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see Euphonic Audio

Ear Candy Cabinets

Ear Candy cabinets, Valparaiso Indiana  USA


Images eBay:

Ear Candu cabinet

Earth Revival

Earth Revival amplifiers were made by Earth Sound Research in the 1970s.

Earth Revival schematic

Earth Revival

Earth Sound Research

Earth Sound Research was a brand of ISC Audio. They made bass and guitar amplifiers, PA mixers/power amps, and stand alone reverb units (solid state)  in the 1970s in Farmingdale, New York. [Source: wikipedia]

This vintage guitar amp head is an Earth Sound Research Travler LT-2000. Earth Sound Research was a company that made a name for itself in the 70's manufacturing clones of more popular guitar amps until it evidently got sued into oblivion. They must have had some sense of humor, as the label on the reverb unit states "Assembled in Wisconsin by beautiful girls in a controlled climate." [Source ebay]

Unofficial Earth Sound Research Forum

Vintaxe Earth Amp Catalogs

Earth schematics

Image The Jet Medic:

Earth Sound Research combo guitar amplifier Earth Sound Research plush amp Earth Sound Research promotional button Earth Sound Research Travler amplifier

Image Guitar Center

East Amplification

Since his depar­ture from Budda in late 2009, Jeff Bober has launched his new com­pany, EAST Amplification and is design­ing amplifiers that he considers to be the natural progression in product design from his previous brand.

East amplificaiton Studio 2 valve amp


Image of Eastern Amplifier , Model G1A, Serial #7362 Made in United States of America , ebay August 2013

Eastern schematic


EB amplifiers by Eric Bellingham, Sydney, Australia


EBS amps since 1988. Founders are CEO Bo Engberg and Technical Director and Chief Constructor Mats Kristoffersson.

Everything is Designed & Developed in Sweden and manufactured in Sweden (ProLine & NeoLine speakers, Fafner, TD650 and 660, HD350 and Fafner II heads, NeoGorm, Gorm and Drome combos as well as legacy editions of all pedals) or China (current pedals, all ClassicLine products), except for EBS Steel Strings that are made in USA.

Dating EBS amps and effects pedals

Amps & Cabinets: Write down the serial number and email ebs.info@bass.se
Pedals: Take a low res pic and email to the same address.

Best resource for EBS History (1988-2008) is to pick up a sample of EBS 20 Years Anniversary Book. Contact ebs.info@bass.se for order info. Products not featured in the book can be found at www.ebssweden.com [Source: Ralf, EBS Sweden ABEBS email 8/9/2011]

Images ebay


Echo brand amps were made by Valco for Montgomery Ward according to the eBay posting the image of the label below came from.

Echo amp catalog


Image Yahoo auction:

Echo amplifier head Echo amp made for Momtgomery Ward


search at http://www.vintageguitar.com


Echolette was a brand owned by Hans Bauer intended for selling stuff made by Klemt. Until 1959 Klemt was mainly focused on radio stuff. They jumped into the instrument amplification by that year. [Source: European Guitars Forum]


Echolette catalogs http://www.pmillett.com/vintage_data.htm


Image Klemt Echolette SE251 tape echo unit made in West Germany eBay:

Klemt Echolette SE251 tape echo unit made in West Germany




search at http://www.vintageguitar.com

Echoplex manual http://www.britishaudioservice.com/manuals.shtml


Eddie Bush

Eddie Bush Special amp by Geo A Bronson Co, Sherman Oaks, California

Images ebay:


Eden analog

Reviews are at Harmony Central


Eden Electronics

Eden Electronics was founded in 1976 as a custom builder for professional artists and manufacturers.  Eden specialises in bass amplification.

"For US Made Eden amplifiers, the first four digits of your serial number represent the year and month (in that order) of manufacture. For example, an amplifier with the serial number 0408A1234 was built in August, 2004. For pre-USM amps, they are simply coded with the date" from http://www.eden-electronics.com/info/faq/index.asp


Eden used prices

Eden catalogs 1997 to now http://www.eden-electronics.com/info/catalog/index.asp

Eden amp forum http://www.eden-electronics.com/forum/default.asp

Image eBay:

Eden Traveler 550



Edirol is a brand of Roland

Edirol product catalog 2008


Edward Amplification

Edward amplification, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada



Image Yahoo auction:

Edwards Amp logo



Since 1980, Bruce Egnater, Michigan

Egnater amplifier schematics



Image aBay

Egnator amplifier logo


Egnater by Rocktron

Bruce Egnater made some combo amps and heads for Rocktron .

The difference between "Egnater" and "Egnater by Rocktron" TOLs?
"Egnater" amps are hand-built by Bruce Egnater. The "Egnater by Rocktron" amps were mass produced by Rocktron under Bruce's supervision.
The Egnater by Rocktron TOL100 has a slightly different design than the original Egnater TOL100. The original TOL100 has a series effects loop; the Rocktron version has a series/parallel effects loop. Egnater TOL100H's have no reveb; Egnater TOL100RC's have tube driven reverb; the Rocktron TOL100 has a solid-state reverb driver in both the heads and combos. [Source: Egnater forum FAQ]



Eko is an Italian brand making guitars, amplifiers and effects. Established 1959 and initially lasted until 1985. Amps were added to the lineup in 1967. The brand was rebirthed in 2000.

"I picked up this one in Lima Peru recently. Its from about 1962. I searched for several days on the web but have found nothing about this particular amp. There's a similar FBT amp made around the same time in a nearby factory in Recanati in Italy which is nearly identical ( the cabinet is a slightly different shape). I made contact with an Italian guy who was able to send me a wiring layout. Its a sweet little amp.: Source and image: Jim Quinlan, Lima Peru, email 19/11/2013]

Eko valve amplifier



Made in Recanati, Italy. Also made electric organs.

Ekosonic schematic

Ekosonic amp 1957 Ekosonic amp