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Attenuators and isolation cabinets  A- K | L-Z  13/12/2014


More attenuators.

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Little Sucker by Boutique Guitar Products


The Little Sucker Attenuator

Marshall Power Brake


Marshall Power Brake attenuator

Mercernary Audio
The PDI-03 is the legendary predecessor to the PGA-04 Speaker Simulator. It is a re-issue of the early 90’s model with the "battleship gray" housing and metal knobs. The Palmer Speaker Simulator PDI-03 is a combined signal splitter, DI-box, and (when used as a load box) power soak. It comes in a single space rackmount unit. Especially designed for electric guitars and basses, all functions have been optimized for live and studio use.
Mercernary Audio Speaker simulator
Omnisonic Volumebox


Omnisonic Tube Amp Volume Control Box

Output Tamer by Reyes Audio

Outpt Tamer Reyes Audio

Palmer Speaker Simulators Palmer Speaker Simulator

The Power Plug

by Recycled Sound Arkansas

Recycled Sound the Power Plug

Power Soak

by Tom Scholz

Works with 4, 8 or 16 ohm speakers and amplifiers

Power Soak info at Amptone



Power Soak by Tom Scholz

Randall Isolation 12 Speaker Cab

Randall Isolation 12 Speaker isolation cabinet

Redstuff Sucker range

"Our "Sucker".It is a attenautor for amps up to 100 watt.
We build 4 different models from the standart Sucker till the Sucker Deluxe +.They all can handle 100 Watt max. but have additional feateres like compensated
D.I. and or EQ plus headphone ability.Of course it is working as a load box too.The biggest one is the Double Sucker,you can thik of it as two load boxes in
one case,so you can have two independat volumes and switch between them via footswitch." [Source and images: Stefan Huther, Redstuff Amplification, email 25/1/2013]

Redtuff Sucker

Sucker Deluxe

Redstuff Deluxe

Richter Control

Richter Control is an attenuator with reactive loading for guitar amps by Sequis, maker of the Motherload

Richter Control

Rivera Rock Crusher

Rivera Rock Crusher

Rivera Super Sink.

Amptone info

Made 1978-1981.

[Image: Andy HC Forum]

Rivera Super Sink

Rivera Silent Sister

Isolation cabinet.

Rivera Silent Sister



Sequis Motherload

Actually a a dummy load and speaker simulator plus a  variable speaker output and attenuator for driving/controlling a speaker cabinet onstage or in the studio.

Sound on Sound Article


Sequis Motherload dummy load

Sequis Richter Control

Sequis Richter Control

SPL Transducer

Analog guitar amp sim

Sound on Sound article

SPL Transducer analog amplifier simulator

Swart Night Light

It's the size of a small effects pedal: 4.67" L x 3.68" W x 1.18" H.
Will work with ANY amplifier 22w or less with the light compression, 30w with it off.

Attenuation settings
Filament BULB Compression Mode
This mode runs the attenuated signal through a Swart jewel lamp filament, bringing a subtle tube compression/brown sound goodness. NOTE: This switch ONLY works with LEVEL chickenhead at 12oclock

Bypass compression mode
Removes the light compressor out of the circuit for more natural dynamics. With level at 12oclock, this is least attenuation/highest volume setting.

Heavy duty 3 position Switch
This main chicken head switch allows you to switch between FOUR different attenuation settings. At first setting, or 12oclock, the NL can cycle between the COMP and DECOMP switch which brings two levels. DECOMP is least attenuated or loudest setting with COMP position bringing more attenuation via the bulb filament. Turn the switch to 2oclock will bring more attenuation, bypassing the DECOMP/COMP switch. The lowest setting is about the same loudness as your guitar strings.

Swart Night light

Switch Doctor

50 watt tube amp attenuator


Switch Doctor 50 watt tube attenuator

THC Fatburner

Power rating: 150 watts
Impedance:  4-16 ohms
Channels: two channels with 12 way rotary switch (Ch. 1 with fine attenuator at 12th pos.)
Back: 2 x Speaker Out, Line out, Balanced DI out, Footswitch In, Amp In, Power
Controls: Fine Tune Ch1
Front: 12 way rotary switches for Ch 1 & Ch2, Power,
Back: Speaker simulation on/off,
Weight: 3,6 kg (6.61 lbs)
Dimensions: WHD 295 x 65 x 225 mm

THC Fatburner attenuater

THD Hotplate


Review I owned one of these for a while to try and tame my VHT Pittbull 45 watt EL84 combo. It certainly does reduce volume, but I felt that at high attenuation levels it removed all of the dynamics and harmonics.  I did not keep it long.  I now have a THD Hotplate built into my THD Univalve - I don't need to apply as much attenuation to get the volume I want with the smaller amp - I think they are mated quite well.

THD Hotplate

ToneKing IronMan

Max power handing 100W RMS
Input impedance 4, 8, 16 Ohms (selectable)
Output impedance 4,8,16 ohms (selectable, independent of input impedance)
Attenuation Steps 15 steps (0db to -40db)
Line Out Adjustable, speaker simulated
Bypass True Bypass Switch
Load Type Precision Reactive Load; models 25W G12M to within +/- 1db
Power Division Pure transformer matching of load and speakerat all attenuation steps

Toneking Ironman

Tonesonics Rocket Launcher and Master Volume


Tonesonic Rocket Launcher attenuator

Tube Amp Doctor -

TAD Silencer™ Power Attenuator RS
Natural Tone Technology, clear high end responce
Available as 2, 4, 8 or 16 Ohm version
2db attenuating steps from –2db to –16db
"Fine"-Control from –16db
2-step BITE and PUNCH Boost-Switch
"LOAD" position for use without speaker
150 Watt RMS ( 2 Ohm version: 75 Watt), with PEAK Control
Adjustable LINE-Out
F.A.N.T.A.-Out Speaker-Emulation, low Z, symmetric
Classic Amp-Cabinet Design with Tolex™ or Tweed

Tube Amp Doctor

Tube Cube


Tube Cube attenuator

Tube Juice attenuators

Tube Juice attenuator

Tym Guitars Cube of Silence


Tym Guitars Cube of Silence speaker isolation box
Ultimate Attenuator

Attenuator history

Ultimate attenuator

Volume Tamer by Reyes Audio

Volume Tamer by Reyes Audio

Voodoo Man

A range of attenuators/ volume boxes

Voodoo Man

Weber Load Dump, Weber Mass (25,50, 100 Watt) , Mini Mass

Weber Load Dump Weber Mass Weber Mini Mass