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Jedistar gear sold on eBay May 2011

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Custom Classic Stratocaster Daphne Blue maple neck

Certificate of Authenticity included date 6/4/01 -  beautifully figured birds eye neck.

Made in the Fender Custom Shop Corona, California,

G & G Black case.

A beautiful guitar  - hate to part with her but I need the cash.  Has a slight ding on the fret board - but it will not bother you. 

I am the second owner, bought it from a guy in the US a couple of years ago.  It is modified.  Has pearl knob machine heads in place of the standard item.  Original ones included in the case as is the stainless steel tremelo bar.

Also has had a new bottom tone pot fitted - knob does not fit properly so I play with it off . These are the ebay images when I bought it.

Daphne Blue is one of the Du Pont colours for the early custom fenders - see the other colours


Ovation Breadwinner

I am the second owner of this guitar. I purchased it in 1979. Made in the early 1970s - it is not original as the electronics died a long time ago.  Is fitted with zebra Duncan JBs (split coils) and has had a refret with jumbo wire an the phase swith has been swapped for a coil split switch.

Neck is dead straight and very thin. Has not had a lot of use but there is some fading on the neck, and a few chips. I hate to see it go but....


Matamp Single 12 Speaker Cabinet

Includes custom made padded amp cover. Excellent condition with no dings in basket weave.

Celestion G12T 100 speaker inside. Made by Radiocraft, Huddersfield UK

See how they make Matamp speaker cabinets.


Pedal Train original pedal board with soft carry case

Shoulder strap included inside the accessory pocket.

600 by 310 mm.  Original model - Voodoo Lab Pedal Train will NOT fit under. Great condition - gigged only a few times.

Furry soft velcro on board - you will need to buy some more for you pedals. [Pedals NOT included]


Voodoo Lab - Pedal Power 2 Plus

All original power leads (8 standard, 9v battery lead, 2 others), Also includes Pedal Train pedal board mounting plates.

Kettle lead (240v) also included - not in photo. Never gigged. Hand made in USA. Shipped in original box.


BBE Sonic Stomp  Sonic Maximiser 9v  DC


Electroharmonix Micro POG, Made in NYC, USA

Original box included with case candy comprising:

Instruction sheet, Warranty card, EH Effects Sampler Volume Two CD, Small EH Product Catalogue

Original RRP $579 sticker on the back.


MXR Dyna comp

Compressor pedal. As new but not in original box - will ship in MXR Carbon Copy box.

Pedal is in excellent condition. 

Has velcro on underside.  The original 4 little rubber dot feet have been removed to apply the velcro - but are included in the box.


AB Pedal AB-10  - As new, hardly used.  Paid $45 from Ellaways in Brisbane. Ships in original box


Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster

Excellent condition, hardly used. Velcro on underside. Does not ship in original box - but will be well packaged.


Electro Harmonix EH nano LPB-1

Linear power booster pedal, nice uncoloured boost pedal to drive your valve amp - great to move from clean to crunch or mild distortion to wild.

Made in NYC, USA, Original box included with case candy comprising:

Instruction sheet, Warranty card, Electroharmonix product catalog

Pedal as new - not gigged - no velcro on underside.


Lehle Dual premium A/B pedal

Best A/B pedal you can buy.  Absolutely awesome. Made in Germany

Note this is a buffered pedal - needs a power supply  -anything from 8-20V is OK.

This is the original model - not midi.

Ships in original corrugated cardboard box with instruction sheet (Coffee  stained)


T-Rex Tremster Tremelo Pedal

Made by T-Rex engineering Denmark.

Excellent condition - but has velcro on underside.  The four little rubber feet have been retained and are included in box.

Ships in original box and includes Tremster User Manual and mini product catalogue.

I paid $199.95 USD for this pedal in Rudy's New York in 2007

Needs 9v DC power supply


Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde overdrive distortion

This double pedal is the second version, Model V2 JH, Made in China

I purchased a Guitar Centre in Anaheim, 2007.

Rarely used.  Clean - no velcro on underside.

Ships in original box with Instruction Manual and product guide and Visual Sound sticker/decal