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Doubleneck Guitars 10/8/2013

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Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee from Canadian band Rush [source: ebay]

BC Rick Warlock Custom doubleneck


Bigsby Grady Martin guitar

Black Diamond Custom


Carvin double neck bass and electric gutiar

Cort Arist Doubleneck 1980s


Danelectro double neck guitar

Dean Dave Mustaine

Dean Dave Mustaine doubleneck guitar

Ernie Ball Silhouette

Fender doubleneck Squire - mandolin NAMM one off found on ebay August 2013


Gibson EDS 1275

Gibson EDS 1275

GMP Elite Doubleneck

Gretsch Doubleneck Nashville

Gretsch Nashville doubleneck guitar


Hembry twin neck guitar

1978 Ibanez ST1200BS

Italia Rimini

Italia Rimini doubleneck guitar

Jackson King V Custom

Jay Turser Doubleneck

Jersey Girl Rainmaker Degu

Jersey Girl Rainmaker Degu double neck guitar

Jerry Jones Neptune

Jerry Jones Neptune guitar

Kramer Richie Sambora doubleneck from ebay May 2012

Kramer Richie Sambora doubleneck

Mosrite Joe Maphis

Mosrite Joe Maphis doubleneck guitar


Musicman doubleneck guitar


Ovation doubleneck acoustic guitar

Paul Reed Smith Double Dragon

Fancy Paul Reed Smith Double Dragon guitar



Shergold double neck guitar bass and 6 string



Ray Watkins Double Dobro (one of only two in the world - found eBay 2/2011)

Teisco double lap seel





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