleguitars " [Source: Philippe, email 6/4/2008]


1995 to present

See Rockinger

Ethan Deutsch

1997 to present

Ethan Deutsch makes Classical and Flamenco guitars in Seattle Washington, USA.  Ethan performs as a flamenco guitarist under the name Mario Amaya

"I started making guitars around 1972, and have only done so under my name, Ethan Deutsch.  My guitars generally have a label with the date written on it, except in the case of some "seconds." I also generally sign and date the underside of the soundboard, which would be viewable with an inspection mirror only.  I haven't used serial numbers." [Source and images: Ethan Deutsch, email 11/3/2009]

Ethan A Deutsch USA guitar 1998 Ethan A Deutsch Seattle 2003

Lyle Devenport

Made entirely by hand by Blaine, Minnesota luthier Lyle Devenport. Based on examples seen on line he makes steel string acoustics and archtops.

"A couple of years ago on a trip to MN I purchased a Devenport classical guitar: CCK5 c.1982. Cedar top, koa back and sides, cedar neck, all solid woods. I contacted Lyle and by his records, it is one of his first guitars (possibly #5?). At some point early in his career, he began naming each guitar and most of them have original names provided by his customers. He was not sure why mine didn't have a name, however, he said his records were less complete in the
early days. While we were on the phone, he looked in his book and estimated that he had made about 117 guitars by that time (2008) and was not really producing much currently." [Source: Mike Hathaway, email 10/62010]

Arum Devereux   Accousti Guitars are hand made in England by Arum Devereux in Dartington, just out side the historic town of Totnes in Devon. Guitars are made to order, designed to each customer's taste.

Devillain Guitar Company makes the Centrefold travel guitar. Made in northern Sweden.

Devillain travel guitar

De Ville

  There are many examples of De Ville branded guitars on google including copies of Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Danelectro and Ovation - solid, hollw bodies and acoustic. The headstock was from a 1970s Japanese made guiatar bearing the De Ville headstock logo.

DeVine Guitars

2002 to present

DeVine Guitars is luthier Eric DeVine. Handcrafted guitars and ukuleles made in Lahaina, Maui, USA.

Uses Kasha principles.

"The date is listed on the label inside the guitar.:" [Eric DeVine, email 22/11/2008]


1991 to ?

Founded by Headway Guitars in 1991. [Source: Guitars Japan ]



Here is the current list of Deviser brands: [Source: Guitars Japan]

  • Headway
  • Momose
  • Bacchus
  • Deviser special specification
  • STR - DSD (Deviser Special Division) by Satoru Yatsuzuka
  • EVO - DSD Team built
  • Stun Rise - DSD by Kiyohito


Devlin Guitars is a Division of SHS International

Devoe Archtop


Following information is from Wayback Machine.

 "I am a lone artisan working from my modest home here in Holiday, Florida. At the age of 16, while living in Miami, I played my first guitar. Soon thereafter, I was introduced to the art and science of guitar-making by a local luthier, who taught me how t o do my own fretwork and exposed me to some of the finer points of luthery. At the age of 16 I entered the work force, first as a mechanic, then as a welder/fabricator, then as a machinist, and finally as a tool and die maker. After twenty-five years of fabricating everything from racing wheelchairs (Top End Inc), to AC Cobra replicas (in the capacity of working supervisor/tool designer for kit car manufacturer, Everett Morrison), to plastic injection molds and stamping dies, I gathered up my acquired sk ills and returned to my first love guitar-making and in 1994, built my first guitar. Earlier in my building career I would leave my instruments with a guitar dealer friend of mine here in New Port Richey in the hopes of getting player feedback (people can be brutally honest when your not there!). Fortunately, I was strongly encouraged by what I heard and pressed on, refining my designs with each guitar. Then it happened, a guitar that stood out as superior to those I had built previously. Even better, I knew exactly what I had done to get that sound, a sound that I felt was better than that of any available factory-made instrument. That guitar was Marc Sosnoff's (see Gallery); it is now five years old and, I' ve been told, playing and sounding great. Encouraged by Marc and other friends, I started this website and staked my claim in the guitar-making business. Since Marc' s, I have built more than 60 archtops. There are now five DeVoe owners with two of my instruments and, at this writing, Ardo Marriucci has a second in the works, Matt Raines and Larry Camp has a three!.

I currently make an average of 10 guitars a year. Thirty-four of these are showcased in the Gallery page of this site. I do not have a catalog. By keeping the cost of business to a minimum, I try to make my archtops affordable to most players. These are, first and foremost, players guitars. Personally, I"d rather make 10 affordable instruments each year, and get them into the hands of players - than 4 or 5 highly ornate museum pieces.

My main objective in musical instrument making is to optimize both sound and playability. Pick up one of my guitars and you are likely t o notice is that it is very lightweight. In fact, at an average of 5 and 1/2 pounds, my guitars weigh in at a full pound less than most other archtops. My guitars are light by design, a factor that I believe contributes to their lively response and complex tonal characteristics. I see my guitars as acoustic instruments first with pickups as an afterthought most customers are more than happy to play them unplugged!

I use only the finest top-quality woods that are available in consistent supply and that have been seasoned in humidity-controlled storage. While I build in traditional styles, with (a no need to reinvent the wheel) attitude, I continue to improve on traditional elements as with my bridge and tailpiece designs.

Each guitar, comes tap-tuned by hands and ears with sensitivity to the player\rquote s needs. I do not use laminates! All woods used are from solid billets. Top and back plates are grad uated and are offered with many options of bracing. Final tonal outcome is done by feel and ears and not by "building it to the numbers"

While my standard and custom offerings will suit most tastes, I am more than willing to accommodate special requests. Please feel free to call and chat with me about what you may have always wanted in an instrument. " Info from 2003
Pricing for a barebones Devoe archtop was $2,700 USD in 2006

Pickups were by Kent Armstrong

[Source: intenet archive ]

Copyright pictures 2006 Devoe Archtop courtesy www.archtop.com

Lester DeVoe

1975 to present

Nipomo, Central Coast, California

Image 1999 Classic Guitar, 2004 Guitar Centre Australia:

Lester DeVoe guitar label 1999 Lester DeVoe guitar label 2004

Devon Bass

1993 to present

Will need to contact manufacturer per: "My instruments are handmade since 1993 and don't have a conventional serial number system. I remember each one individually and know when I made them." [Source: Devon, email 22/3/2008]

Dewey Decibel

Dewey Decibel flip out guitars

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