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info    updated 13/8/2013




Walberg & Auge

Walberg & Auge was a music store that became a manufacturer. Drums were made before 1910, then it became a component maker. Barney Walberg is attributed as the inventor of the high hat. The typical name used for Walberg products was "Perfection". Their key product though was the shell mounted tom.  In the late 1930s a Slingerland dealer Bill Mather designed the new mount and got Walberg to make it. [Source: The great American drums and the companies that made them, 1920-1969  By Harry Cangany, Rick Van Horn ]

Walberg & Auge drum logo 1940s/50s Perfection Walberg & Auge, Auburn Mass


Jas H Ward, Gary Indiana,.

Image 1920s eBay:

Jas H Ward Gary Ind drum badge

George Way

George Way started the Advance drum company, then joined Leedy in 1921. In 1942 he left Leedy and established his own shop selling parts before moving to Slingerland in Chicago 1945. In 1946 he established the Hollywood Drum Shop in California.  Hard times saw him move to Elkhart Indiana to once again work for the Conn company, in their Leedy drum division. 

In 1952 George is put in charge of merging Leedy and Ludwig & Ludwig into one company known as Leedy & Ludwig. In 1954 Conn decided to get out of the drum business.

George solicited investors and formed a corporation named the George Way Drum Company and purchases the factory formerly operated by Conn's Leedy and Ludwig Division located at 225 East Jackson St. in Elkhart. Between 1957 and 1959 Way introduces his famous line of snare drums including the Aristocrat and Spartan model snare drums plus a full ine of toms and bass drums.

One of his investors, John Rochon, owned Camco, a screw machine company in Chicago which supplied drum hardware to the George Way Drum Company, Rogers and others.

Rochon acquired control of the George Way drum company and forced George out in 1961.  Soon after, Rochon changed the name of the company to the Camco Drum Company, and moved production from Elkhart to Oak Lawn Illinois, where his screw machine business was located.

George started working at the Rogers factory on Monday, October 12th, 1961 but it was not a satisfying role.

In 1962 George starts the GHW drum company. Seven years later on February 21, 1969 George Harrison Way passes on.

The George Way Drum Company is now owned by Ronn Dunnett.

Image ebay:

Geo Way Elkhart Indiana

Wazinator Wazinator stomp pedal other stompboxes


Weltron drum, made in Japana1960s ebay



Westend drums, the story
In 1914 Justus de Hooge establishes a store for musical instruments at Westeinde 176 in The Hague, Netherlands. The name of the firm: J. de Hooge. Almost every kind of musical instrument can be bought. In 1947 two sons of Justus, Bram en Just, become co-owners and founder Justus steps back. The new name of the firm: J. de Hooge & Zonen (J. de Hooge & Sons).


Bram en Just still sell regular musical instruments but they decide to specialize in drums. The brothers indeed do repair more and more (mainly English and American) drums and after a while there is a lot of knowledge about repairing drums. Soon they decide to sell and repair only drums.

A Dutch professional drummer, called Tonny Nüsser, sympathizes with Bram and Just and gives them lots of practical advise. Also because of that the brothers decide to build a drum kit, fully produced after their wishes and in 1954 their first hand build drum set is for sale. The mark: Westend, named after the Westeinde in The Hague.


The first two, three years are hard, not more than about eight drum sets are being sold, mainly to jazz drummers. Bram, the technician of the two brothers, is constantly looking for approvements and that’s why many details are different, every time they deliver a new build drum kit.  In 1960 Just decides to leave the firm and Bram is on his own now. Inspite that the name of the firm has never been changed: J. de Hooge & Zonen.

During the sixties more and more drummers hear about the high quality of the mark and a lot of kits are being ordered. Not only to jazz drummers, but to many rock drummers as well.
Some names of groups, playing on Westend in those years: Dutch Swing College Band, Q65, Motions, Shocking Blue (Venus, recorded in 1970) and Golden Earring (Radar Love, recorded in 1973 with two 26” bass drums).


In the end of the sixties lots of relatively cheap Japanese drums such as Pearl and Tama reach the European market. The American marks as Gretsch, Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland are expensive (because of the high rate of the US dollar), but because of expanding income also in the Netherlands, Westend is already loosing grip on the market.
January 1, 1976, after producing by hand 300 - 400 Westend drum sets, when Bram de Hooge is 69 years old, the production of this remarkable Dutch brand is history.

This article is a short cut of the history of Westend, as can be found on the website (in Dutch only): [Source: thanks to Rob van der Werf, Netherlands. email 26/11/2009]

Dating Westend drums

Logos over time


WFL - WF Ludwig. Chicago

Images including 1939 WFL Catalog cover eBay:

  WFL Drum Co

White Eagle

Image eBay:

White Eagle Drums


Whitehall drums, ? made by Pearl 1960s.

Image eBay:

Whitehall instruments of quality

Wilson Bros

Drums by Wilson Brothers Manufacturing Company, Chicago, USA

Image eBay: The Crest reads "Wilson super fine".:

Wilson  Bros Mfg Company Chicago


World Max



Image eBay:

Wonderland Drum Co

Wooden Cross Hardware

Made since 2008.  Made in basement garage. Prior to the last few months of 2009, there will be no date or signature at the bottom of the shell. Also, there is only one drum with a prototype stamped drum badge. The rest of the drum badges have been either the standard laser etched wood or custom badges. [Source: Paul Hunt, Wooden Cross Hardware email, 17/3/2010]

Wooden Cross Hardware drums since 2008


Frank Wolf

see F for Frank

World Max

Worl Max drums.  Made since 1991.  Taiwan

Image eBay:


Made in China.

Image eBay:

Wuhan bymbal


Wurlitzer drums by Leedy.

Image 1920s eBay:

Wurlitzer Drum Machine