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Celestion speakers updated 17/6/2013  | Guitar stores to visit before you die

Celestion website


Celestion speakers are possibly the world's most famous guitar speaker brand. 

Important dates: [Source: Celestion info at Wikipedia ]
1924 - Celestion started in the 
Thames side village of Hampton Wick (suburban London) where Cyril French set up a small business to manufacture loudspeakers
1927 - Celestion Radio Company and Celestion Limited were formed.
1929 - Company moved across the Thames to Kingston.
1947 - British Rola bought Celestion. The name of the resulting company was Rola Celestion; that of its products, Celestion
1948 - Production moved to Thames Ditton.

Celestion Ltd Thames Ditton Surrrey

1968 - Company started production in Ipswich, moving all production there by 1975.

Rola Celestion Ipswich Suffolk

1970 - Company merged with a clothing company name changed to Celestion Industries,
1979 - Name change to Celestion International











1980s G10-50

Celestion International

1992 - Loudspeaker part of the business was sold to Kinergetics Holdings, which also bought KEF.

Today Celestion International and KEF form GP Acoustics UK.

2006 Celestion ceased to manufacture pro audio finished systems and now completely focus on the manufacture of guitar, bass guitar and pro audio drivers.

Celestion speakers were all made in England at one time but sadly that is no longer the case.  Chinese manufacture is well underway.  The following information was provided to jedistar 13/9/2009:


"Here is some news on Celestion speakers, namely Alnico Blue.

Celestion has now two versions of the speaker, one made in England, one made in China.
There is no way you can differentiate between the two, no stickers like made in China etc.

The China speaker is made for Korg inc. They in turn manufacture a very famous guitar and bass amp brand. Even the Beatles played these amps way back then.

My sources from the UK tell me that there is no audible difference anymore in regards to UK/China production of any Celestion speaker, but the point is, we, the punters should know where things are made, at least that is my opinion.

So here is the list

Alnico Gold and Blue UK

Alnico Gold and Blue for Korg China

Heritage series
Greenbacks UK

Classic series
Greenback China
Vintage 30 China
G 12's China


Label changes before and after Rola purchase

Identifying Greenbacks

Celestion catalog 2004

Celestion catalog 2005

Celestion catalog 2008

Celestion catalog 2013


Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (2 numbers and 2 letters), denoting the exact date of manufacture. The codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker's housing leg or the magnet edge. The following lists provide an accurate record of the date codes used.

1956 - 1962

1956 A   January A
1957 B   February B
1958 C   March C
1959 D   April  D
1960 E   May E
1961 F   June F
1962 G   July G
      August  H
      September I
      October J
      November  K
      December L

The datecodes from 1956 to 1962 are written in the form: Day, Month, Year. For example: 15DE = 15th April 1960

1963 - 1967

1963 H   January A
1964 J   February B
1965 K   March C
1966 L   April  D
1967 M   May E
      June F
      July G
      August  H
      September J
      October K
      November  L
      December M

Note the loss of the 'I' from the month codes. The date codes from 1963 to 1967 are written in the form: Day, Month, Year. For example: 19MK = 19th December 1965

1968 - 1991

1968 A   January A
1969 B   February B
1970 C   March C
1971 D   April  D
1972 R   May E
1973 F   June F
1974 G   July G
1975 H   August  H
1976 J   September J
1977 K   October K
1978 L   November  L
1979 M   December M
1980 N      
1981 P      
1982 Q      
1983 R      
1984 S      
1985 T      
1986 U      
1987 V      
1988 W      
1989 X      
1990 Y      
1991 Z/A      

The date codes from 1968 to 1991 are written in the form: Month, Year, Day. For example: KH7 = 7th October 1975

1992 -

1992 B   January A
1992 V   February B
1993 D   March C
1995 E   April  D
1996 F   May E
1997 G   June F
1998 H   July G
1999 J   August  H
2000 K   September J
2001 L   October K
2002 M   November  L
2003 N   December M
2004 P      
2005 Q      

The date codes from 1992 are written in the form: Day, Month, Year. For example: 29EJ = 29th May 1999



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