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Mack amps

"We started manufacturing amps in 2006. All Mack amps are hand made in Toronto, Canada.
Dating Mack amps
Our amps carry a sticker that includes a serial number, but unfortunately that number does not represent a date code. The only way to determine the date of manufacture would be to contact us with the serial number and we would look it up in our records.
Attached are some photos that I hope are helpful that show the serial number sticker and the front and back of our chassis with logos." [Source: Don Mackrill, Mack Guitar Amps email 16/9/2010]

Mack Skyraider Mack amps serial number

Mad Guitars

Guitar effects pedals


On May 2nd 2000, the day his daughter Madison was born, Andy Hitch created Madison Amps.  They were made in Loveland, Colorado USA.

Company ended 2010. http://www.madisonamps.com/index2010

Images eBay:

Madison amps Madison amp Colorado USA

Mad Professor

Mad Professor effects and amps - handmade in Finland.

Guitar Amplifier magazine article Mad Professor amps

Mad Professor Little Green Wonder effects pedal

Mad Sound

Mad Sound amps and cabinets were made in Raleigh, North Carolina USA.  Specialised in detuned cabinets.

Search for http://www.madsound.com/ at wayback machine

Gallery of photos at wayback

Image  Sean Fokes, President and founder from Internet Archive.  Mad Sound Bedrock Custom head.

Sean Fokes Mad Sound amp maker Mad Sound Bedrock amp


Maestro amplifiers were made by Gibson, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Maestro catalog FSH-1


Maestro schematics


Maestro guitar amp Maestro Gibson Kalamazoo


Maestro effects are a current maker


Maestro Effects Technical Service Manuals (from Dredge Tone Internet Archive)

Maestro Fuzz

Maestro Fuzztain

Maestro Stagephaser

Maestro Phaser

Image Maestro Fuzztain & Sustainer eBay:

Maestro_fuzztain-pedal Maestro


Magnatone amplifiers 1937-1971.

The Magnatone name was owned at various times by Magna Electronics Company, Magna Electronics Inc, Estey Electronics and the Estey Musical Instrument Corporation. [Source: Brad's Page of Steel]

Zack Engineering Unofficial Magnatone Page

Magnatone articles



Magnatone schematics (from Dredge Tone Internet Archive)

Magnatone 260A

Magnatone 460

Magnatone 480

Magnatone - Estey schematics


Images Magnatone Varsity amp by Magna Electronics Company. circa 1955 Los Angeles California eBay:

Magnatone Varsity

Images Magnatone Custom 260 by Magna Electonics Inc (circa 1959)

Image 1962 Magnatone by Estey Electronics Inc, Torrance California

Image Magnatone Estey Electronics Inc, Hicksville New York amp eBay: Circa mid 1960s

Magnatone amplifier logo and control panel


Mahaffay amplifiers, Aliso Viejo, CA USA


Maine amplifiers were made mid 1970s to early 1980s in Rickmansworth road, Watford, England
Built like a tank. Usually Transistor combo's are most common, but there do exist bass heads and PA heads. The guitar combos have an uncanny valve-like sound, especially when a bit of drive is applied.
The combo here is a 2 channel 100w job, with a massive spring reverb tank, 2x yellowback Celestions and weighs about 65lbs! It sounds fantastic but I've never gigged it at more than about level 6, even when next to the drummer, it's so loud. [Source: Ian Burton UK Wufoo, Sep 2016]


Image Maison Photogenic amp Yahoo auction:

Photogenic by Maison amplifier


Image Mako brand Piranha model amp from the 1970s by Kaman ebay

Mako Amplification

Mako amplification started in 1990 by Andrew Swellolner.


see Mansley in guitars


Manortronics amps have been made since 2008 in Sussex, UK [Source: Terry Whitehouse, Manortronics, email 19/3/2010]

Developed the Lady Deadlock circuit in 2009 and . The first Lady and Baby Deadlock Amps were released in 2010. He also more recently makes guitars.

Marble amps

Margasa Margasa amps by Daniel Margasa. He also makes guitars, including at least one under Hangar 13 brand.

Mark Bass

Markbass started manufacturing in 2001. DV Mark (our guitar amp brand) started in 2010.
Everything is manufactured in Italy (San Giovanni Teatino).
Dating Mark Bass amplifiers
The products have serial numbers and also indicate the year and month of manufacture. [Source: Peter Murray,  Mark Bass, email, 7/1/2011]

Marlboro Sound Works

1970s and 80s. Solid state amps distributed by Musical Instruments Corp, Syosset, New York.

Images eBay. The 30A Marlboro amp was made from 1981 to 1984 according to ebay seller:                         

Marlboro Sound Works amplifer logo

Apparently the GA2 is from the 1970s. Note it is made in the USA. Source: eBay

Marloboro Soundworks amp


Marmac Electronics - The Sligo based company Marmac Electronics Ltd produced a range of PA and instrument amplifiers and speaker cabinets in the 1970's that were widely used in the Irish Showband scene of the time.

Mars Effects

Marsh Amplification

Marsh amplification, Weston Florida USA

Image Marsh Overlord amp ebay



Marshall amp

In the early 1960s Jim Marshall was a drum/percussion retailer in Hanwell, London. He expanded his line to guitars and amps. Fender amps were popular but expensive and Jim thought he could produce them at a better price.
Jim Marshall copied the 1959 Fender Bassman. The main difference was he used four 12 inch Celestions in a closed back cabinet vs the Bassmanís four 10 inch Jensen speakers with an open back. Initially using US amp parts he switched to UK components to save money. The switch from 6L6 to the KT66 valve gave Marshall amps a more aggressive tone. Eventually the KT66 became too expensive causing the jump to EL34 and even more aggression. In 1973 they switched to Printed Circuit Boards. [Source: Wikipedia]

Dating Marshall cabs and amps


Barcode version: http://www.blamepro.com/mar/date.htm

Non barcode: http://www.blamepro.com/mar/date1.htm


Other Marshall amplifier information and examples

Marshall Arts

Vintage Marshall guide

Google Book partial The History of Marshall


Technical history http://www.lynx.net/~jc/marshallAmps.html

Marshall Schematics





Marshall amplifier ads, catalogs and pricelist


Marshall amps UK pricelist 2004

Marshall product catalog 2006

Marshall amp catalog 2007
Marshall amp catalog 2008

Marshall amps catalog 2009

Marshall amp catalog 2012

Marshall amp reference books at Amazon

A History of Marshall The Illustrated Story Of The Sound Of Rock

The Sound of Rock : A History of Marshall Valve Guitar Amplifiers

Jim Marshall the Father of Loud: The Story of the Man Behind the World's Most Famous Amp

The High Performance Marshall Handbook: A Guide to Great Marshall Amplifier Sounds


Marshall forums

The Marshall Amp forum

JVM Forum

Marshall Italia

Image eBay:

Marshall amplifier head


see MJW


1970 Martial amp catalog


Martin branded amps were made by Rowe Industries Toledo 1959-60.  They were the same as those made for De Armond. [Source: Vintage Amps forum]

There were also larger amps with Martin name including the SS140 in 1966. $1,000 was a lot of money back then.

Image left eBay:

Mascagnini Came across this brand on amplifier on Vintaxe - presumable Italian - please send more info.


Masco Sound Systems

MASCO stands for Mark Alan Simpson Company and the amps were produced on Long Island, NY during the 1940s and 1950s. They were largely a mail order brand available through Layfayette, Archer and other large electronics supply catalogs and music stores and appliance stores as an inexpensive house brand [Source: Harp Amps ]

Masco schematic

Model MA25 example with schematic

Images Masco MAP and Masco Model MC-17 amp eBay:

Masco MAP 120N amplifier  Masco Sound Systems amp

Masco Mark Sampson Long Island New York

The Mason

The Mason amp.  The amp was found on ebay and reported to be made in 1960.  Made by or for Galt Musical Instruments Limited, Galt, Ontario, Canada

Images ebay:


Masotti amps, Italy


Massie amps were made from the 1940s-60s by Ray Massie.  Apparently Ray worked for Fender.

Ray Massie schematic

Images Massie "The Vibe" combo amp ebay:


Matamp logo

Key Matamp history and dates [Source: Matamp at 60 by Martin Celmins 2006.]

1964 - The Matamp brand was established.

15 August 1968 Cooper Mathias formed to make amps for Orange Musical Industries (The Orange Matamp brand)

1975 Partnership dissolved. Orange and Matamp go their separate ways.

1989 - Mat Mathias dies. Mat's sons Peter and Richard take over the day to day running of the company.

1992 -  Jeff Lewis took over Matamp.

1992-1994 Green Matamp retro phase

1994-1999 Gibson licensed -Orange  reissue phase.

2002  Jeff commissions Dave Green to develop new model range.

Amplifiers and speaker cabinets are currently produced in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

I don't own a Matamp amplifier but do own a single 12 cab for a while which I use with my Tiny Terror and a Retro 2 by 12 Cabinet.  They look way cool and they are still made in the UK so that is enough for me.

Planet of the Amps - Matamp Reference site

Matamp schematics


Pictures of Matamp speaker cabinets under construction.

Matamp forum http://officialmatampownersclub.yuku.com/

see Orange

Image Matamp 1969 and Orange Matamp from Planet of the Amps. Image eBay:

Orange Matamp Black matamp

Current model Matamp production date amplifier


1989-1999, 2001 to present.

Founded by Mark Sampson and Rick Perrotta in Califronia in 1989.  Following the demise of the company in 1999 it was reestablished by Phil Jamison, head of production of the original company.

Dating Matchless Amps

"Hi, Sometimes dating Matchless can be difficult. Serial numbers on amplifiers do not reflect dates. However, all extension cabinets have serial number date codes. Ex. A020707, B020707... would mean the extension cabinet was made on Feb 7th, 2007. "A" would be the first cab of the day, and "B" would be the second cab of the day.

For the amplifiers themselves, sometimes a date is stamped in white on the side of the transformer, this would indicate the date the transformer was made only. Since transformers are expensive we wouldn't have several hundred lying around for long periods of time waiting to be installed. Usually the amp was built within a 4 to 6 week window of the date stamped on the chassis.

The only other way of finding a date is by pulling out the chassis and "Sometimes" there is date written inside."

[Source: Phil Jamison, Matchless Amplifiers, 1933 Pontius Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, email 9/2/2007]


Matchless schematics



Image at right from 1992 Mark Sampson Matchless amp - eBay:

Matchless combo amplifier


Australian guitar manufacturer.  Maton made amps made from about mid 1950s to 1974. Ozvalve amp

Images Maton amps - 1959 Tremolux and Maton Power Pack eBay:

Maton amplifier

Matrix Amplification Guitar, PA and power amplifiers. Made in Britain. Range includes light weight speaker cabinets.
Maughan Amps
The Maughan Amplifier Company was established in 2003 by Bernard and Vivienne Maughan. Wallsend, Tyneside, England

Maven Peal

Amps and pedals. Since 1999. David Zimmerman, Plainfield, Vermont.

Reviews http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/brand/Maven+Peal



"Japanese company Nisshin Onpa started making guitar pedals in the mid 70ís marketed as Maxon in Japan and Ibanez as exports.  Ibanez and Nisshin parted ways in early 2000, Maxon is now available in most countries and have specialized in reissuing the old Maxon line from the late 70ís. The Maxon OD808 is the same pedal as the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808." [Source: John Butler Trio Forum ]


Maxon Pedal Catalogs




McGohan Electronics, Illinois USA,. Founded by Don McGohan in 1944.  Currently owned by Jim McGohan. Made in USA

McGohan Schematics

Images McGohan amplifier ebay Oct 2011


McMartin PA amp. McMartin Industries, Omaha Nebraska USA

images ebay:


McPherson speaker cabinet logo

Made by Keith McPherson and son Ron, who ran HI-FI & MUSIC CENTRE at 205Dorset Rd Boronia (Melbourne, Australia) from circa 1964 to 1972. [Source including image of a 1964 prototype, and the Mark IV model that was the only model made, courtesy of Tim Robbins]

Image of M logo at left is from a McPherson speaker quadbox on eBay July 2012

 McPeherson Mark IV

Original early blue covered McPherson 60 watt head and quad box - and later black covered  ( right ) 60 watt McPherson Amplifiers both with 4 x 12" Rola UEG Speakers. On stage at The Mad Hatter in Little Lonsdale Street  Melbourne mid 1966 - images courtesy of John Fox, Two By 2 Band - Melbourne. December 2015.

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