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Amps can be loud.  There are a range of attenuation options including volume pedals, "true amp attenuators" which site between the power amp section and the speaker and isolation cabinets which allow you to run the whole kit at ear split but protect you through physical isolation. 

The following list is a range of attenuation devices which might help you retain your tone with lower sound pressure levels.

Amptone attenuator FAQ  | Great article on guitar amplifier attenuation from Aracom Amplifiers. | Attenuator history | Adams Amps | Grailtone

Attenuator information at wikipedia | Pedal Boards | Pedal board accessories

Amps with attenuators built in include THD Uni/Bivalve range, PRS 25th Anniversary, Dr Z Mini Z, Vox Night Tain.

Other amps have power scaling via adjusting current such as Mesa Boogie Lonestar, Ratajczyk Dream Reverb.

Active Guitar Electronics

used continuously variable power rheostats

This is the firm that made Jim Kelley amplifiers.

Active Guitar Electronics attenuator

Alessandro muzzle attenuator

Alessandro muzzle attenuator

Alex's Attenuator

Made in the USA

Myspace fanpage

Gearpage comparison with Ultimate Attenuator

Alex's attenuator

Altair PW5

Altair PW-5 Attenuator

The first attenuator

Amptone on the PW5


Altair PW5 attenuator

Aracom PRX150


Great article on guitar amplifier attenuation

Aracom PRX150  attenuator

AxeTrak Isolation Box

Axe Trak Isolation speaker box

Bad Cat Leash


Bad Cat Leash Bad Cat leash attenuator rear view

10-UATOR 23 WATT KIT - Guitar amp attenuator

Bitmo 10-uator guitar amp attenuator
Carl's Custom Guitars The Volume Box


The Volume Box Carls Custom Guitars

Clark Amplification

Clark Regulator

Features 0, 3, 6, and 9 dB of speaker output attenuation.

Clark Amplification Regulator Attenuator Regulator Clark

ClearSonic amplifier isolation cabinets

Clear Sonic amplifier isolation cabinet

Creation Audio Labs MW1 Studio Tool

The MW1 Studio Tool is a multi-function Real-Amping™ device for use while recording, re-amplifying or playing live. It provides a transparent transformerless D.I., variable input/output impedance and other problem solving functions that make it easier to create that perfect sound for your mix.

Creation Audio Labs

Culler Amplification 25 Watt attenuator

Auto Air automotive finishes / oven cured
- Switchcraft Jacks
- Rugged Aluminum Housing
- 3M Rubber Feet
- Top Quality Components
- Full Attenuation Range / No Sound Coloration
- 25W Max. - 8 Ohms
- Hand Wired Point to Point

Culler Amplification


Do it yourself attenuators

Ampwell House

Dr Z Air Brake and Brake Lite

Dr Z Air BrakeDr Z Brake Lite Attenuator

Electroharmonix Signal Pad

Electroharmonix Signal Pad

Eminence FDM

Flux Density Modulation - a mod of the Fluxtone below?

Eminence FDM

Faustine Phantom

Faustine Phantom attenuator

Fischer Amps Guitar Genius

Guitar loadbox with noise-reduced speaker output at 12 volume levels and replicated impedance of a 4 x 12" guitar cabinet,

Fischer amps Guitar Genius

Fluxtone Speakers


I don't get it but have a look.

Fluxtone speakers Fluxtone control

Gibson Power Stealth (rebadged THD Hotplate)

Gibson Power Stealth attenuator

Grendell Amplification Dead Room Grendell Dead Room
Groove Tubes SE II Speaker Emuator Groove Tubes SEII Speaker Emulator
HO Attenuator

Sound clip

Hot Box

The Hot Box works in the serial effects loop of a tube amp, and basically just lowers the volume without modifying the tone or sound produced by the amp.

Hot Box

IT Amps Powerchamp200

max. ingoing (directly out of your Amp power: 200Watt RMS.
Outgoing (attenuated) power: ~ 2 - 55Watt RMS, into 4 - 16Ohms speakers.
Switchable speaker-simulation: 4, 8 en 16Ohm
Line-Out regulator

IT Amps powerchamp


Jet City Amplification Stealth Iso Cabinet & Jettenuator - Design by Soldano, Made in China


Jim Kelley

Jim Kelly Amplifiers Power Attenuator

Rear Mounted
5 Rotary Selector (allows you to have 5 power settings)
Hand Produced Within the UK

Found this one on eBay.

Jim Power Attenuator


Kendrick Power Glide

Kendrick Power Glide


Kendrick Decrescendo

The Decrescendo power attenuator will fit on virtually any combo amp and installs in a few minutes. It is a permanent installation, and it adds only 1 lb to the weight of the amp.  Available in 2ohm, 4 ohm, 8 ohm or 16 ohm values - depending on your amp's output impedance.

Adds 6 or 12 dB cut.

Kendrick Decrescendo


KLD Pan Amplificaiton Attenuator

Three different At 100 models, with common impedance levels
·Attenuate rat:0,-6db,-12db ,-12db,∞ continuse attenuate.
·Adjustable Line Out
·Dummy load for quiet recording and headphone.
·Bright compensation
·Headphone after -12 db attenuate
·Input impendance version:4ohm,8ohm,16ohm.
·DIMEN: 30x14x20(CM)
·WEIGHT: 3KG (unpacked)

5 kg (packed)

PAN attenuator

Koch Loadbox


Koch Loadbox Kocj loadbox rear view  
Komet Airbrake    
More attenuators Little Sucker - Weber