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High Voltage Tube PreAmp/Pedals updated 19/10/2013  

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This page is dedicated to the heaviest class of effects pedals, preamps with valves. All of the detective work here is courtesy of Mr Hakan Dundar from Turkey.  He provided the inspiration and information to compile this resource.

Many of the best tube amp manufacturers have produced an example of "big iron" - high voltage - valve based pre amp pedals.  They are hard to design, expensive to produce and the makers deserve respect for trying to bring ultimate tone to our Pedal Boards.



AMAZING heavy metal style tube distortion

High-grade high-voltage feed of triodes.
- Complete elimination of operational amplifiers traditionally used in hybrid preamps for sound amplification and processing.


AMT SS 20 tube effects pedal

AMT Freak Guitar Pedal

The semi-parametric MF equalizer is the major distinguishing feature of this device. Using TWO mid control knobs (MID and MID FREQ) you can not only increase or decrease MF levels but also chose the band pass central frequency. This will give you a chance to control your instrument's tone more flexibly not offered with other regular effects.

Each of the two foot switches is equipped with optical sensors which control the electromechanic relay switching between modes on/off by means of a microcontroller. Thus, we have eliminated the problem related to mechanical contacts wear-out due to frequent effects selection as in regular pedal effects.

Freak Guitar pedal
Apache amps Recti Drive preamp/clean boost/overdrive/fuzz

Power Transformer
6X4 Rectifier tube
Compatible Preamp Tubes: 12AX7, 12AY7, 5751, 12AT7, etc...
Built-in Power Supply
Available Mods: Push/Pull Bright and Boost
Hand Built in the USA
Front Panel: Tone/Volume
Side Panel: Volume

Source: Hakan via AnalogWarcry

Apache amps Recti Drive preamp/clean boost/overdrive/fuzz

Bad Cat X-treme & 2-Tone

Gain Boost Stage 1: Provides transparent volume matching of the effect IN/OUT to your amplifier's output level, complete interactive tone bass + treble operation with ample clean headroom and generous smooth gain boost.

Gain Boost Stages 1 + 2: Provides additional crunch to the gain boost stage for a dramatic increase and thickening of the overdrive gain. This mode allows independent manipulation of the layered gain stages.

Channel 1 - Tone Boost: Provides a Volume or level match reference control to maintain sound play volume when accessing this Tone channel. This channel is both your Tone Boost and Clean play channel when optional tone color may be desired without overdrive.

Channel 2 - Gain Boost: Provides Gain Boost or pure tube overdrive effect as a function of the Gain & Master settings. Use of the interactive Bass and Treble controls offer an array of tonal shapes.

Review | Review

Bad Cat X-Treme Tone effects pedal

Bearpaw Growler

Blackstar HT Range

The HT Range valve overdrive pedals features true high voltage (300V) circuitry and are packed with innovations and tone. Revolutionary, patent-applied-for tone shaping feature ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) +  speaker emulated output and you have a cost effective way of getting real valve tones direct to disk or tape.
HT-BOOST - Valve boost pedal
HT-DRIVE - Valve overdrive pedal
HT-DIST - Valve distortion pedal
HT-DISTX - Valve high-gain distortion pedal
HT-DUAL - Valve two channel distortion pedal
HT-BLACKFIRE - Metal valve two channel distortion pedal


Blackstar HT pedals

Bravo Audio Tube

overdrive / preamp

Brunetti Amps, OverTone

This unit has 2+1 channels that allows you to know the Brunetti sound very well. Overtone can create innumerable sound combinations: from the warm and fat tones to the most aggressive metal. You can play it as a preamp, connected to a power amp; or as a speaker emulation going directly to the recording or mixing system. You can even use both those functions at the same time. Thanks to its use flexibility and to its winning sound, It is one of the most "true" and powerful foot pedals. Overtone is all tube.


Brunetti Amps, OverTone

Budda PhatMan, ZenMan ,

The Phatman dual 12ax7 pure vacuum tube overdrive pedal offers versatile gain adjustments, finely tuned tone controls and super sensitive distortion. We designed the Phatman to lay down no nonsense rhythm crunch tones for power chords in addition to full on blistering leads. The treble and bass controls are subtle in that they emphasize the cut and boost of the mids where girth occurs. The gain control offers a sweet overdrive that enhances the tonal characteristics of your amp, whether it be tube or solid state. Removing the two thumbscrews on top of the chassis easily accesses the preamp tubes. A fully functional preamp foot pedal that emulates the famous Budda sound, the Phatman is best be summed up by Joe Gores review in Guitar Player Magazine, "The Phatman is a tone fiends dream."

The Zenman pure vacuum tube overdrive offers 4 stages of gain to deliver maximum overdrive. We modified the Phatman circuit to produce a hotter distortion that accentuates the upper mids for more aggressive pick attack and sustain. The meaty tones of the Zenman will jump start the front end of your amp and turn it into a hi gain beast.

Budda Phatman Reviews | Budda Zenman Reviews

Budda  ZenMan


Coopersonic ValveSlapper

Hand-built from the UK ,ONLY £99
die cast aluminium housing
scratch proof powder coated paint
profesionally screen printed
highest quality components
classic tube crunch and eq
dual valve circuitry
neutrik jack sockets not soldered to board
incorporating vintage technology for a modern sound
high brightness ultra violet LED
power supply included
true bypass high quality switch


Coopersonic ValveSlapper

Cornell Pedal amp

Output amp jack

Headphone jack

XLR output

9 volt (900 mA) DC output

Controls:Gain, Bass, Treble, Master Output

Switches: True bypass, Boost/EQ Cut

Valve Complement:
2 x 12AX7 (ECC83)
1 x EL84

Size approx.:
L250mm x W160mm x H135mm
(9.75" x 6.25" x 5.4")

Weight approx:
3.6K (8lbs)

Mains powered


Damage Control Demonizer,  Womanizer

Damage Control dual vacuum tube products have been discontinued and are out of stock.

Demonizer review | Womaniser review

Damage Control Deomonzer


Dave Hall Amps VT2 Dual Custom Guitar ,  Dual Custom Bass

From the United Kingdom.

The VT2-Twin-Guitar from DHA is a hand built valve pre-amp/Overdrive effects pedal which uses 2 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp valves to provide true valve tone, the tone generated has to be heard to be believed! The VT2-Twin-Guitar is suited to guitar players looking for subtle clean to over the top overdrive valve tone for all types of music. This new model to our VT2 range is a true twin channel valve pre-amp and overdrive. It is a lower cost version of the VT2-Twin-EQ-Guitar.

Dave Hall Amps VT2 Dual Custom Guitar

Effectrode Audiophile pedals Tube Drive

The Tube Drive is simple to use and flexible enough to authentically reproduce a wide pallette of tones from mellow blues, to classic rock overdrive and thick, supersaturated modern guitar tones. The secret is Three dual triode tubes, where signal clipping occurs over 6 cascaded tube gain stages. In practice this means the pedal responds empathically to pick attack with a smooth and graceful breakup characteristic on low drive settings, producing an expressive warm blues tone. Increasing the drive introduces rich and musical harmonic overtones that pack serious punch for a larger-than-life, "hot-rodded" amp tone. The tone quality of the Tube Drive exceptionally musical, organic and sounds distinctly different to pushing an amp with a solid-state booster or hybrid transistor/tube overdrive pedal and it won't mask the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier.


Effectrode Tube Drive effects pedal

Electro-Harmonix English Muff'N & Hot Tubes 

"Electro-Harmonix is not only an effects pedal pioneer but we are the leading manufacturer of vacuum tubes in the world. Put the two together and we are proud to present a line of vacuum tube pedals that take full advantage of the sweet, warm, lush sounds that vacuum tubes are known for. In all of our vacuum tube pedals, we run the pedals at full power with approximately 300VDC on the plates giving the tubes a chance to shine in a relatively small guitar pedal footprint. Now you don't need to search the far reaches of the Internet for deals on vintage tube amps and studio gear to get a real tube sound."

English Muff'N


Hot Tubes


Electro-Harmonix English Muff'N


Elmwood Twilight Preamp pedal

Elmwood Preamp pedal

ENGL Tube Tone - No longer in production.

A four-channel all-tube amp that you can tap dance on? You bet! This hybrid pedal/amp is based on the proven technology of the E 530 19" preamp. The ENGL Tube Toner delivers devastating tube tone and, with the help of an integrated midi control unit, you can use it in conjunction with midi FX devices. A midi program change message is sent when you switch channels. The five standard footswitches are enhanced with two switchable banks for a total of 10 midi program locations. In combination with the four channels and bypass, you have 10 totally different basic sound settings available at the touch of a button.

.preamp: 4 channels, (2 x ECC 83) Clean, Crunch Soft Lead and Heavy Lead, 3-band EQ, Bright switch for Clean and Crunch, Preamp Defeat switch, Stereo FX loop;
.per main channel: Gain and Volume controls (Clean/Crunch & Soft/Heavy Lead);
.power amp: 2 x 1,5 Watts (solid state);
.outputs: Amp Out, Stereo line Out and frequency compensated Stereo Line out with Level control; Stereo headphones/speaker 4-16 ohms;
.MIDI footcontrol function: MIDI presets 1 thru 10 are executed with channel switching;
.dimension & weight: 48 x 4,4 x 26 cm, 4 kg;


ENGL Tube Tone

Faustone Valve Klipper

Point to point hand wired on RS tagstrips.
100% tube '68 Plexi / early 70s Klipp preamp circuit.
2x 12AX7/ECC83 JJ tubes.
Real tube voltages.
1.5mm steel laser cut custom industrially painted chassis.
Custom overspec'd toroidal transformer.
Fuse protection.
120V/240V voltage selector for worldwide mains compatibility.
True bypass switching with LED annunciation.
Carbon film resistors in the signal path.
Mallory 150 polyester capacitors.
Made in Germany F&T electrolytic capacitors.
Ceramic tube sockets.
Cliff jacks.
Full sized Alpha potentiometers.
Solid core wire, PVC coated, made in the USA.

56 Inc Tubestation

•100% Tube process
•Three Sovtek 12AX7 tubes
•True by pass
•Overdrive/Higain mode select footswitch
•Equalizer, presence, volume and gain knobs
•AC power supply 110/220 V
•Strong body box
•Eletrostatic painting
•Amphenol Australia jacks and Alpha pots
•High voltage protection

Garnetamps Guillotine

ALL TUBE - Uses Two 12AU7's
Studio Quiet - Even at Full Gain!
Point to Point Wired - Just Like Vintage Amps
3 Band EQ Effective at All Gain Levels
Treble Boost Switch
Amazing Chord Definition
Instant Attack at Full Gain/Compression
Pulls Out Elusive Harmonics Like the 14th Fret
Power Supply & Footswitch Included
Super Strong Welded Aluminum Case

Garnetamps Guillotine

Gjika Mini Amp

Effects data base

Image Guitars Canada

Gjika Mini Amp


Hot Chili Tube Co Tubester

No longer in production

Great sounding authentic vacuum Tube distortion.  Each unit was hand built to order featuring point to point wiring and the finest components available ,
On board high voltage power supply provides all the power needed to fully realize great Tube tone ,
Volume, Gain, Tone, and Tube Voltage controls for maximum versatility of your distortion.

Dual outputs with independent volume controls .

Tube voltage control is the unique feature here , changes the tube plate voltage to get the optimum creamy and saturated tube drive .

Info at Amptone | Review | Reviews

Hot Chili Tube Co Tubester


Hughes & Kettner TubeMan I & II , TubeFactor

Tube Man

Tubeman® MK II is the professional all-tube tone dynamo to go! It offers three separately adjustable channels, each accessible directly via footswitches, and a 3-band EQ section. We tweaked the third channel specifically for lead sounds and added a unique Voicing knob. This hip feature lets you shape tonal characteristics to dial in the trademark sound of your favorite amp. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also included our acclaimed Red Box® speaker simulation to turn Tubeman into the perfect tube-driven guitar recording station!  Reviews

Tube Factor

This is the go-to pedal for superior dynamic control, glossy overtones and all-tube overdrive. Phenomenally easy to tweak, Tube Factor juices up your every sound. It grants you greater tonal control over every note you play, adds lots of presence and punch, and can even spare you costly amp modifications. We have added a unique Voicing knob. This hip feature lets you shape tonal characteristics to dial in the trademark sound of your favorite amp. Simply plug Tube Factor into your amp’s front end and enjoy instant tonal bliss!  Reviews

Hughes & Kettner TubeFactor

Ibanez TubeKing TK999

This could be the first step to get into the High Voltage stuff .
Cheap and easy to find . Only the latest production (Red one) is High Voltage Tube Preamp .

Genuine High Voltage Distortion Pedal ,
Actual 12AX7 Tube ,
Active EQ plus Presence Switch ,
VOID Control

Reviews | Reviews

Ibanez TubeKing TK999

J.T Pedals ValveBoy

Out of production , Epicenter Audio now produces a replica.

Made in the USA in the late 90s and was in production for only  a few years . The original has a  "Mosfet Boost" which Epicenter doesn't have in the reissue.

According to Hakan, my preamp guru this is the best distortion pedal ever produced !
Very very fat sounding , Ultra tone , Very hard to find the original .  Picture on right of an original JT Pedals Valve Boy courtesy of Hakan Dundar.

See more at Effects Data Base

Jt Pedal ValveBoy reviews Epicentre Audio Valveboy review

JT Valveboy

Kingsley Amplifiers Jester & Jouster

The Kingsley Jester is a tube overdrive pedal that uses two 12ax7 tubes running at high voltage. The circuit is point to point wired and features hard-wire by-pass on/off footswitches.

Kingsley Jouster is a double overdrive pedal, with two separate and footswitchable channels.  The Jouster shares the same size enclosure as the Kingsley Jester, with two independent overdrive channels, rather than an overdrive and a boost.

Jester review

Kingsley Amplifiers Jester

Koch PedalTone

From Holland

Heavy duty components housed in a stainless steel shell, combine two individually controlled channels with a host of options that leave the user with no less than 16 separate sounds at his discretion. Channel 1 Clean, Channel 1 Enhanced, Channel 2 Distortion and Channel 2 Distortion Boost provide the first four sounds.

The first three 12AX7 preamp tubes send these classic Koch tones to virtually any input imaginable; from your favorite amp to any type of recording/PA console. The fourth 12AX7 tube acts as a 0.5 watt Power Amp, with its own Gain & Volume controls adding depth and attitude. Combining this Power Amp feature to any of the first four sounds now gives the user the option of eight individual and unique settings. The final feature on the Pedaltone is the famous Koch Solo/Rhythm control, which acts as a switchable second Master Volume. Engaging this feature allows the user two (foot switchable) volume levels per setting (a user controllable ‘rhythm’, and full ‘solo’ volume) doubling the number of settings available to 16. Engaging the FX Loop allows the addition of your favorite effects, and the Headphone jack allows the Pedaltone to be used .


Koch PedalTone

Mars Effects

Tube Driven Overdrive/Distortion. 1- 12AX7 Tube
Totally Solid Brushed Stainless Steel enclosure.
Volume, Tone & Gain controls.
Powered by Supplied Adaptor ( AC 12V 1000 ma)
Uses high quality parts for a long reliable life.
Metal Stomp Switch
LED Stage Status on
Dims: 5.25 " W x 6.50" H x 3" D (Top of Tube enclosure)


Mars Effects Twin Tube


Matchless  HotBox Classic , Cool Box, Dirt Box

Originals are designed by Mark Sampson during early 90s. Highly respected pedals.
Nowadays , they reissue them as HotBox Classic .

The Hotbox Classic is an active two channel tube preamp driven by two 12AX7 tubes. It is point to point, hand-wired in classic Matchless fashion and housed in a heavy duty, polished stainless steel enclosure complete with the Matchless signature back-lit logo and control panel. It uses the same top quality components as the Matchless amps down to the custom hand-wound transformer.

Channel one is clean and crisp but is also capable of producing an overdriven sound. Channel two features gain, bass, treble, and output-level knobs. Similar to the EQ circuit of the C-30 series, the bass and treble controls are highly touch responsive. Surprisingly, channel two can be eq’d to be rich and robust. The Hotbox Classic can also be used directly into mixing consoles and is ideal for recording.

The Cool Box is an active all-tube preamp box/line driver/buffer. The Cool is perfect for additional clean level. It can handle up to 0db input level and provide up to 25db extra gain.

The Dirt Box  - A little bit more distortion than hotbox

Hotbox reviews | Coolbox reviews | Dirtbox reviews

Matchless Hot Box

Mesa Boogie V-Twin & V1 Bottle Rocket

The Mesa Boogie V Twin is the King of the Pedals !  The tone of Legendary Dual Rectifier.  Out of production. Made during late 90s.

V-Twin is supremely capable of producing pristine clean sounds and delivering purring blues tones and truly outrageous high-gain rock or metal sounds. Two out of three of these dedicated modes are footswitchable, leaving us room to include the Bypass for use with host amps. It even has headphone capability that will embarrass the effects-laden digital wanna be's. Or can be plugged into any power amp - including the PA.

V-Twin Reviews

Mesa Boogie V1 Bottle Rocket.

The super-responsive, thick, lush gain will turn any amplifier into an accurate instrument of expression - capable of zeroing in right on target for your solos, So link-up, light-up and blow!
V-1 gives your sound a serious dosing of Tone. The simple four control layout lets you crank, shape and meter the exact amount of fat, liquid gain produced by the 4 triodes doing the dirty work, snug in their stage-proof bunker, and safe from a stray-foot sortie.

 V1-Bottle Rocket Reviews

Mesa Boogie V Twin

Mesa Booge Bottle Rocket

Morris Amp MorrTone

This is a dual 12AX7 tube pedal that runs off regular preamp high voltage and is completely hand-wired point-to-point

Morris Amp MorrTone

MTI Tubes

Uses a 12AX7 running at "medium high" plate voltage with a Fender tone stack driving a single-ended output section with a small 7-pin pentode, transformer-coupled to a resistive load, with a switchable reactive load (namely, a tiny speaker hidden inside the case). [Source: Ampage]


MTI Tubes


Real McTube

"The Real McTube" is a simple self-contained, one-tube circuit intended as an overdrive/distortion preamplifier. It makes use of the vacuum tube's relatively soft clipping characteristics to provide a fuzz-tone or overdrive sound with a warmer quality than afforded by most such solid-state devices. A dual triode is operated near the bottom of its characteristic curves to take advantage of the unique distortion of which such tubes are capable.

Real McTubes


Realistic Valve Overdrive

WORKING ON 220V - 50/60 Hz - 0,5 Ma


Image from ebay. According to Hakan these are made in Bulgaria.

Realsitic Valve Overdrive


Seymour Duncan Twin-Tube Classic, SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem

SFX-03 Twin Tube Classic

The high-plate voltage and 100% vacuum tube signal path allows the tubes to operate at their fullest potential and provide maximum dynamic range. The means you get the most gain and all the smooth tone you expect from a high-quality tube preamp. Two channels provide versatility. True bypass. Heavy duty steel chassis.   Reviews

SFX-04 Mayhem

The high plate voltage and 100% vacuum tube signal path allow the tubes to operate at their fullest potential and provide maximum dynamic range. Additional gain is achieved with a high voltage, low noise, discrete Class A input stage. The solid state input stage increases the resistance of the pedal to microphonics. The result is maximum dynamic range, the most gain, and the heaviest tone your expect from a great tube preamp voiced for metal. Also features user-selectable 4dB or 8dB boost for pre-setting rhythm and lead levels. True bypass. Heavy duty steel chassis.  Reviews

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube

SIB FatDrive, Varidrive Hand assembled in the USA.

The FATDRIVE is a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube-based pedal which can seriously upgrade all set-ups. The circuit is Class A and the tube component is fully utilized to create the tubing and tonal control benefits without other circuitry addendums in either hybrid or solid state form; i.e. pure tube only.

“AUDIOPHILE quality”. As reviewed in “Guitar Player”, SIB! tube pedals remain a full cut above other pedals in this category due to their advanced, very clean circuitry. You can rely on SIB! products to tube-up any musical instrument application performance or studio session. Reference clean with instant, remarkable effects.

The FATDRIVE is a clean tube preamp which can serve to bulldoze or overload the input of any amp or desk. For a more NATURAL, MUSICAL sound, use it to instantly add warmth, harmonics, depth, to ELECTRIC GUITAR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, BASS, KEYBOARD SYNTHS, and VOCALS; and as a level control for EFFECTS LOOPS or as a DIRECT BOX. Extremely handy for both live or studio use; providing (Pro grade) tonal control and volume referencing / matching. The passive 3 band EQ provides a wide range of tones and the DRIVE and VOLUME controls give you total input and output level control for demonstrable optimization of any signal set-up.

The FATDRIVE has been a runaway sales success. The tube warmth is an excellent benefit though the FATDRIVE doesn’t stop there. It has numerous additional and very useful benefits. The ease by which the FATDRIVE delivers fast tonal shaping; the ability to finally take control of an entire live or studio set-up, etc. has won the FATDRIVE the dedicated acclaim and loyalty of headliner musicians and recording engineers.

SIB! Pro Grade Road Worthy Construction:
.True bypass with LED indicator.
.Internal power supply with heavy-duty detachable power cord.
.Powder coated 14 gauge steel chassis.
.Industrial quality components.

Varidrive review   |  Fat Drive review

SB VariDrive

Siegmund Missing Link, Microtube Double Drive from USA

Missing Link - simple clean boost tube preamp

The DoubleDrive has two gain stages and a switchable third (Drive). It can be set for clean boost or pushed to produce overdrive/distortion at the output.
The Poweramp output has enough gain to drive a power amplifier directly.
The Preamp output is attenuated to not overload the input of another preamp

Missing Link Review | Double Drive review | Review

Siegmund Missing Link

Soldano GTO SuperCharger

The SUPERCHARGER G.T.O. is an all tube overdrive pedal which incorporates the same circuitry used in our legendary 100w SUPER LEAD OVERDRIVE. It is essentially the overdrive preamp section of the SLO in a pedal.

This ruggedly built device is very flexible and can be used both as a line driver and an overdrive pedal. It has three easy to use controls: Gain, Tone, and Output. You can set the Gain low and the Output high to cleanly overdrive the input of your amp, or set the Gain high and the Output low to get massive sustain at very low volumes, or any combination in between. The Tone control is useful for accommodating the overall brightness of the amp you are using this pedal with, as well as for adjusting tone when connecting the SUPERCHARGER directly to a P.A. or recording console.

The SUPERCHARGER G.T.O. plugs directly into a wall outlet and runs it’s two 12AX7 tubes at full amp voltages, for a real tube sound. Additionally, it uses a relay for switching, providing an actual ’hardwire bypass ’, so that it doesn’t color your sound when you have it switched out.

Supercharger GTO review

Soldano GTO SuperCharger

Stephenson StageHog

The Stage Hog is a 1 watt, all-tube guitar amp that doubles as a distortion pedal and a practice amp. When used as a practice amp, the speaker out jack can be plugged into any type of guitar cabinet, even a 4x12. When used as a distortion pedal, the line out jack can be plugged into any guitar amp input. The Stage Hog’s sound is very reminiscent of a good old hot-rodded vintage tube amp. The voice switch toggles between tweed warmth and plexi crunch.

All-tube preamp
All-tube power amp
Classic design power supply, just like found in a full size amplifier
Custom 'Made in Canada' transformers
120/240vac mains operation
Power scale master volume, allows for varying amounts of power tube saturation
Bypass switching when used as a distortion pedal
Remote switching pedal allows Stage Hog to be placed on the pedal board or with the guitar amplifier


Stephenson Stage Hog

Swell Pedal Company

Designed and built with pride in Nashville, TN USA ,
The goal at Swell Pedals is to design and built the best pedal effects possible , audiophile quality effects that you can stomp on . Swell pedals are made of the finest materials . Swell has %100 Anolog circuity , a wide range line of pedals and options for every need .

G Drive review  | G Pro Review | G TOD Review | Review |

Swell Pedal Company

THC Skater

2 x ECC83 preamp tubes
3 channels, Crunch and Lead channel with shared EQ and switchable Scoop function. True Bypass
Connections: Input, Out, Power
Controls:  2 x Vol., 2 x Treble, 2 x Mid, 
2 x Bass, 2 x Master
Switches:  Bypass, Rhythm, Crunch, Lead, Scoop, Power, Line Out Level,
Accessories: 12V/AC Power Supply
Weight: 4 kg (8.81 lbs)
Dimensions: WHD 350 x 80 x 300 mm (13.78“ x 3.14“ x 11.81“)


THC  Skater pedal

T-Miranda Tube Preamp GTP-1

The T Miranda Guitar Tube Preamp comes with 2 selected 12ax7 running at 360 volts. It has 2 switches to select crunch/high gain and standard/high output which alters the output volume. This is a very unique sounding preamp and you will enjoy the tonal possibilities from the 2 x 12ax7 tubes.

This pedal is 100% tube circuit!.

Reviews | Reviews

T-Miranda Tube Preamp

The Tone God Tubeulent

Unlike full size tube amplifiers the TubeUlent is small and light. Weighing less than 1.5 Kg (3.31 lbs.) with the supplied power adaptor and the TubeUlent itself measuring approximately 145mm x 117mm x 144mm (5.7 inches x 4.6 inches x 5.65 inches), the TubeUlent literally fits in a briefcase. The universal power supply provided with the TubeUlent can be used worldwide with the correct AC cord, or an adaptor of appropriate rating can be used. There is no need for power conversion equipment or modification.

The TubeUlent has been designed and built for the rigours of the performing musician. With the exception of the tubes themselves, TubeUlent can withstand high levels of abuse - be it high force impact or long periods of vibration such as that caused by transport or performance events. External and internal hardware and finishes have been selected for high resilience.

This one is the first and only one which uses a power amp tube in a pedal distortion to simulate real power tube distortion .   Review

The Tone God Tubeulent preamplifier


T-Rex SpinDoctor   From Denmark !
SpinDoctor delivers all the beautiful, saturated sound you’ve come to expect from T-Rex. But it’s also a triumph of design – packing a stunning array of features into a set of controls so intuitive and easy to use, you’ll have to try to believe it. Here’s what you get:
4 channels of T-Rex tone. For each channel, you set the gain, tone and output exactly how you want it. Switching between channels and making adjustments on the fly is simple, fast and intuitive.
Tone controls let you tune your tone (bass, mid, treble and presence) for each individual channel. When you switch channels, all your settings change too – giving you the perfect depth, sustain and edge no matter how much gain you apply.
Motorised knobs move when you switch channels – like faders on a state-of-the-art studio mixing board. They’re way cool, but they also provide mission-critical visual cues that let you monitor your settings at a glance – and adjust them in milliseconds.
Tube drive gives you the entire spectrum of analogue gain in a single knob. Turn it down low for a clean tube sound with just a bit of edge. Turn it up to lay on the gain. And if you want even more – hit the boost button and blast off into the stratosphere of world-class overdrive.

Reviews | Review

T Rex Tube Doctor

Tube Works TubeDrive

Udaloff V - 30SL - (very expensive 1,800 Euro) Russia

V30 - 30SL "V30SL" is a handmade tube Distortion for an electric guitar, based on principles of restriction of a signal. "V30SL" is equipped with three tubes "12AX7", essentially different three types of limitation of a signal ((Distortion))and the adjustable passive filter, which is adjusted to limitation of a signal.
These constructive peculiarities allow in details to control and if necessary to accent a timbre of sounding of your electric guitar - from a bright sound of the 1980s up to "dense" modern sounding. Huge in its tonal range and an opportunity of a choice of type of limitation of a signal (Distortion) in a combination with low parameters of noise levels and a background will give necessary open space for creativity.

Assembling of "V30SL" tube Distortion is executed with use of hinged installation, with application of silver wires with phtoroplastic isolation. The frame of "V30SL" is made of 1.5 mm steel.

In the scheme of this device it is not using active filters, that positively affects on a sound. Channels "CRUNCH", "LEAD" and "HI-GAIN" are balanced with each other according to loudness. The scheme is sensitive to the slightest nuances using musical instrument and thus does not change individual character of a sound of your guitar

 Udaloff V - 30SL


Valve Heaven - The Stack