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updated 13/1/2016

BJ Guitars 2005- Making and selling Billy Joe Armstrong (Greenday) inpspired guitars since 2005.


Bjarton guitar headstock


Bjarton was a Swedish guitar company that existed between 1946-1990. Bjärton was also the manufacturer of acoustic guitars branded Hagström, Tarrega and España. [Source: Bjarton Tribute site ]

Bjarton guitar catalogs



see Hagstrom



Bjurmark guitars were made by Mr. Bill Bjurmark. They were made in Babylon, L.I., N.Y [Source: Scott McCagg]

Images 1969 Bjurmark guitar eBay Feb 2010:


2005- Black guitars was established in 2005 by Jon Free, Church St, London.

Guitar & Bass Repairs
With over 25 years of experience in guitar repairs, Black Guitars was established in 2005 and soon managed the Guitar Repairs Workshop at Rose-Morris on Denmark Street, London WC1. Black Guitars currently provides specialist Guitar Repairs and Custom Work for Macari's Musical Instruments on Charing Cross Road, London, and for North London Music Centre in Enfield

Custom Guitars
BLACK ROSE ARCHTOPS are a small range of Painstakingly Rebuilt Vintage c.1950s Archtops, introduced in 2004.
These one-off Restored Vintage Beauties are built using a Handmade European Archtop from the 1950s as a chassis, which I then structurally re-engineer and electrify to rival or surpass classic Vintage Gretsch designs.

TIN-TONE Guitars are a range of innovative Metal-Bodied Resonator Guitars, launched 2009.
Hand-Made from Adapted Antique Parts, these were inspired by the ingenuity of the antique Cigar-Box Guitars which launched the careers of many early blues players. Each Tin-Tone is Unique, and has an evocative and timeless sound all of it's own!

Adam Black

Adam Black Guitar Company, Braintree, Essex, UK

Adam Black at myspace

JW Black 2002-

JW Black was taught the basics of guitar building in the mid 1970s at his home shop in Bethlehem, PA. He worked in a local Allentown, Pennsylvania Music Store doing repairs and set ups until he found work in Kansas City in 1980 at Swift Music Repair , where they did all aspects of guitar repair and building . He also had a repair shop that shared the same building with Jim Colclasure and Guitar Music in Kansas City focussing on classic vintage guitars .
From 1986 he worked with Roger Sadowsky in his New York City shop. While there he also moonlighted for Rudy's Music Stop where John Suhr ran Rudy's repairs and building.

From 1989 to 2002 he worked as a Master Builder for the Fender Custom Shop . He left California in 2002 and now lives in Oregon, doing pre-1969 Fender restorations for select Vintage Guitar Dealers around the country and paint aged bodies and necks for other guitars builders .
He also build traditionally influenced Fender style instruments , with modern touches for his friends in Japan.



? Polish

Black Bear current at 2012

Black Bear ukuleles (and some guitars) by Duane Heilman, Yakima, Washington USA.

Thanks to Paul Ferris, WAm, USA for tipping me off to this brand and that Duane used to make guitars.


Blackbird gutiar headstock

2006 to present

Since 2006 Blackbird guitars are made in  San Francisco, California USA . Joseph Luttwak, Troy Stevens are the founders. All guitars feature carbon fiber, hollow neck and head construction for increased resonance and reduced weight.

Dating Blackbird guitars

Serial number starts with month then year e.g. 0809 would be September 2009.

[Source: Joe Luttwak, email 30/8/2009]


Black Carbon   Black Carbon™ is a British company, building it's own distinctive range of guitars. [Info Wayback Machine 2009] Made in Huntington UK
Black Diamond Custom 2000-

Black Diamond Custom Guitar Shop made since 2000

I have been building and rebuilding and customizing guitars for over 30-yrs in one form or another for musicians, also some celebrity musicians....every guitar i build is a personal challenge for me to do my very best, i build the old fashioned way...."By Hand" no C &C machines or computers here!
it may be more labor intensive but the end result is worth the extra effort...i do this as a "Labor Of Love" !!!
I ONLY use top grade raw materials in my shop as can be seen on my website www.blackdiamondcustomguitarshop.com
there you can see tons of clients pics of guitars i have built, or customized, everything is done by me only right her in my shop in the USA!
Dating Black Diamond Custom guitars
All my headstocks are stamped "USA MADE"
any totally hand built headstocks are stamped "BD USA" as of 2013
from 2008 to 2011 some series guitars such as PSTV (Paul Stanley Tribute V's KISS) are stamped in one of the pickup pockets with a three digit serial number e.g. 001, 002, etc.
ALL guitars built or re-built in my shop have a Black Diamond TRC installed. if you are in doubt please feel free to email me direct because i keep detailed pics and info on file for every guitar i have ever built or rebuilt. [Source: Mike Binder, email 11/8/2013]

Black Diamond Custom

Black Diamond Strings

1890 to present

Black Diamond Strings have been made in Florida USA since 1890.  The idea for including strings in this collection came from a request from antique dealer who was seeking information about old instruments he had come across.  One guitar had these old strings in the case:

Black Diamond Strings 1930s-40s

I referred them to Black Diamond and they were kind enough to provide the following comment: "It is hard to tell exactly the decade the vintage strings were made because they used the red envelope package for many, many years.  My wild guess would be 30's or 40's." [Source: Black Diamond, email  29/9/2008]

When I started playing in the mid-1960s, these strings, with the same package design as in your photos, were the "least common denominator" as the cheapest and most widely distributed. For guitar, they only came in one gauge. The brand name came from the synthetic diamond dies the wire was drawn through. I believe at different times, they were made in Chicago and in East Brunswick, New Jersey by the National Musical String Company, which may have had an affiliation with the Harmony Company. I think they were probably still available with the same design into the early 1970s or maybe even later.

The attached photo (below) is of an old unopened package from my old days. Note the 5-digit postal "Zip Code" in the company address. That system was introduced around 1962 or 1963, and remains in use today. Earlier USA postal codes were two digits between the city and state, but the lack of either code on a product label doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the date of the item thanks for your great website!" [Source: Bill Ruxton, Millersville, Maryland, USA WUfoo, email 9/3/2015]

Black Dog

Current at 2009/10

Black Dog Guitars from Canada.

Image Sue Blow, Ontario, Canada

 Black Dog guitar


Blackhurst Custom Guitars. Sacramento California USA. The website first appears in 2000 according to Wayback Machine but there does not appear to have been much action since then.

Images ebay April 2012

Blackhurst telecsater

Black Jack


Violin body guitars and basses made in Japan. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide]

Black Knight

2008 Black Knight is an entry level brand of electric guitars. Since 2008 Chinese-made range specifically designed for the UK importers, Gear4music
Black Machine   Doug Campbell, London, UK

Black  Mountain


Black Mountain dulcimers since 1972

Black Owl   Handcrafted cigar box instruments by David English. Each one is built in his garage workshop and each is unique.


1958 to present

Tom Blackshear has been making guitars in, San Antonio Texas, USA since 1958.

Image courtesy of Guitar Salon:

Tom Blackshear Guitar Label

Black Smith   Black Smith guitars are made in Athens, Georgia USA

Patrick Alexander runs Blackspot Guitars from his workshop in Bristol, UK.

All instruments are unique, with even the choice of inlay material or components influencing every other design decision - keeping each guitar individual and specific to your requirements.

All timbers are sourced from ethical suppliers.


Blackstone guitar - Brand made in Japan 1960/70s. [Source: Ben Van Dyk, Canada, email 1/2/2013]

Model 1247 Youtube

Blackwater Customs

Martin Blackwell


Martin Blackwell guitars, Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada

"Martin Blackwell started building guitars in 1991. He works from his shop on a forested acreage on the west coast of Canada. Blackwell builds traditional and double top classical guitars. The guitars are very light and powerful with a traditional tonality." [Source Martin Blackwell, email 25/10/2010]

Blackwell guitar

Blackwood   Blackwood guitar company Canada. Guitars by Ted Brown who picked up his first guitar in 2011 and started making a short time later.


1987 to present


Blade Advanced Concept by Gary Levinson, Made in Switzerland since 1987.


Blade catalog 2004


Images eBay:

Blade-1 -1994

Guitars with headstock label Blade - 1 created by VMI Sebring are seen on ebay from time to time. Apparently they are a brand from Korea. According to a Guitarsite thread the company ended in 1994.

James Blake

James Blake Guitars Rothley Leicestershire

2009- " I make a few instruments available through my site as well as to order. This is a process which has evolved gradually over the last ten or so years. I suppose I just took the guitarist tinkering thing to the next logical level. Other people started liking what I was doing and gradually the business developed (though still small and remaining hand built).
I first registered the domain name jamesblakeguitars.com about 4 years ago. This represented a "commercial offering" beyond word of mouth. As my instruments are handbuilt and thus I enjoy a relationship with the end user, I've never really got round to designing or applying a logo. So far there's one exception to this when I was asked specifically to state where the instrument was built. I attach the pro forma I used along with a photo of the back of the instrument showing the plate in situ. This is something I anticipate making a regular feature on future builds.

All instruments are built one at a time in my workshop in the midland village of Rothley, situated between Leicester and Loughborough.

How can someone tell the date of manufacture for your guitars?

They can ask! I photograph each build process. As with the logo question, you touch on something that I really ought to get around to.

Up until now I've used a Telecaster silhouette consistently for my builds. I've decided to move away from this by subtly re-designing the body and headstock shapes to mark them out as a unique design. Any traditional Tele design will have been made (or at least started) before January 2013.

Attached picture. I'm on the left with the scarf. (credit Claire Hubbard) [Source and images: Richard Blake, jamesblakeguitars.com, email 30/4/2013]


Blakhart guitar serial number


The Blakhart Guitar Company, Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA. Guitars for the metal guitarist.
"Blakhart began manufacturing in January of 2012. Blakhart has manufactured primarily in China on production up until July of 2013. All production is now Made in Korea. We also do Hybrid builds in which bodies/necks are imported and the product is painted/stained/routed and dressed in the USA.
How can someone tell the date of manufacture for your guitars?
Blakhart products up to our Korean production is serial number coded with origin, date and location.

2013 Blakhart guitar catalog [Source and images: Chad Petit, owner, email 19/7/2013]

Chad Petit owner Blakhart guitars

Blanchard Guitars

1994 to date

"The date is written on the label.: [Source: Mark, Blanchard Guitars, email 20/3/2008]

Blanchard anatomy lesson http://stevewildey.com/Blanchard/welcome_to_the.htm

Images eBay:

David Bland   see Siesta Keys

B L & F

circa 1925

Barth Lutchen and Feinberg New York circa 1925 [Source: Mugwumps]

Images ebay March 2012

Blast Cult 2011-

Blast Cult guitars.

Buddy Blaze  

Buddy Blaze started building and “hot-rodding” guitars in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area of Texas in 1985.

Buddy joined Kramer in 1987 as a guitar designer and artist relations director.

Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed instruments was founded in Kailua Kona, Hawaii in 2005. Relocated to Dallas Texas in 2012.

Blazer & Henkes


Rudolph Blazer and Wilhelm Henkes build guitars in their Tuebingen workshop, Germany.

Blind Buddha   Blind Buddha guitars are sold on ebay.

Edmund Blochinger

Edmund Blochinger bio at Guitar Salon

Image: Guitar Salon

Edmund Blochinger guitar label

Blount 1985 to present Kenneth H Blount Jr, Sebring, Florida USA. Acoustic flat top guitars.


Steve Blozen, classical guitarist and luthier. He made stringed instruments for Tamburitza music .  There wasn't enough money in that so he opened up a shop. [Source: eBay].

His shop was in Newark, NJ (Down Neck Section, Esther St).  He initially made Yugoslovian stringed folk instruments in about the 1960s. He expanded to making guitars as the market for his folk instruments was rather limited. [Source: Music Electronics Forum ]

Examples of his folk instruments

Images eBay:

Blue Bell

By Fuji Gen Japan in the 1970s - copies of Martin etc.


current at 2009

Blueberry guitars, Bali, Indonesia. Some have quite ornate carvings.



Built by Oscar Schmidt. Blue Bird painted on headstock


  Bluebird Guitars is a eco-friendly brand of 100% hand made guitars. Bluebird & his partner Gian Maria, both italian musicians and luthiers, created and developed this line of solid body guitars & accessories.
Blue Frog   Blue Frog guitars are made in the USA. Established 2009 in Music City, Tennessee by Larry Morton

Blue Line


Blue Line guitars made in the USA

Blue Lion

1977 to present

"Labels include model number, serial number and date of completion." [Source: Robert & Janita Baker, Blue Lion Guitars & Dulcimers, email 23/3/2008]


Blueridge guitar headstock

1980s to present

Blueridge, a brand of Saga Music

Blue Rocker Customs


Blue Rocker Custom guitars, Sanford, Florida USA. As well as some refreshingly different shapes they also sell amps.

Blue Rocker Customs started as a paint and restoration company for guitars and basses back in 2004
started doing custom builds in 2012.
All guitars and basses are made in USA in the state of Florida where my shop is located.

Serial # are hidden on every guitar in different places and only given to the owner.
If someone buys a used model they have to call us for the serial numbers.
and prove ownership through our verification posses.

Our logo has never changed and never will. [Source: Andrew Rocker, Owner Blue Rocker Customs] 

Blue Roth

Blue Roth guitar found on Kijiji Ontario March 2012, thanks to Ben van Dyk

Bluesboy Jag

Bluesboy Jag, cigar box guitars by Bill Jagitsch, North Little Rock, USA

Bluesouth 1991-2004

Bluesouth guitars were made 1991 to 2004 in Florence/Centerstar, Alabama USA.
Founder was Ronnie Knight, still living in the North Alabama area and is not in production or actively building guitars are more. Chris Quillen (1969-1996) was among many Bluesouth players and a engraving of him holding his Bluesouth Muscle Shoals model is on his tombstone; it is featured in the Drive By Truckers DVD Secret to a Happy Ending…. Warren Haynes and Woody Allen of Gov't Mule both owned and played Bluesouth guitars and basses respectively. Woody has since passed, the where a bouts of his bass is unknown, but likely is with Warren.

Only roughly 300 were produced, each has the signature 61/49 crossroads shields at the 12th fret and unique signature body shapes; Muscle Shoals, Macon, Clarksdale are a few of the models. There is also a signature "Jimmy Johnson" model telecaster style guitar that was made and a few (possibly two) one off bolt on necks. All models except the Jimmy Johnson are glued in necks and are in the more Gibson vein of production and aesthetics.

[Source: MicahColonna, Wufoo 19/3/2014]

Blue Star Guitars

1991 to present

" Although I was building acoustic guitars and various and sometimes odd stringed instruments since 1978, the first Blue Star electric instrument, the Travelcaster, was designed in 1991 and went into production in 1992. All of the Blue Star Guitar CO. guitars, mandolins, banjos and ukes are stamped with a sequential serial number on the back of the peghead. In addition, the neck pocket and butt-end have the date (Mo/Yr) penciled on. Lapsteel guitars and dulcimers have the serial number and date written in either the pickup or control cavities on the body." [Source: Bruce Herron, Paw Paw, Michigan, Blue Star Guitars, email 24/3/2008]

Main distributor http://elderly.com/brand/BLUE%20STAR.html

Blue Suede

Blue Seede guitars by Jackson-Guldan:

Image and info http://www.solie.org/earlsguitars/bluesuede1.html

Blues Guitar Factory

2000 ish

Ong Corporation - web site existed in 2001.

Pictures from internet archive: Original Blues Model, Otis V, The Man

Blues Guitar Factory Original Blues Model Blues Guitar Factory Otis VBlues Guitar Factory The Man

Bluesman Bluesman vintage guitars by John Scott
Bluesouth 1991 to present Ronnie Knight, Muscle Shoals Alabama

Blues Tone


Custom electric guitars made in Victoria, Australia by Stuart Eadie.

Bluesville   see JD Bluesville

BM Espana

Made in Spain.

Image eBay:

BMS Guitars

1995 to present

Made since 1995. I have a shop in Brussels since 1997.

No serial number, sometime the date, if I don't forget! [Source: BMS Guitars, email]

Boaz Elkayam

see E for Elkayam

Joe Bochar  

Joe Bochar, JBG guitars.

JBG is located in Santa Clarita, California

John Bogdanovich Guitars

1996 to present

"I began building guitars in 1996. The early labels had the date and a serial number. I stopped putting a serial number on the label after a few years but all labels still have the year the guitar was built. At about the same time I also began to burn my signature and the year into the fingerboard patch under the top for authentication which can be seen by inserting a small mirror in through the soundhole." [Source: John, J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars, email 26/3/2008]

  Found a Bogey branded telecaster guitar on a Netherlands online market plae for 75 Euro - obviously not a high end copy.
Rex Bogue   Rex Bogue guitars and electronics San Gabriel, California


Joseph Bohmann was a Czechoslovakian stringed instrument maker, born in 1848. He emigrated to America and formed Bohmann’s American Musical Industry in Chicago in 1878. He continued to build many kinds of stringed instruments until around 1930.



Bohmann catalog

1899 http://www.harpguitars.net/history/bohmann/bohmann2.htm

Image 1900 Bohmann Parlor Guitar label Vintage Instruments:

Joseph Bohmann guitar label


Chuan Yin Musical Instruments Co. Ltd.

At least some guitars with the Boeing Guitar label had another name on the headstock including Clayborn.

According to an eBay auction for a Marina brand guitar also made by this company -



Images ebay and Bruunari:

JS Bogdanovich


Guitar building career began in 1997 on the northern coast of California in Fort Bragg. Completed woodworking program at the Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods then J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars was launched in a small storefront shop off of Main Street.

The shop was later moved from Fort Bragg to Albion where it was located on a llama farm owned by Pat and Jerry Thomas. The shop was built in the hayloft above the barn. Part of the rental agreement included caring for the animals one week out of every month.

In 2004 the shop was moved to Asheville, North Carolina and in 2007 a move just down the road to Swannanoa.

Bohemian   Bohemian oil can guitars

BoleroBolero headstock

Bolero brand guitar - found this one on ebay - Made in Japan.  Nylon string bridge - steel string style tuning.

Note, however that this Bolero branded guitar below and left also found on ebay Sep 2013 is Made in Holland, reportedly in 1950s and made by Egmond.

Bolero parlour guitar Egmond

Bolero Made in Holland

Georg Bolin

Georg Bolin, Swedish luthier, piano and furniture maker,  developed the  "Altgitarr", which means Alto Guitar in the 1960s. It usually has 11 strings, but some models have up to 13.  [Source: Alto Guitar ]


Image ebay

Bolin Guitars

1978 - present

John Bolin, Boise, Idaho



Bolin Shelby Cobra - ebay August 2014


1985 to present

Marc Boluda, France

Bombshell Guitars

Bombshell Guitars headstock

John Mayes, builds acoustics, ukuleles and electric guitars.  John started building from a book then worked with Dana Bourgeois for a while before setting out on his own. [Source: The Gear Page]

Alberto Bonafini



Bond electraglide headstock


The Bond Electraglide was a carbon fiber electric guitar manufactured by Bond Guitars between 1984 and 1985. Mick Jagger bankrolled the company that made this guitar and his brother ran the company. The guitar was innovative, with a unique stepped fingerboard instead of frets, but rather sterile sounding. It had LED indicators for volume controls and a unique molded fingerboard. They allegedly spent over $150.000 in tooling just to make the molded cases that came with the guitar! Mick Jones of the Clash played one for a while.

The Bond Electraglide was matte-black, 3-pickup, with a unique stepped aluminum fingerboard (anodized black) instead of traditional frets. Pickup switching, volume and tone controls were completely digital, powered by a large internal motherboard.
The player selected pickups via five pushbuttons; volume, treble and bass were incremented numerically via digital rocker switches, confirmed by a three-colour LED readout.
The guitar required an external power supply pack and given the state of engineering at the time, was relatively bulky; it never really caught on in the marketplace and only about 1400 units were ever manufactured. [Source: wikipedia]




Images eBay:

Bond Electraglide guitar

Bond Guitars

1987 to present

Bond guitars - hand made guitars since 1987 by Mike Bond, Austin Texas, USA.

"1987 is the year I built my first guitar.

I split my time each year between my house in Austin Texas USA, and a cabin in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado USA. I build them with hand tools so I can get all my shop into my Volvo wagon along with any guitar bodies I am currently building. My work space is a 24 inch by 40 inch surface that also goes with me to both homes. As the website shows, I try to most of the building process outside as I like the open air more than an indoor shop setup. This is allowed due to the Colorado June ? October and Austin TX October thru May arrangements. I can also pick up and to Tennessee or any
other location and do exactly the same thing.

My maternal grandfather built violins in a small Appalachian mountain town in Virginia by the name of Wise, VA.

Dating Bond guitars

Each guitar has a signed and dated label inside that is visible from the sound hole. The first two characters of the serial number (which is stamped in visible spots on the neck block and tail block) indicate the model
(ie: DB ? dreadnaught bluegrass model
DF ? dreadnaught fingerpicker model
DC ? Dreadnaught cutaway
EL- electric six string
The numbers that follow these indicators are the serial numbers.
Example? DC ? 1024

[Source & images: Michael Bond, email 13/4/2010]

Boogie Body Guitars

Boogie Bodies was the original parts company started by Warmoth and Ellsworth, who were responsible for making the parts for the famous striped guitar EVH built for himself out of maple. [Source: Harmony Central]

Boogie Body Guitars is a licensed trademark of Lynn Ellsworth

Image Used Guitar Sales:

Boogie Body Guitar

Images left and below eBay:

Martyn Booth


Martyn Booth has been making handcrafted guitars, in Suffolk, UK since 2000 .

Bootleg Guitars


Bootleg guitars was founded by Jon Hill, former owner of Hill Custom guitars. Bootleg launch July 2011 NAMM.

Bootleg guitars catalog 2011 [Source; Alan, Bootleg guitars, email 15/6/2011]

Bootlegger   Bootlegger guitars, amplifiers and pedals. The amps are made in Shenzhen Musical Instrument Company in China and rest of gear probably from same part of the world.
Bordignon   Brdignon guitars are custom made in St Petersburg, Florida USA

Boreal Guitars

Philip Ramer, luthier. Custom-built guitars. Winnipeg  Canada



Borg branded guitar found at Reverb.com for sale in California December 2014. Cannot find anything on this brand.

Borges Guitars

Borges guitar headstock logo

2001 to present

"I think it was 2001 that I ended my partnership with Schoenberg Guitars and started Borges Guitars. So lets call it 2001.

Dating Borges guitars

All of my guitars are signed and dated inside, just below the bridge patch/ above the top tone bar.

During the last couple of years I've made them easier to date, as well as easier for me to keep track of. The four digit serial # branded into the head block give the date and number guitar for the year. I.E. 0704, 07 is the year (2007) and 04 is the 4th guitar built that year." [Source: Julius, Borges Guitars, email 20/3/2008]


See Schoenberg

Born to Rock Guitars 1992 to present

Born to Rock aluminum guitars.

Dating Born to Rock guitars

"Born to Rock Guitars and basses have serial numbers stamped on them. We have a data base of serial numbers. You would have to make an inquiry about a particular number." [Source: Rob, www.BornToRock.com, email 20/3/2008]

Roger Borys


Roger Borys began building guitars in 1974. Doing guitar repair and making custom flattops paved the way for the first carved archtop made in the 1978. By 1982 there were 33 Borys Guitars, including seven archtops, some with suspended pickups and some with built in pickups.

Between 1980 and 1983 Roger Borys worked in collaboration with jazz great Barry Galbraith and luthier James D'Aquisto to develop a professional quality jazz electric. The Barry Galbraith BG100 with laminated top and builit-in pickup was made for performance and playability.

While making the BG 100 for many top players, other Borys models evolved. In 1985 the Barry Galbraith BH100 was named the DELUXE and two more JAZZ ELECTRICS were introduced, the JAZZ SOLID and the CUSTOM. From the DELUXE they go in a more electric direction with two pickups and more sustain.

The JAZZ SOLID looks like a solidbody, but plays like an archtop. The resonant body gives the amplified sound its voice. The CUSTOM is a thinner hollowbody with great sustain. With jazz style tailpiece and ebony bridge, they are true JAZZ ELECTRICS. Stud-mounted bridge and tailpiece take them in a blues direction. In 1985 the first seven string DELUXE was finished and a seven string JAZZ SOLID followed in 1987.  [Source:  Wayback Machine ]

Made Burlington Vermont USA

Roger Borys catalog

Borys guitar brochures 12MB pdf

Images Folkway Music

Bossa   Bossa guitars


The Botar® was developed by Thomas Dramm - guitar and bow.

Boucher Guitars

2005 to present

From the Boucher web site - There's a long tradition of quality behind Boucher Guitars. Noted musician and Cabinetmaker Norman Boucher founded Canada's first acoustic guitar manufacturing company (Norman Guitars Inc.) in the tiny Quebec village of La Patrie in 1968.

Together with his son Claude, Norman began to make and sell a guitar inspired by the CF Martin design, featuring a Dreadnought-type body and an X-shaped bracing under the soundboard.

In 1988, the family closed its store, selling the company and its trademarks; Claude continued to make some acoustic guitars, but not commercially. In December 1997, Norman Boucher passed away, leaving his son Claude the legacy of a master luthier.

In 2000, after more than ten years of research and improvement, Claude decided to craft high-quality acoustic guitars using only the best components, such famed Adirondack red spruce. He began to stock raw material and share is passion with his son Nicolas.

In 2005, Robin Boucher the nephew of Norman Boucher, joined his cousin Claude to start the (Boucher Guitar Products Inc.) & (Boucher Adirondack Collection Inc.) companies. The tradition continues
"Name : Boucher Guitar Products Inc.

Address : 40 route St-Francois

City : Berthier-sur-Mer ( where the guitars are built )

Quebec, Canada

Starting date : March, 2005

Identifying and dating Boucher Guitars

Serial Number label Coding System:

It works with the 4 following steps: Series, Prefix, Suffix & Digits

The first thing to be determinate is the series of the guitar.

4 Series are available: Genuine, Studio, Artist & AVT

Will follow

Prefix: To determinate the guitar model.

The first & last letters of the model name are the S/N prefix.

Example: WT for Walnut Goose or CY for Cherry Goose (always 2 letters)

Suffix: To determinate the guitar size

Example: D for Dreadnought, J for Jumbo, OM for Orchestra Model & 000

Digits: The first guitar built of a series & a particular model begin by # 1001

Example #1: (Studio) MY 1005-D

Is the fifth (Studio) Mahogany Goose model built in Dreadnought size.

Example #2: (AVT) MY 1005-D

Is the fifth (AVT) Mahogany Goose model built in Dreadnought size.

Example# 3: (Studio) MY 1005-OM

Is the fifth (Studio) Mahogany Goose model built in Orchestra Model size.

Finally, the month and the year of making always appear on each guitar S/N label." [Source: Robin Boucher, email 22/4/2008]

Robert Bouchet


Robert Bouchet (1898-1986) was an artist/teacher who began playing guitar in 1932 and made his first one in 1946. Just over 150 guitars made in Paris, France.

Image: Guitar Salon

Robert Bouchet 1956 Guitar label

Dominique Bouges

DB Guitars

Dominique Bouges (DB Guitars) are made in France.

Boulder Creek


Boulder Creek Guitars was the born from an idea that was developed over 15 years ago by Mike Shellhammer. Mike, having spent his life in the music industry as a musician, store owner and product developer felt that there was a better way to brace a guitar than what was considered standard.

Mike’s idea was based on the theory that, if he was able to develop a suspended bracing system that would support the string tension of an acoustic instrument while leaving the soundboard intact, and moving the sound hole to the side of the guitar, it should sound better and create better tone and sustain. This idea was the birth of Boulder Creek Guitars.

Through trial and error- testing of prototypes and materials, the idea and the realization came together. Aluminum rods became the key component, as they provided the needed strength.

“The aluminum rods transmit the strings vibration and energy throughout the body of the instrument creating a tone balance and sustain that have made Boulder Creek Acoustic instruments the award winning instruments that they are today” said Shellhammer.

Boulder Creek has developed an instrument that does not experience the same feedback issues associated with the “standard” acoustic guitar.


Dana Bourgeois

1974-1999 &  since then with Pantheon.

Dana Bourgeois produced more than 1,000 guitars in his own right and in October 2000 investors joined him to form Pantheon. Still made under Bourgeois name. Made in Mayne, USA

Dana Bourgeois history compiled by David Gansz of the Rockbridge Regional Library, Lexington VA sourced from the Internet Archive

Dating Bourgeois Guitars


Bourgeois pricelist

2000 Bourgeois pricelist and specifictions

2006 Bourgeois pricelist and specifications

2009 Bourgeois pricelist and specifications

2013 Bourgeois pricelist

I'm a fan of Bourgeois Guitars - here's the label from my Vintage D 2005 (sold 2014):

Bourgeois Vintage  guitar label

Update - I sold my Bourgeois dreadnought in January 2014. Not because I didn't love the sound - I think it was without doubt the best guitar sound I have ever heard. I wanted a smaller body guitar for reasons of comfort. If I can ever afford it I will one day own a Bourgeois 00.

Bruno Boutin 1976 to present Bruno Magog, makes guitars in Magog, Quebec, Canada



Bouvier Guitars and Basses, Hand Made in the USA, Ocean Gate, New Jersey

January of 1996 Dennis Bourke was asked by world renowned bass luthier Michael Tobias if he could procure a few pieces of Corian® for use as neck nuts in his custom bass guitar line, Michael Tobias Design®.

Dennis was able to locate a piece of Corian® (actually a scrap piece of bone-colored counter top) for Tobias, and also some promotional material from the company. The brochure included pictures of a Fender Stratocaster made entirely of Corian®. Fred Stuart at the Fender Custom Shop was quoted as saying "the tone was surprisingly rich and consistent from instrument to instrument, unlike wood."

Bouvier Guitars™ was formed to make the incredible tonal properties, durability, and compelling good looks of Corian® available to the discriminating musician. [Source & images: Wayback Machine}

Bowerman   Jayson Bowerman
Bowler Bros   Bowler Bros guitars are strat and tele copies.

Ralph Bown

1981 to present

Ralph Bown, Walmgate, York England.

Images courtesy of Nicolas Dussart, France 2008

Ralph Bown 1993 guitar label


BowZen guitars are madeby Frank Deimel in Germany - presumably the same Frank Deimeil from Deimel Guitarwork and sold at guitarwash.de

Box Guitars

1991 to present

Stu Box developed prototypes in the late 1980s, with the first SR-648 production guitars made in LA in 1991.  In mid 1992 Stu returned to Australia and focussed on 12 strings which have evolved into today's models.


1967 to present

James C Joyce makes guitars in North Falmouth, MA, USA since 1967

Dating Boyce guitars

Date is written on signed label of each instrument.  [Source: Boyce ]

Bozo Podunavac

1960s to ? current

Bozo Podunavac is a Serbian born master luthier raised in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and served his apprenticeship with master luthier Milutin Mladenovic . He emigrated to US in 1959, moved to Chicago in 1964 and began building guitars with his name "Bozo" on the peg-head. [Source: ebay]

Japanese production run for a year or so in the 1970s by Kazuo Yairi.


Bozo guitars pricelist

Bozo guitars price list 2000

Bozo Guitars price list 2004

Image (1975) eBay: From this image and the purported date the first 2 numbers of serial = year of manufacture.

Bozo Podunavac guitar label and serial number

1979 label and 1972 neck block ebay:

Bozung mid 1990s- Chris Bozung, Fairview, Tennessee, just outside Nashville, has been building guitars since the mid 1990s.
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