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Am-   updated 13/8/2013



AATMI Djembe

Toulouse, France


Abbott DrumWorks, Jasper, Alabama


Ace Bodhrans

Ace Bodhráns drums by Mance Grady , Rhode Island, USA


Ace Tone was made by Ace Electronic Industries, Made in Japan. Ace Tone was a Pre Roland brand name. Drum machines were part of their product catalog.


Active brand entry level drums?

Image eBay:

Active sname drum


Adam The Atomic Sound Drums from the 1980s Made in Taiwan

Image eBay:

Adam The Atomic Sound drum badge 1980s


Adonis Custom Drums, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Adonis Pricelist 2000 (Wayback machine)

Adonis Drums FAQ 2003

Adoro Musical Instruments

Even though the company address is in England, Adoro was founded 2008 in Germany and still are produced in Hamburg, too. Drums had been manufactured starting in 2007, but without any brand name. Actually the drums were meant for renting and to advertize a hardware store for drum builders, but it turned out that the drums were an instant hit. The manufacturer also runs an online drum building community. [Source: Stefan Korth, email 11/3/2010]  
Advance See George Way  

African American Drum Company

myspace page



AHA drums myspace




Ahead snare reviews

Ahead snare drum



Ajaha was a cymbal maker from 1910s through the 1970s. [Source: wikipedia]



Boosey and Hawkes, Ajax.

Images 1940s eBay: 1970s

Ajax drum label Boosey and Hawkes Ajax badge

Ajax cymbal logo Made in England

AK Drums Metl shell snare drums, Olang, Italy  


Image Akai Drum Sampler eBay:

Akai drum sampler



Alejian were a house or stencil brand made by Zildjian. [Source: Cymbaholic]

Alesis Electronic drum kits and drum machines.  The brand is also seen on Surge cymbals

Alesis electronic drum kit



Allegra Drum crafters of Oregon, USA.

Dave Peterson's original company, Marching Music Ltd.-APT (Advanced Percussion Technology), was founded in 1976, and sold in 1997.
He then supplied marching hardware to the Slingerland Drum Company in Niles Illinois in 1980.
In 1989, Dave was contracted by HSS marketing to produce Slingerland marching percussion and accessories, plus other vintage and classic reproductions produced in Dave's southern Illinois production plant (Advanced Percussion Technologies).
HSS was the worldwide distributor of Slingerland products through an exclusive licensing agreement with Fred Gretsch until 1992 when the Slingerland brand name was sold to Gibson.
Other brands built in the Advanced Percussion Technologies were:
Purcussion USA Maple Drums.
Rhythm Art Drums, for St. Louis Music.
Dynasty Marching Percussion. [Source: Allegra]


Alternate Mode

Drum and mallet controllers, Chicopee, Massachusets, USA