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 luthiers and guitar brands



A-Aj | Al-Am | Arm-    updated 21/6/2016


Anahola Stringed Instruments

Anahola guitars and violins are made by Mickey Sussman, Kauai, Hawaii, USA


Pierre Anastasio

Pierre Anastasio

Pierre Anastasio luthier ( -d.2007) Montreuil. Made guitars in France from the 1960s

Photos of Mr Anastasio


Images eBay:

Pierre Anastasio guitar label Pierre Anastasio guitar



Anboy guitars were a brand of Fujigen, Japan - at least during the 1990s.  If you search for "Anboy" on Google - don't get much - so try searching for "Fujigen Anboy". There appears to be both 'Anboy' and F&C Anboy brands.



Anboy Catalogs

From the Fujigen 2001 internet archive Anboy 1 2 3 4

Image below and left bottom ebay



Anchor guitars are assembled and setup in Vancouver BC Canada.

"The Anchor Guitar Studio and Guitar line both started in 2010. The guitars are made in Canada. A full serial number system is in place. As we are young they would have to contact us to find out the date.

Our guitar shop was birthed out of the Sparrow Guitar Company, the training of our workers and a majority of our inventory is from the Sparrow Guitar Co. A description of our shop is on the front of our homepage. AnchorGuitars.com

Photo of Tim McLeod's workshop/soldering: Jay Delaney Photo [Source; Tim McLeod, email 19/3/2013]

Andalucia   Andalucia guitars are made by Hosco Japan.


1973 to present

Steven Andersen built his first guitar in 1973 in a guitar shop in Phoenix Arizona.  This shop then became the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery.  Now

Steven Andersen makes flattops, archtops and mandolins in Seattle, Washington USA.

1999 Andersen Priceguide

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson guitars , Burlington, Vermont, USA

Dave Anderson


Dave Anderson Port Richet, Florida USA since 1992.

" About 1992 I started building acoustic guitars.I also do a lot of repair work in my shop.
They are made here in Port Richey, Florida in my home shop. I do everything myself including the traditional nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Dating Dave Anderson guitars
The date and serial no. of manufacture are on the inside label. [Source and images: Dave Anderson, email 1/3/2013]

David Anderson guitars David Anderson guitar label

HS Anderson


Made famous by Prince who played a HSA Telecaster.  HS Anderson guitars were made by Vestax and or Moridaira (not sure if these are the same) in Japan during the end of the '70s. HS Anderson later sold the rights to Hohner in Germany and continued to make them in Japan but with the Hohner Logo still in HS font. For a time they were available with wither HSA or Hohner logo. Hohner reissued the tele in the 80's with a tortoise red pick guard and Hohner Font logo. Then again in 94 they reissued it calling it the Prinz with a non Fender like headstock due to threats from Fender. [Sources: Telecaster.com Airline forum, Vintaxe ]

HS Anderson examples



H.S. Anderson catalogs


1970 http://guitar.webinjp.com/70guitar_catalog/HSANDERSON.htm

see Hohner

Images eBay:

Images HS Anderson Mad Cat 1978 ebay March 2012 including head left.

Tom Anderson


Tom Anderson logo

Neck plate has date of manufacture and letters A (morning) N (noon), P (afternoon)

Detailed production specs via this data base: http://www.andersonguitars.com/serial.html



Anderson guitar forum http://www.andersonforum.com/

Tom Anderson Catalogs

1987-1998  http://audiozone.dk/cm/jackson-charvel-guitar-catalog-scans.php?cat=11

Images eBay:



Lap guitars. English company


Andona Guitars

1995 to present

Andona electric guitars and archtops are made by Antony Brajdic in Topolovac, Croatia



Andre brand guitars, made in Japan 1960s.

Image eBay:

Andre guitar


Joseph Andreas

Joseph Andreas classical guitars, Bavaria West Germany

Image Classical guitar Delcamp


Andreas Guitars

1995 to ?

Andreas Guitars Production (aluminium necks) Dollach, Austria

2003 interview with Andreas Pilcher - from here it looks like that at that time 30 guitars a month were being hand made in Austria.

It also appears that Aria were the Japanese importer

Andreas Shark Guitar


Aaron Andrews 1992- Aaron Andrew custom guitars, Seatlle Washington, USA. Aaron has been making guitars since 1992.  

Andrews Creations

1982 to present

"My all hand built guitar manufacturing began in 1982 with solidbody electrics.  These are signed and dated on the back of the headstock.

My acoustic all hand built guitars began manufacture in 1994, and are easy to identify with the tag visible inside the soundhole.

My all hand built amplifiers began manufacture in 2007, and are signed on the chassis, with only heads available at this time.

All of the above are made in my shop in Kasilof, Alaska." [Source and image courtesy of: Andrew Hanrahan, email 6/10/2008]

Andrews Creation headstock signature


Andrews Guitars

1993 to present.

The date is on the plate on the back of the guitar. Rick Andrews

Andrews Hot Rod Guitars  

Andrews Hot Rod guitars ar emade in the USA. Fender partscasters Made in the USA. Current at 2014.



Anea  guitar headstock


Anea guitars, Made in Japan? same manufacturer as Daion guitars. Both acoustic and electric models seen on ebay.

Images eBay

Anea guitar label

Angelfield   Angelfield guitars are made by Thomas Körössi and his bother Tibor. Germany  

Tom Anfield

  Tom Anfield custom guitars, Cornwall, England  


1967 to 1975

Angelica, a brand name used by UK importers Boosey & Hawkes.  Entry level guitars and basses based on classic American designs. Made in Japan.  [Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day, The Guru's Guitar Guide ]

Reviews are at Harmony Central

Angelica Model 9600 Made in Japan Guitar
Image Angelica circa 1970s from eBay: Note this label goes with the B & H headstock logo bottom left.

Angelika   Guitars designed by Hermann Hauser III.  


1975 to present

Randy Angella, classical and flamenco guitars since 1975. Concord California USA

Angella guitar co 2009


Angry Angus


Strat and Telcaster copies made in USA

"We started building Angry Angus Guitars in 2008. We build the guitars in Massachusetts, USA.

Dating Angry Angus guitars

 We do not use a dating system but we keep a log and can identify approximate build time.

The guitars are marked with a serial number.

We have a facebook page under Angus MacWood and a website.
I have attached a photo of one of our custom builds with the headstock visible.
We never show ourselves, but I've attached something that is the closest you can get. Here is the "official" authorized story of our company..........
In the quaint little New England town of Belligerence, Massachusetts, on the beautiful Rhine River, sits a small brick building, which houses the Mac Wood & Cousins, Millwrights and Coopers Company.
They were originally known for crafting the storied Oak aging barrels used by the infamous Scotch Whiskey distillery Mac Plastered LTD. When Mac Plastered closed, the Mac Woods were left with far too much free time on their collective hands and Angus, Woodrow and "Porgy", decided to handcraft vintage influenced electric guitars." [Source: Angus, email 2/5/2012]



1976 - present

Mark Angus, flat top guitars made 1976 to 2000s in Laguna Beach, California.  Mark currently makes guitars at the Guitar Shoppe




Anson guitar head.

Anson guitars ? an Australian brand. Made in Japan. Gibson copies including Melody Maker, Les Paul Special and SG have been reported. [Source: Rob Hoffman, Australia, email 23/8/2010]



Antares guitar headstock


Japan/Korean budget instruments imported to US by Vega Music International, Brea, California.


Image eBay

Antares guitar label



2008 to present

"Anthem Guitars are a proprietary line of guitars of Chesbro Music Co designed for, marketed to and distributed solely to Independent Music Stores." [Source: Benson Taylor, email 29/7/009]


Des Anthony

  Des anthony makes custom guitars in Pinjara Hils, South East Queensland  
Michael Anthony   Michael Anthony guitars, Loveland, Colorado USA  

Antigua Casa Nunez

Image Ballabio:

Antigua Casa Nunez guitar label 1948 Antigua Casa Nunez guitar label


Antique Acoustics

1970s to present

Luthier Rudolph Blazer, Tubingen, Germany


Antique Noel

? current model Japan. Acoustics and metal bodies on various Japanese sites.

Antique Noel guitar



Antoria headstock

1950s to present

ANTORIA GUITARS were first introduced into the UK from Japan in the early 1950s. The Guitars were originally imported by JT Coppock (Leeds) Ltd and Charles Summerfield Ltd.

Up until the end of 2006, the brand was owned and distributed by the late John Lawson who probably acquired it in the 1980s.

In 2007 Adam Hall purchased the Antoria brand from John Lawson and re-introduced these instruments into the World market. The Electric Guitars are now produced in Korea, and arrive at the dealers in the UK after being professionally set up at the Adam Hall facility. The Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic models are produced in China from the best quality woods, bindings and inlays. [Source: Antoria ]
Other Antoria information sources



Images eBay:

Antoria guitar neck plate


AO Guitars

AO Guitars headstock


Andrew Olson, Freeport, Maine USA.

Andrew worked for Spector Basses the Michael Tobias (MTD) before establishing his own shop at home in New York, then moving to Freeport in 2005.


Headstock image courtesy of Andrew Olson, AO

Aparicio Guitars

2001 to present

"Mr. Aparicio start making guitars since he was 14 years, he start his business before with partners.  The Aparicio Guitars start on 2001

Manufacture date- by serial number which you can find on the guarantee certified.

The first number are the year the second is the month and the last is the number of each guitar

All guitars are hand made in Valencia Spain and we use the best wood. All our tops are solid.." [Source: Maria Rose, Aparicio Guitars, email 2/4/2008]

Image courtesy of Guitar Salon:

Antonio Aparicio guitar label


Antonio Pinto Carvalho guitars Portugal



1976 to present

Oliver Apitius mandolins, Shellburne, Ontario, Canada




Apollo guitar headstock


Japan. Entry level imported to US by St Louis Music.

Images Apollo Guitars

Apollo guitar

Images Apollo guitar courtesy of Gene A Nunn




No relation to above currently made in Canada




Applause guitar headstock

1976 to present

Kaman Music value line, Ovation style acoustics and a limited number of solid body electric guitars..

Images ebay

Ovation Applause guitar

Applause strat copy



2001 to present

Luthier Brian Applegate, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA . Image GBase

Brian Applegate label



Guitars made in Japan.

Images eBay:

Aquarius guitar label



Guitars with the name Aquila were imported from Japan by Favilla Guitars, Inc. in the late 1960's to 1973 [Source: http://www.catfish1952.com/favilla.html ]

see Favilla



Aquilla ? Lyon and Healy

I came across this guitar on eBay. Centre strip Trade mark is American Conservatory. Advertiser says it is Lyon and Healy.

Images eBay:

Aquilla guitar logo



1978 to present

"the guitars have a label and the date is written on the top right hand corner." [Source: Kevin Aram, England - custom classical guitars, email 19/3/2008].

audio samples http://www.guitarw.com/music.asp

Kevin Aram 1995 Guitar Label

Image headstock courtesy Kent Guitar Classics

Label image Trilogy Guitars




Korean company




Teiscos imported into the UK [Source: Wikipedia ] Arbiter was a UK importer. Image courtesy of Wutzdog Guitars

Images Arbiter SG courtesy Rod Allsopp

See Dallas Arbiter



1983 to present

Imported to US by Musicorp (MTB)

Images eBay:

Arc Guitar   ARC Guitar Al Calderone  is a full-service Guitar Workshop located in a 104 year old historical building in the quaint city of Winters, California.  
Arcane   Arcane guitars are made by Anthony Celestini  

Arch Craft


Budget brand (Acoustics) produced by Kay: [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

Image from eBay: Specification:

Body length: 20"; Overall length: 41"; width: 15 1/2 "; thickness: 3 3/4"; scale 25"; nut 1 3/4"; frets: 19.

Arch Craft guitar label

Ken Archard   see Mariner  


Robert Arconti, custom guitars

Ardsley   Ardsley branded guitars were made by Crcianilli - for American market.  
Arendse 2001- Claire Arendse is based in Sydney, Australia. She made her first guitar in 2001.  



Arezzi guitars are handmade in Australia by Frank Arezzi.

Archer Guitars current Distributed by Dynamic Music Distributing, Milwaukee, USA

David Argent

1990s to present

Black Forest, South Australia


Image courtesy of Classic Guitar:

David Argent guitar label




Made in Japan ? Distributor Lyowa Shokai [Source: Music Trade]

The Manufacturer is Chushin Gakki (Jackson manufacturer)  Argus was top model brand of Kyowa in 80's.

Images eBay:
Argus guitar




Aria Pro II

The Aria Pro II


1958 to present

In 1954 guitar teacher  Shiro Arai began importing guitars, sheet music etc from Europe to Japan. He founded Arai & Co on 2 August 1956 in Nagoya, Japan.  The  first Japanese made guitars with brand name Arai (not Aria) appeared in 1958.  In 1958 Aria imported Fenders to Japan and in 1963 they offered their own electric guitars with the Aria brand.  They then found that the Aria brand was being used by Kawai, so went back to Arai.  Guyatone manufactured the first Aria electrics but from 1964 Matsumoku was used.   [Source:  Paul Alcantara, Guitar Buyer, November 2006 ]

Dating Aria Guitars



Aria guitar catalogs http://www.matsumoku.org/models/aria/aria_catalogs.html

Aria Pro II catalogs 1977 - 1985 http://www.matsumoku.org/models/ariaproii/ap2_catalogs.html

1983 http://brochures.yokochou.com/en_index.html

Aria acoustic catalogs 70, 76 and more including Elecord http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1.htm


Forum http://www.matsumoku.org/ggboard/index.php

see Matsumoku

see Univox

Images courtesy of (1971) eBay,    & Sulger & my son (Pro II Cardinal head)

Aria guitar label Aria guitar label

Image of Aria Pro II Urchin Made from 1982-84
24 frets, ebony fingerboard, brass nut, Maple neck through with Walnut stripes and Ash wings.
Dimarzio Tonezone pick ups. [Courtesy: John Gudgeon, email 12/5/2015]

"The Aria Pro II" (not to be confused with "Aria Pro II") these were the masterbuilt series of hand made guitars from the Matsumoku plant
1978-1981 This one is a Prototype PE1000U
Having the "The" attached to the front end of the logo is the easiest way to recognise the masterbuilt series
They were hand made on the bench one at a time and their numbers were extremely limited . [Source and images: Kenn Gordon, email 21/6/2016]


Aria Diamond


Brand name used by Aria in 1960s.

Arai Diamond catalog 1978 http://www.matsumoku.org/models/aria/catalogs/78_diamond.html

see Aria

Images eBay:

Image below of Aria Diamond Trini Lopez 1962 courtesy of Kenn Gordon, email 10/7/2013.




Acoustic and electric guitars made in Indonesia.  There is obviously a relationship between Ariana and Aria (sponsored by).

Images eBay:




Gustavo Arias


Vicente Arias


Vicente Arias (1840-1913) made guitars around 1870. He lived and worked in Ciudad Real, and at the end of his career he had a workshop in Madrid. [Source and first image courtesy of Raphaella Smits]

Images Classical Guitar forum:

Ariel Japanese guitar logo
  This headstok logo is from a Les Paul copy, found ebay. Made in Japan ? 1980s. [Source: Ben vanDyk email 1/4/2014]  


Aristides current at 2010    

Fetish guitar


see A for JG Abbott



In the 1960s Aria produced guitars and components for labels for brands including Arita [Source: Big Red Toybox]

Distributed in US by Newark Musical Merchandise Co [Source: Blue Book]

Images 1985 eBay

Arita guitar label


Found an Arizona guitar on ebay Australia.  Acoustic guitar with pickup, made in China 1993

Image eBay:

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