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info    updated 17/11/2015



S2 Amplification


Sabre amp - a brand of Chicago Musical Instruments - the company that owned Gibson till 1969.

Image Sabre Reverb 1 eBay:


Bassplayer article at wayback machine


Image Sadowski SA200 Bass Amp eBay:

Sadowski SA200 Bass Amp

Saint George

St George Viking designed by Ed Massey [who designed the Fender Champ] after he left Fender in the mid 1960's.He designed the Viking for Anthony St. George of St. George Music Supply in Hollywood California. As with all the St. George gear actually designed in California [instead of Japan] it has the St. George family crest on the front. [Source and images ebay]


Vestavia Hills, AL

Sam Ash

I found this Sam Ash Fuzz Boxx on ebay in 2010. Apparently it is from the 1970s.


Samick is a large Korean company making pianos, guitars (Greg Bennett  brand) and amps under the Samick brand.


Sano amplifiers were manufactured by Sano Corp, Irvington New Jersey USA in the 950s and 60s. see http://www.larryjohnmcnally.com/sano_amps.html

Sano schematics

Image 60s SANO 250R eBay:

60s SANO 250R amplifier Sano Corp



Sanox Stereo Chorus effects pedal


"In 1989, after ten years exhaustive research and development with world-class guitar amplifiers, a tired but victorious B. Andrew Barta launched his unique SansAmp. This revolutionary pedal-sized tube amplifier emulator enables musicians to dial in monster tones and patch them directly to a studio mixer or stage PA. Its discrete 100% analog circuitry uses a hyper-realistic tone structure that includes mic and speaker simulation with pre and power amp distortion characteristics. Finally, it was possible to get stunning, consistent tones without brutalizing amps, heaving speaker cabs or futzing with microphones to find that elusive ‘sweet spot.’ Instead, the SansAmp delivered all of its mammoth sounds from a pocket-sized pedal." [Source: Tech21]

Image eBay:

Sans Amp


Satellite amplifiers, San Diego California USA

"The first amps were made in 2001. Each one has a written signature inside the chassis with a date of manufacture (see below). Since 2004 there has been a stamped serial number on the outside of the chassis, that also includes a letter code designating which model it is. There is a log book that has the manufacturing dates of each one made that is available if someone needs that info specifically. People buying used ones are encouraged to contact me directly about that if they want to. The amps are all made in San Diego, CA" [Source: Adam Grimm, Satellite amps, email 2/10/2010]

Satellite amplifier


Savage amps were made in the 1970s by Soundlab Musical Instruments, Abbotsford, Victoria [Source: Ozvalveamps]

Example and image Rod-stuff:

 Savage 85 amp head

Savage Audio

"Savage Audio, Inc. began building high-end guitar amplifiers in 1994. Our very first amplifier was built for musician Beck and was used on the Grammy Awards broadcast the same week. We have been in continual production since.  All Savage amplifiers are handmade.

Savage Amplifiers are made in Savage, Minnesota, USA.  In addition to amplifier production, Savage is the largest service center for amplification in the Midwestern sector of the United States.

Date of production can be found on the tube chart inside the cabinet as well as on the chassis ." [Source: Wally Marx Jr, Savage Audio, email 10/12/2008]

Image Savage Audio:
Savage Audio amplifier head


Image Saxon amp ebay


Scar amplification - began as Surf City Amp Room - Made in USA


Schaller is a pick up and guitar component manufacturer now. In the 1950s their main product line was guitar amplifiers. [Source: Schaller]
Image 1960's Schaller KV10 transistor amp. Made in Germany courtesy of Jim Quinlan, Peru.


Schecter Amplification , Sun Valley California

Schecter Amplifier catalog 2013



Schroedr Audio makes valve amplifiers, speaker cabinets and effects in Chicago USA.

From this image at the Schroeder website you can see that the boost pedals are dated in handwriting inside the case.


Scion amps made in Newcastle, New South Wales Australia

Examples Ozvalveamps

Image eBay:

Scion solid state stereo amp


Scuffham software amplifiers

Scumback Speakers

Scumback speakers manufactured since 2004.

Made in Kokomo, Indiana, USA by Weber VST on a proprietary basis.

Dating Scumback speakers

They now have labels with the manufacture date, but this only happened earlier this year. Before then approximate dates can be given based on label type/color/etc.

White sticker on frame edge on earlier models, sticker (currently) on the frame spoke with the model #, wattage, ohm rating and manufacture date. I also put a label on the back (last two years) that notes the model, ohm, power, magnet type, bass response (75 or 55). [Source: Jim Seavall, Scumback Speakers and Cabinets, email 26/5/2010]


Scumback speakers has moved the production of all speaker models in-house in California and now controls all aspects of their manufacture. They are no longer made under subcontract by Weber in Indiana. [ Source: Jeff Jourard, email 6/1/2012 ]

Image eBay:

SDG Vintage

Steven D Gupta since 2005. Virginia USA

Image eBay:

Sears Sears amps
Seismic Audio Image eBay:


Sekova were USA made transistor amplifier from the 1970s. This example is from ebay.



In the early 30's Selmer was the first UK musical company to sell amplification equipment - made by the Operadio company, which was imported from the United States. In 1935 the company commenced producing amplifiers under the Selmer brand name, at Charing Cross Road. [Source: and for more general Selmer info see http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/gallery/gallery3/stor.html ]



Selmer catalogs/ ads


Selmer schematics



Selmer amplifier head

Image eBay

Selmer  Zodiac Twin 50 Truvoice



Serrano Custom amps built by Andre Serrano in Porto Alegre?, Brazil. He's known for his harmonica amplifiers.


Session amplifiers since 1979, English company. [Source: Session history page ]

Images 1986 Session ampvand 1987 sticker  eBay:

Session Amp


Setchell-Carlson of St. Paul Minnesota - 1940s at least. Radio manufacturer

Images ebay:

Seymour Duncan

Image Jeff Beck advertisement 1986 Seymour Duncan amps eBay

[click to enlarge]

Click to enlarge

Seymour Duncan amps, some made in US - others ? China. Better known for pickups.

Seymour Duncan catalogs

2004 Seymour Duncan catalog

2006 Seymour Duncan catalog

2009 Seymour Duncan catalog

2011 Seymour Duncan Zephyr Brochure

Images Seymour Duncan Tara amp eBay:

Seymour Duncan amps Seymour Duncan amp

SG Systems

SG System amps were by CMI Electronics El Monte California

Ad on left from 1975 (click to enlarge) and other images - ebay


Image Shaftsbury amp circa 1963...runs on one tube rectifier, one el 84 and a 12ax7 preamp. Has a 8 inch speaker - ebay Oct 2011



Sheldon Amps are made in Birmingham, United Kingdom since 2002. [Source: Francois, email 25/6/2009]

see Low Watt Amps

Image courtesy of Francois.

Sheldon amps


Valve amps, Melbourne, Australia.

"We started manufacture back in 1990 with the Signal Station preamps and  power amps.  All amps we made on the premises and most were made by myself as it is today.
Usually the date is on the inside the amp on a sticker." [Source: Dale Sherlock, email 15/8/2008 ]

Image of amp number 3, made 1997.

Sherlock amplification





Image eBay:

Shinei_Companion_combo amplifier

Sho Sho Amplification was founded in 2008 in Syracuse, New York USA. Makes hand made amplifiers.


Sho Bud and Sho Bud Custom amplifiers, Nashville Tennessee, USA

See guitars for a lot more information about this brand

Pete Drake uses Sho Bud amps - this is a fun article

Sho_Bud schematics

Images eBay;

The first amp is a Sho Bud Twin Tube Amp - from the Serial Number plate you can see that it is a re-branded amp made by Baldwin Piano and Organ Company Cincinnati Ohio USA

Sho Bud Custom amp logo Sho Bud


Shure Incorporated is an American corporation originally founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Illinois in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits. [Source: Wikipedia]

Image Shure Vocal Master PA amp eBay:


Tube amps were introduced in 2000. Serial number is the sequence number with the last four digits MMYY. [Source: Chris Siegmund, email 30/3/2008]

Tube effects pedals were introduced first in 1999. Serial number is the sequence number with the last four digits MMYY. [Source: Chris Siegmund, email 30/3/2008]


SIB effects USA


Silvatone amplifier projects.

Silvatone Chunky Amplifier head








Silvertone amp schematics


More Silvertone schematics


Simms-Watts - a British manufacturer of amps and PA.

Seen some from the 1970s also. Apparently stopped manufacturing around 1976.

Unofficial Simms-Watts Homepage

Simms-Watts schematics


Images eBay:

Simms Watts amp simms watts

Simon Bradley Deluxe

Simon Bradley Deluxe 4 channel Hog amp found on ebay. Made in Scotland


Simple Amps

Joel Jones is the designer and builder of Simple Amps.

"We began Serialized production runs in 2009.

Everything currently in the market was manufactured in Laguna Niguel, CA. I moved operations to Franklin, TN in the Fall of 2009 and went through a financial partnership split in Dec of 09. Due to economic instability and a small over run on 2009 productions, a 2010 production run has yet to be made. Currently we will fill orders on demand.

Dating Simple Amps

Date of manufacture is serialized. On the Traveler Series a hand written serial numbers appears on the lower left baffle along with a matching number on the back of the chassis. Big Iron series use the same serialization but is label on the bottom of the chassis, typically under the power switch.

Format is XX###### - "XX" are the initials of the builder.

First ## is the year - 2009 would show up as 9, Second ## is month, and third set is unit number in production for that particular month.
JJ90506 - JJ - was built by Joel Jones in May of 2009 and was the 6th unit of the month.

Only Initials used are JJ(Joel Jones) and SG (Sean Griffith) - employee provided by ex partner.

Any units that have no serialization or no screen printing are prototypes." [Source: Joel Jones, email 10/6/2010]

Images eBay:


Singletone valve amps, Buenos Aries, Argentina


65 Amps

65amps are the product of Sheryl Crow's guitarist, Peter Stroud, needing to find a low powered solution for Sheryl's low stage volumes. [Source: Music Zoo]

North Hollywood, California, USA

sixty five 65 amplifier head

Reviews are at Harmony Central

SJB Audio

SJB Audio Reviews




Sligo Sligo amps - Vintage custom hand wired amplifiers at affordable prices


see Sonic Machine Factory


Smicz amplification was making amps at least until 2004.  Southington CT, USA

Manufacturers of the PORTABLuEs 110, the worlds first all-tube AC or battery powered guitar and harp amplifiers.

East Coast amp shootout.


Image courtesy of Dave Owens

Smicz Amplification

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